Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Alan Jones.

Musical Theatre is a funny place and when far right leaning Liberal bias 2GB shock jock (what rhymes with shock jock - MASSIVE COCK) Alan Jones gets cast in a musical (a second musical) life is a little weird.

Alan Jones is one of Sydney's most loved/hated radio announcers. He is largely loved by people who love to hate and hated by those who believe in fair and balanced broadcasting. On a few sites their has been much distaste to his casting in Anything Goes.

Renamed on Musical Theatre BLOG Anything Blows this could be the case. Jones is loathed in many circles and Opera Australia isolated gay fans this year by hiring and then firing a homophobe. But time will tell Alan Jones does have the power on the Upper North Shore, like Joe Hockey & others who live there they are rich enough to drive and own "cars". Possibly even rich and white enough to pay for the price of parking and a glass of cask wine at the House.

Now why I am writing this? Well I again feel that after working with actors and people who call the arts home it is extremely sad to see someone not short of a buck stealing an older actors dream role and run of dates in multiple cities.

It's not easy for actors (particularly in Australia) you either need to make it big Alan Jones style via being a powerful white man or work your ass off and have real talent Hugh Jackman style. Alan Jones has neither talent nor class, he provokes hatred and wants a frightening and conservative Australia much like our vile PM.

I hope people give this one a miss when it hits the stage in 2015, the creative Australians need a break and casting mates of high powered industry folk is helping no one, particularly other struggling musical theatre wannabes.

Reality TV and Australian names like Jones will mean more talented Australians head abroad and I wish they would take me with them.

Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Sweet n Sugar Free (not like a crazy person though) September (AGAIN)

FML, and fuck my neck for making me miss Lady Gaga last night. By all accounts though she was good, just the crowd size needed a little adding to.

Here we go again a month without treats, FML!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Magic in the Moonlight

How delightful seeing a Woody Allen film on a Sunday morning. Magic in the Moonlight is his latest and it stars the dreamy Emma Stone and one of my least favourites Colin Firth. But together they are charming.

Jackie Weaver also shows Woody Allen likes his Aussie ladies after the wonderful Cate B shimmered in his previous masterpiece Blue Jasmine.

The film is just sublime and super easy to watch. The old school music that kicks off at the start and the end just make this a real film experience from start to conclusion.

Emma Stone is just simply wonderful in this picture, she shines and her wardrobe is divine.

It's a well made film with some wonderful one liners, 97 minutes in running time too which always ticks a box for me although near the end after a speedy straight to the point start it does feel a little long. However this soon passes and the end credits roll.

The film is good light entertainment and one I could really recommend to all. Probably my age bracket (30+) and above would be more than at home with this picture.

The all important star rating, let's give this a bright and light 3.75 Stars for this Magic in the Moonlight.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spring is in the Air

Thank god this Sunday marks the end of one hell of a long Winter 2014. My god I can hardly wait until Spring 2014 and more importantly Summer 2014/2015. Most importantly I can't wait to bring you the real Sydney Festival 2015 again (last year in January grab a look at some of the good stuff Sydney had to offer)

I really love Summer now Winter I just get lazy as all shit. I do hope to complete another Sugar (more like sweet free) September so keep your eyes on the BLOG for lot's of healthy shit on this BLOG next month.

So as Spring looms and over on my other BLOG Flashing off the Record you can see September music lists all September long! Also this week you could have caught my review to the wonderful Courtney Love at Sydney's Enmore Theatre.

So what does Spring bring? New boot camp, a trip to the USA and maybe even a few surprises. I am super pumped to go all travel BLOG again whilst over in the USA and I will have a countdown on this BLOG in the lead up to the big trip.

So until my weekend of Lady Gaga and the Central Coast, peace out folks x

Monday, August 25, 2014

Alan Ball - what has become of you

So I just watched the final EVER episode of True Blood. I want those seven years of my life back. I have recently said this series has been truly dreadful but the final episode took the cake.

After Six Feet Under left our screens years ago Alan Ball's truly wonderful series had one of the best farewell episodes ever. People always refer to this as the benchmark of a way to conclude a long running show. Admitting Alan Ball did start to take the back seat when the series went a little South (not the deep South where it's based) in it's 5th Season.

After Witches, Vampires, Were Wolves, Were Panthers & more there was little left except some crazy Vampire-Zombie hybrids which was like The Walking Dead V True Blood which seemed to be a short lived after thought and nothing really came of it.

