Monday, May 23, 2016

New Shows Alert - Yes I have been smashing YouTube too

Whilst ill, it's time to look to the future when I am next ill and some of the delightful new (or returning) shows to the almighty USA.

Thank god for US drama's, although I am excited about the upcoming third season of Love Child and is that the spunky Dustin Clare in the trailer???

And no for a run of interesting re-boots and new US shows:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Chills n TV Finales

Being sick at a time when a lot of US shows are hanging up their shoes for the season or ever is equally rewarding and depressing.

I wanted to MOVE this May but again this damn flu (I blame Sydney public transport) has left me on the couch only coming good around lunchtime till 4pm. A head cold is like being a Liberal voter, your head is cloudy and lacks any form of good judgement.

Try going to Coles, when it's busy and your head is telling you to head back to bed, your stomach is rejecting the thought of any food entering your body and legs fell like you are wearing lead boots.

So the TV is comforting and depressing all at once. Seeing fit and well being people bounce around the screen makes me feel a little sad.

So here is what I have caught up on:

Empire - wow, Soap Opera finale much? We will have to wait a few months to see who lives and who dies on this extremely up and down series. Unfortunately the second last episode with SPOILER ALERT Jamal being shot was a much better episode.

The 100 - man this series lost the plot this season and the biggest story was killing off a lesbian character who was only to return during the finale for some random AI nonsense. If it wasn't for the hottest Aussie man in Hollywood Bobby Morley I would leave this one by the wayside.

The Blacklist - wrapping up a tidy and well done third series, a huge improvement on the second formulaic dull second outing. However a twist I should have seen a mile off left me feeling cold and hoping the Spin Off series is more realistic and enjoyable.

Wolf Creek (Stan Series) - Is Mick Taylor actually dead? Can Stan afford to lose it's best produced series? This was outstanding and if this is what local streaming is made of, I'm sold!!

Still to view the double finale of the recently renewed The Catch, will it redeem the last few luke warm episodes? Time will tell.

Oh the sick bed, and oh the Golden Age of TV.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Man Down... with Man Flu

Why the fuck does a running nose and a sore head bring us men to our knees, why does it interrupt our entire schedule.

As I write this and the Codral Day & Night (yes the original version) kick in my head spins, my eyes water and my nose. Don't start me.

I have an 88th family birthday to somehow get through and hope to god by Monday I am able to haul ass back into some form of working life.

Unfortunately for my Move this May campaign I am a little set back and my steps during the week in the lead up to being bowled over by snot, watering eyes and the feeling my head could explode at any moment my steps were average at best. However I did still manage 3 x 30 minute gym classes and I plan on just getting right back there in the saddle early to mid next week.

Why oh why every six or so weeks do I get struck down even with a bad gut or this fucking man flu???

I eat mostly healthy now, love the gym and find the idea of alcohol and ciggies at 33 just not an option?

Oh Man Flu, I feel for the people around me as sometimes my patience is just not there with this cloud hanging over my head and today could be one of those days.

Wish me luck as man flu has taken residence once again in my poor overcrowded head that this morning is thumping like a mother fucker.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Why Wolf Creek & Wentworth are leaps and bounds ahead..

One word, also starting with W Women. Strong Women.

Women have very few great roles on Australian TV, unless you are looking at Leigh Sales the queen of Australian current affairs.

Men dominate drama in this nation and unless your Rebecca Gibney or Asher Keddie forget getting constant and challenging roles.

Kat Stewart was fierce as Roberta Williams and continues to do good work for a while but her role as Roberta Williams was her greatest to date.

Pamela Rabe, Danielle Cormack, Nicole de Silva all slay on Wentworth and Lucy Fry has created herself quite the role on Stan's streaming success Wolf Creek. Taking on one of Australia's cult films this series was always gonna be tough. But god damn it was addictive.

I smashed all 6 episodes in less than a week, the show has currently been watched by 500,000 viewers thus far and I am hoping for a second series.

