Sunday, August 20, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Dunkirk}

Not long ago I waged a war on war films, I said enough was enough, I was done and Anzac Day here in Australia went into war overload. In our current times war films are scary cause shit could get real, real fast. With two dictators in a penis size contest across the Pacific Ocean, there is every chance we may be looking at another war.

Ok to fiction not the news, Dunkirk, the film that everyone is losing their minds over. And for a 3:30pm session, close to a month into it's cinema run, my session was PACKED. That is a sensational sign.

It was a cold windy as fuck day but still, movies that:

1. Last for four weeks at the cinema, miracle in 2017
2. Have more than a handful of people in a session
3. Attract all age groups, natio's and the main good sign, (almost) no-one (except one younger girl near me) had their phones on during the 106 minute film.

Christopher Nolan is a legend, get that straight from the get go, the 47 year old is outstanding. His Dark Knight trilogy was beyond brilliant and now he takes on the Second World War.

Surprisingly Harry Styles continues One Direction domination in 2017 with a semi major role in this feature film. A feature film unlike One Direction lacking dialogue. Let's quickly look at One Direction in 2017:

ZAYN - Still riding the success of his debut album, critically and commercially. One D always had commercial success but critical acclaim, this is a first. He also released a non album single with PartyNextDoor and late last year collaborated with M.I.A and Snakehips.

NIALL - His solo single has sold 140,000 copies in Australia, giving us all Slow Hands, whilst reaching the top 5 in more than 8 countries.

LIAM - Has kept it in the X Factor family having a child with Cheryl and Stripping it Down with rapper of the moment Quavo. His latest single is an up tempo number with producer Zedd. Like Niall Strip it Down has sold over 140,000 copies in Australia.

HARRY - Most probably having the best 2017, along with his first "actual" movie role (excluding the 1D films) his album went top 10 in more than 9 countries, Sign of Times the debut solo single went to number one in Australia and the UK. Harry is currently unstoppable.

LOUIS - Did a monster effort at the X Factor GF last year days after his mother passed. His work with Steve Aoki is a new turn with 1D going electro. Louis could be the dark horse of the group when his solo record lands.

So alongside Harry, regular Christopher Nolan stars lined up like Tom Hardy (AKA Bane) & Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow).

Dunkirk is a monster success and rightfully so, it's definitely one to see on the big screen, 4.25 Stars.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Annabelle: Creation}

I am not going to lie, I was a huge fan of the two Conjuring films that came before this but back in 2014 we saw the first Annabelle film.

So this is film four in the Conjuring series, a fifth will be out in 2018, The Nun and a third Conjuring film is also in the works.

Surprisingly this film has received way better reviews than the original Annabelle and the cast including the divine Miranda Otto and Anthony LaPaglia (Aussie power, along with Aussie film king/producer superstar James Wan) it is a better film and a prequel not a sequel.

It has been a an interesting few weeks for films, Dunkirk (review coming tomorrow, I did a double feature today) has smashed it, and in the USA apparently it's been a blood bath for a lot of big budget Summer films.

I do love/hate scary movies in my 30's I find I am no longer able to take the jumps (or scares on roller-coasters) like I could in my teens/20's. But I did enjoy the tension that built in this intense thriller/horror film.

The story all comes together nicely, it's paced fairly well, with a semi slow start but still it really kicks into gear mid-way through.

There is a lot of noises in the night we have seen before, bangs, doors closing slowly and demons being unleashed.

Look it's not perfect but it is a shit load of fun, I enjoyed it and will give it 3.5 Stars.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Legend of the Week: Don Lemon

Yes Don, say it like it is, it has been another horrid week for the so called "President" of the USA.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pauline Hanson you are...




Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Post City to Surf: Netflix n Chillin'

So I was out of it after the City to Surf, I hit my goal of running the whole way and then the couch and Netflix never looked so damn good, like DAMN (Kendrick Lamar style) good.

I smashed hit movie made for Netflix, OKJA, warning this is hella good and Jake Gyllenhaal stop being so god damn good looking! Also Ahn Seo-hyun what a star in the making, sensational! And not to mention Glenn I mean Steven Yeun, nice to see you back on the screen.

I have always been interested in the murder mystery that rocked Boulder, Colorado so it was a no brainer to catch up with CASTING JONBENET. This was interesting watching people give their opinions on a mystery still unsolved to this day.

Then I got dark, THE KEEPERS, now this is dark. So much so it's not your usual Netflix show, there is no time to binge this. Again the Catholic Church is under the spotlight for another cover up.

That said if you liked Making a Murderer you will enjoy The Keepers. I am two episodes in (of seven) and can say I am hooked. Once I get through my incredible HBO Sunday viewing I am back on The Keepers.

Big news at Netflix too which happened in time for this post to be published, Shondaland is moving.... to Netflix. ABC (USA) this is a nightmare for y'all.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sydney has City to Surf, Charlottesville has a KKK torch lit march

OH America, you are UP shit creek with no paddle anywhere in sight. Dump Trump, now, it's time to stop playing nice (and I know the media excluding those cunts at Fox & Friends, hate Trump) and saying well we knew he was under-qualified. Under-qualified that's our excuse for Pauline and Malcolm Roberts and the disaster zone that is One Nation Version 2.0. Back stupider than ever and even more irritating than in the 90's.