Actually come to think nothing explored this season really made much sense, yes (SPOILER ALERT) Bill, Tara and Alcide all came to their true ends but Eric & Pam, such shit endings, like Sarah Newlin, just lame, the Japanese gangsters was quickly just washed away. Jason's random hook up after Hoyt rejected some Alaskan bird was just weird and lazy and Hoyt + Jessica's wedding was just boring and over long.

Too be honest I could have just switched off, but I am a finisher and I have stuck with this for 6 previous seasons and truly seasons 1-4 were wonderful. Yes even the witches (superb) was more watchable than this drawn out non conclusive seasons. Even the Dexter season 8 finale was a masterpiece compared to this. It is a great argument for shows to end when they are on a high and not like True Blood on an extreme low.

The Bill death scene was just over long and so boring. I wanted to jump in that grave and stake the mother fucker myself.

True Blood Season 7 episode 10, what a fucking red hot mess. So disappointing.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tommy Little is... Funny

I haven't been to Sydney's Comedy store in a while and it was a nice return to a good show by young Tommy Little. And by young and in his own words 29 is not young, young but still young enough for old comedy fans to think he has some growth time.

Tommy's latest show is Middleclass Gangster, it's not controversial, it's polite and almost Rove like comedy. He swears but he never goes over the line despite saying their is casual racism in his show. For $30 a ticket and an hour of your time you can be sure Tommy is going to deliver and with the friendly 7pm time slot I was in heaven.

Tommy as well is not bad looking which almost makes the hour not only funny but east on the eye.

Tommy has had a couple of appearances on the ABC in Time of Our Lives appearing as the divine Claudia Karvan's rebound and in the recent episode of Back Seat Drivers, he now is also hitting 6% of Melbourne folk on breakfast radio on the NOVA network.

Like Sydney NOVA is not doing so great and the sounds different quote is not really ringing true, it's a little more like sounds similar.

That aside Tommy is a media figure on the way up, whether it's the indie ABC way and on the road to replacing the likes of Will Anderson and Adam Hills (although fellow up start Josh Earl already tried) or a new version of Merrick & Rosso, Tommy Little is on a roll.

His show, funny all the way and not over the top offensive trying too hard. That said I think if Tommy does play his cards right (which at the end of the show he sells coffee mugs and shakes your hand on the way out) I think this guy is one to watch. Being managed as well by Australia's hottest comedy producers Token does hurt either.

Tommy Little hell yes I will be seeing you in Sydney next time, what a champ and a seemingly nice and normal dude off the stage too well done.

Whilst we are on comedy some other ace gigs to look out for in Sin City:

Former Spicks & Specks Host JOSH EARL

JOEL CREASEY is rude and crude, and that's the way I like comedy.

RHYS NICHOLSON has attitude, good and his a Sydney local even better check him out.

MATT OKINE co-hosts Breakfast on JJJ and has a little more reach than Tommy on the radio thing and recently shared a pic showing he has a short tail, weird but true.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - The Expendables 3

Sequel to The Expendables & The Expendables 2, the 2014 version is slightly longer, has a smaller budget than the previous film and has introduced some new characters.

Each film has gotten slightly longer and the problem with that is action films need to be tight. This one the longest is not tight at all, I did miss the very start of the film due to my lateness plus a trainee on the checkout but still the start is great, then it lacks excitement, then it picks up and so on.

The first film was well rounded at 99 minutes, the second added 4 minutes (like the Madonna song) and now from 99 minutes to 126 is a little overblown. Yes the action scenes are still well done but the added extras were just a little average and under cooked. The one line jokes fall flat as and some of the acting is D grade at best.

Let's go retro for my prior reviews on films one and two for a minute, I in the day gave both of these films 3 Stars which is fairly nice really right? This film however I may have to be a bit more honest and harsh as to say I am really horrified by the fact another 2 possible sequels are on the way plus a lady one. Oh brother.

I gave the trailer a spin in a prior blog entry below so I won't bore you with it again now, so let's just say The Expendables 3, may not be a great film but it's action scenes are pleasing and not over the top with gore. Kind of a flash back to the 80's, 90's before good special effects and make up.

I am torn should I continue to give these average mega guest starring films 3 Stars or should I be honest to you dear readers and say this is truthfully a 2.5 Star film. Yes it's $10 this week long at Hoyts and that's really all one should pay for this.

Otherwise the Inbetweeners 2 is showing and despite the reviews the first one actually surprised me and I enjoyed it on a flight from here to someone else far, far away.

Enjoy the weekend and see you at Tommy Little tonight.