It is so refreshing to have multiple good Australian shows on offer at present and also seeing great seeing ladies like Libby Tanner also excelling  (whilst dropping the C bomb) in the latest instalment of Wentworth. Surely this will get a 5th run?

Internationally this is a hit and locally it's the most watched local show on Foxtel.

So great seeing Drama in this country doing well and scoring good numbers. Let's hope the ABC's new drama's are equally as good. Janet King also did well for the ladies and has picked up a third series on the national broadcaster.

I also have the man flu so Moving this May is on hold. Sad Face.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

It's super hero time again and Marvel are not resting with X-Men returning to the big screen this week, however I made time to catch up with CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

Now Superman V Batman had a really similar plot, mad ass mash up of comic book folk and felt more like a marketing tool for pushing out future projects.

Captain America: Cvil War is not a Captain America film it's more like a Avengers mini sequel less some of the crew and adding in the latest Spiderman and giving Paul Rudd's Ant Man another run. The only thing missing was Deadpool.

Excuse me if I sound a little disappointed and worried Marvel were trying to do too much in one film. They include a death of a Marvel characters, ironically who's TV show has also died a slow and painful death, it features a spin off for Spiderman (AGAIN - third time lucky in my recent memory) and all your Avenger favourites less Thor and the Hulk.

It's such a big film and the action scenes work, however it's all a little same same. Superman V Batman was panned worldwide, this has been reviewed in a much better light, however the similar plot is a little concerning across the two superhero films.

Chris Evans is sublime and Elizabeth Olsen is impressive in her side plot. Look it's a fun night out and for the ladies Chris Evans ARMS, holy shit, for the men, there are the usual car chases, punch ups and more explosions than you can poke an old stick at.

We will see how X-Men fairs after coming after this and Superman V Batman as superhero fatigue has got to set in at some stage.

This was enjoyable just not really as advertised a Captain America film, it was more like a Marvel's best of and seeing it was meant to be the last Captain America film.

It's made a shit load at the box office so I am assuming any negativity above counts for little, it's a 3 Star film and I think I now need a good lay down after all the action and all the comic book stars thrown at me in this latest 2 Hours and 27 minute film.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Move this May, Move this Monday (NOW!)

I was lucky enough to move on Friday night to Little Mix, unfortunately the SMH didn't have that much fun this pop/moving month!

I loved this song Move and man Little Mix really did slay it with a few good songs for y'all to bust a move to. I have embraced POP this month with Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake and now Little Mix impressed me live.

Despite having a super shit stage, these girls gave us a cute, tight best of there 3 albums set. Nice.

Here are some hits to keep you MOVING this May!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

This week I have re-engaged and in the cinema and loved it sick. A good action film, a good war-true story/comedy and now a sequel to a comedy I loved the original, BAD NEIGHBOURS 2.

I actually did the full monty for the first film, yes 5 STARS, but how does the second film starring a mostly shirtless, arms pumping Zac Efron.

Bad Neighbours or another title in the USA and being released next week, despite it being released in Australia a few weeks ago now hence having to see it in the gross cinema 12 at George Street Event Cinemas.

Fuck that cinema blows.

Zac Efron, Seth Rogan, the delightful Rose Byrne and Dave Franco (briefly) return to take on Chloe Grace Moretz (god I love that girl).

So the scene is set a lot of sex jokes, a lot of references to a near nude Zac Efron and some great one liners.

Look I enjoyed this film a lot. It is not perfect, conservatives are going to hate it, it's totally for 15 years and over and some jokes are lost on this not up to date on their pop culture. But overall I thoroughly enjoyed the 92 minutes.

Again like Bastille Day thanks for not overstaying your welcome. This is rare with this form of comedy. Melissa McCarthy's last comedy fell down despite this but Spy, Bridesmaids all push that 2 hour barrier.

Look I think this will be big in the US and the characters are likeable so I am hoping for a third film in this series. Great job and damn Zac Efron, keep that shirt off please, just wonderful inspiration as I need to move more this May!

Not quite a five star return but I enjoyed this a lot, 4 stars, well done team.