Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ronny Chieng..... Is an extremely Nice Guy

After seeing Ronny Chieng's recent show Chieng Reaction I sat their realising this man (29, 3 years my junior) has made a real impact on the Sydney Comedy scene. Along with fellow JJJ presenters, ABC types Ronny is ticking a lot of boxes and proving he is consistently funny and a great story teller.

A long way away from the previous venue I saw the wonder Mr Chieng (Sydney's Comedy Store - now taken over by Cirque and it's latest Totem) but the charming and fun Riverside Parramatta was my Friday (Halloween) destination for Ronny.

A good sized crowd had come in to see the wonderful talent and he had mostly good reactions from the crowd. It was a different room to the Comedy Store but after previously seeing the wonderful Britney Spears the Cabaret in this room, comedy works and Ronny worked the room well.

It's good for Sydney and good for Comedy if venues like Riverside and the Concourse (out at Chatswood) are utilised to get more crowds into local Comedy. Let's face it the Comedy Store is great but Fox Studios is not super friendly for people to travel to if their is a footy or cricket or Cirque also on.

Recently Ronny & Nazeem hosted Drive on JJJ for a couple of weeks and after years of the Doctor fumbling his way through 2.5 hours Mon-Fri it was such a relief to have two talented folks on the airwaves at those hours of the day when you just can't wait to go home.

I really hope JJJ management give these two a go for the spot next year when we finally see the end of the Doctor. Unfortunately for the Doctor his announcement seemed to backfire as not the joke he intended it to be but a load of criticism for him not leaving earlier. So please JJJ, please.

Ronny will also be in Newcastle tonight so if you keen, click on this.

A big thanks for the foyer photo too Ronny.

Unfortunately he lost out to this sex bomb for the Cleo Bachelor for 2014 but at least a personal trainer and an all round nice guy (but the looks of things) won.

Now bring on the weekend and I look forward to hopefully bringing you a film review ASAP.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The BLOG is back from the USA

After around 2 weeks in the USA and then Brisbane, it's so nice to be home with my washing machine, my TV shows (man how much good shit is back on the box) and my own bed and home comforts.

Holidays are great but their is always something special about returning home. I was super happy also to return to my lovely boot camp this AM with some great folk and two super amazing trainers. Thanks y'all.

While I am thanking people, thanks to all my co workers for being such a dream to return back to work too, thank you to my BF for putting up with me, thanks to Koko coffee shop for helping me flick over to Soy Milk and thank you to my Mum, what a sweet SMS you sent me today.

Will continue to update on my holiday and maybe upload a photo or two and will bring you a film review real soon I promise. But seriously how shit does Tammy look? Right?

OK until next time, speak soon OK....

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Brisbane: Blog returns to normal tomorrow

It's a less angry post than last night but seriously if you're kids are cunts they don't belong in public, that is private. So after a dreamy breakfast, a good sleep and a serious iView catch up session this AM (man I'm gonna miss David + Margaret) I am ready for my final day of holidays. Work returns tomorrow, as does boot camp (fuck I need it) and the Sydney routine starts up. As a holiday ends its the countdown to the holiday season.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Goodbye Honolulu, hello Brisbane!

And a big FUCK YOU to the fucking savages on Hawaiian airlines flight today, you and your six or seven kids were absolutely disgusting on this flight. Thanks for allowing your kids to scream, yell and run around the plane for all ten hours of the flights. Yes you in rows 28 and 29. God help your kids with dumb ass parents like this.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Honolulu: Wet n Wild, final day, sad face

It's always sad when holidays come to an end, except for if you're at Wet n Wild. Not the shit house Sydney one where you can wait up to 45 minutes for a ride it Honolulu where the most I waited was three folks in front of me, cray cray. C'mon Sydney get it right. Do it for the West if anything, it's fucked living out there (or so I hear) so c'mon. Anyway Honolulu, easy best USA city this trip. The sunset swim tonight pre dinner, the food, the people, just choice. Thanks Honolulu it's been real xo

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Honolulu: it's all happening at the fucking Cheese Factory

All up in here, ran into the lovely and delightful Zangers, then had a delightful host from NYC who was divine and then a lovely couple from Woy Woy! Spent the whole lunch gossiping away whilst smashing sweet potato fries, chicken and avo sannies and of course.... Cheesecake xo