So in a world where Australia's leader takes the predictable stance of lining up behind the United States of Stupidity and enter in wars no-one even the US troops want to enter. He can ban Trans folks from service however we can't ban him from another Iraq, another Syria, another Vietnam, another cluster fuck.

But Trump needs a war, he needs something, more than half of the country thinks he is an epic fail and even Hilary hating Bernie loving liberals can't believe their eyes and ears every time they turn on CNN.

But when our "leader" or I like to call Malcolm the follower behaves in a manner of bowing down to President Trump and co, it's hard to be proud of a leader who once gave us hope. Hope we were moving away from Tony Abbott. Mr 1950's himself. Like Trump he liked a simplifier time, like his mind. That lead to his own party telling him in no certain terms to FUCK off. However he continues to hang around like a fart in a lift and give Andrew Bolt and Ray Hadley hope that maybe, just maybe 1950 is around the corner again. When you could be openly racist or deny women of equal rights in the workplace. Actually do any women work at 2GB?

So with my rapid blast of negativity towards the so called conservatives/right it was with my great pleasure and excitement (whilst this shit was going down in the USA under most most unpopular world leader right now) to attend the spectacular City to Surf on a perfect Sydney Sunday.

All walks of life from all parts of Sydney, Australia and I'm sure the world united to get fit and run from the city to Bondi Beach.

An iconic spot in Sydney, Bondi Beach has never looked better after 14KM of hills, avoiding the 60,000 plus crowd and making my way in just over 1 hour, 16 minutes, this was pure happiness. Couples, families, friends, work mates, everyone running together and showing true grit.

Why can't more people jump on the fitness bandwagon, get out, get healthy, get happy. So much time is spent writing negative, YouTube, online comments. At least if you are going to call someone out call them out and have a basis for your point. Mine:

Malcolm Turnball:

1. Has changed his mind on so many policies he may as well have gone from Labor to Liberal since he has moved into the PM spot.

2. His blind support of Trump is bewildering, this country needs to stand alone, follow Germany and other world leaders calling this man out for the lunatic he is.

3. Get your own party in order. Tell the Nationals to fuck off (actually you can't because you rely so heavily on them) or at least tell the far right to zip it, Trump may have "won" in the USA, but it's not popular, it's not what the majority (AKA Hilary's extra 3 million voters) want.

4. Accept you've fucked up, ignore the News Limited, Sky News or should I say Fox News in training nonsense. Miranda Devine is a bitter old woman, who if she did actually open her eyes when leaving the Holt Street, Surry Hills office would notice, not everyone is as privileged as her good self.

5. Just DO something, anything. Your a leader mate, at present you just follow whoever, whenever or wherever it's convenient. Grow a PAIR, you're wife is a brilliant mind, maybe talk to her and learn how to put some big girls pants on.

6. Great you catch public transport but most people who do don't have multi million dollar Eastern Suburbs properties, speak to REAL people and learn, all the attacks on Labor, constantly blaming everyone else for your misfortunes just look juvenile.

There is six of what could be a million things wrong with MT. But well done Sydney, well done everyone at Fairfax for the City to Surf, what a brilliant event. Charlottesville seriously, what the fuck, what the actual fuck.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Renewals Galore PLUS one Cancellation (TV update)

So the critics hated, I thought it was interesting trash and got addictive but GYPSY is yet another Netflix series to call season one a day.

Still on Netflix they also renewed GLOW this week for a ten episode second season to air in 2018 and the unpopular with the critics IRON FIST was also surprisingly renewed for a second season.

Popular lady drug queen pin series, Queen of the South (currently airing) will return for a third season next US Summer.

I said only one cancellation but I thought it was only an event series, Twin Peaks will not return, sorry Stan in Australia for all the hype I'm not sure if Twin Peaks really delivered.

The brilliant Sunday nights on HBO will continue in 2018, BALLERS and INSECURE return for respective fourth and third seasons, YES!

So next Summer TV/Streaming will be busy. Thank goodness as Australian TV continues to go down a dark downward spiral. The recent reality TV show Hell's Kitchen Australia has been off to a bleak start, no magic million, no Australian Ninja Warrior excitement, just ending it's first week at 632,000 viewers. This show will more than likely start to see audiences around half a million I predict.

That said still to air in coming weeks:

Sunday (US):

Claws finale and it can end on a cliffhanger as the HBO rejected drama/comedy has been renewed for a second outting

Game of Thrones, how can it beat last weeks sensational episode? It returns for episode five, that means including this episode, three to go!!!

Ray Donovan, Ballers and Insecure also will be there to add to a beefy buffet of exceptional drama/comedy. Yes Australian networks, people still like well told stories not some fucking oddball celebrities cooking?

Next week:

It's finally here for Netflix, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, The Defenders eight episode first season hits our screeen's.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce is back for it's fourth season

And Late September/Early October:

How to Get Away with Murder (Season four), Legends of Tomorrow (Season three), The Flash (Season four) and the Dynasty remake launches, will it sink or swim?

So much to watch, so little time, enjoy the City to Surf tomorrow fellow runners!