Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shameless Season 7.

Earlier this year I was beside myself with Season Six and now with Homeland being delayed it meant Shameless gets a promotion to air earlier than expected.

Season Seven premiered online the other day and man it picks up the madness exactly where Season Six left us....

Frank is still a trainwreck and the family is doing the best to keep moving forward (Thanks Julia G, I love a good moving forward).

I am a huge fan of this show and usually after seven seasons you start to drift as a fan, but I am becoming an even more hardcore fan of Shameless with each season that arrives.

Here is hoping for Season Eight (and early like this year) again in 2017. Shameless is jewel in the crown of Showtime's current drama line up, great stuff!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

SNOWDEN was brilliant!

If you've read a newspaper (maybe not the Daily Telegraph) you will know about Snowden so the spoilers in the trailer are already common knowledge.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is outstanding as Snowden and Shailene Woodley is outstanding as the love interest. Reviews are mixed for this based on true events film, but I guess that's Snowden so view him as a traitor some feel he is a Maverick and the one truthful man that was trying to keep America and the Western World "safe".

This film was extremely interesting and real edge of your seat cinema. I throughly enjoyed this film and after the wonders of Don't Breathe despite the School Holidays rolling around I am on a good streak of films.

I won't bang on too much about this film as there is a lot about Snowden out there so if your keen to learn more go give this a go! 4 handsome as Stars for Joseph, hubba hubba!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3.

How to Get Away with Murder opened with an impressive season 3 opener this week. From Shonda Rhimes the creator of HUGE US hits like Grey's Anatomy (and it's former spin off Private Practice), The Catch & Scandal, HTGAWM a bonified camp thriller.

With it's flicking back and forth story lines enough to make anyone motion sick.

Shonda has a flashy way with her shows and casts brilliant actors and equally brilliant characters for her viewers to love, hate or lust after.

How to Get Away With Murder is a far superior show to The Catch, fresher than Grey's and Scandal is great but man those seasons are long.

It feels like Shonda has hit the nail on the head with this one and Season Three is shaping up to be another delicious camp ride.

With make ups, break ups and another mystery this season set a cracking pace from the opening moments and can I just say, I'm Excited!

ABC (in the US) has struck gold with the Thank God It's Thursday programming (Australian programmers take note) with back to back drama, drama, drama!

With brilliant mid season fillers and a strong line ABC has gold on it's hands on Thursday night and young Shonda is just kicking goals all the way to the AFL grand final.

I am a huge fan of this show and if your looking for your next binge fest, here ya go!

Friday, September 23, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Here is one for the end of year list, DON'T BREATHE is easily one of the best thrillers of 2016.

I am unfamiliar with the entire cast but who needs familiar when all the main characters were outstanding. The suspense was off the hook and the film got to the point in what felt like no time.

Clocking in it 88 minutes there was no hanging around like a fart in a lift.

Don't Breathe is a breathe of fresh air to the cinema, with horror seeming a little stale with remakes/reboots of the Blair Witch and the Rings series on the way or now screening.

Also with School Holidays on in a second the cinemas will be filled with little grubs and shitty films. Thank god for Snowden being released this week.

Don't Breathe is nothing short of wonderful and I have to say a big props to Fede Alvarez for producing, directing and writing this near perfect film.

100% enjoyable and a good old fashioned thriller, Don't Breathe rates highly with me and I give it 4.5 blindingly good stars.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Scream Queens | Season Two

How did Ryan Murphy get a second season for Scream Queens? I ask that question and I was a fan of Season One. To say this is the most camp show on TV over taking American Horror Story: Hotel with Gaga and his previous Glee outings would be an understatement.

Scream Queens season one wasn't a ratings hit but online fans were loud and extremely proud. It was a hit for young ladies and gays so I guess advertisers are happy to reach out to young ladies with credit cards and gays with double income no children households.

This season started in a bizarre manner but the addition of Stamos, Alley and that hunk from Twilight made for interesting viewing.

Emma Roberts again is outstanding and I do hope this show gains more traction however this review is a little scathing.

See you round.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mistresses (U.S. TV series)

After four camp seasons and keeping up with fellow camp US Drama Devious Maids, Mistresses wrapped on 6 September 2016.

The latest and last season of Mistresses was an average ride with last seasons new awesome foursome member leaving after one season and one of the originals also dying dramatically.

The Summer has been cruel in the USA and I have a feeling the axe will fall fast on some of the new US shows launches this week. Scream Queens, Gotham, Empire, The Blacklist and Quantico all return for me this week. Joining American Horror Story and Blindspot I have a lot on my plate now.

I am keen to watch my little Ray Donovan finale shortly and next Monday The Rock's Ballers will wrap up season 2.

So back to Mistresses, it's not really with a heavy heart that this show is now off my roster. Alyssa Milano really was missed and the filming moving from LA to Vancouver and back again, girl, it was all over the shop!

With the dodgy Australian characters and so many babies the show was a little less Mistresses and more like Mommies by the end.

Up next more TV reviews..

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Showtime fails with another lame Cameron Crowe effort

Cameron Crowe delivered one of the worst films of the modern day in Aloha. Critically panned and a box office bomb Aloha had film fans and critics universally saying WHAT THE FUCK.

Now Showtime (the network that has spawned a shit load of hits) are asking WHY THE FUCK?

Just because a man created Jerry Maguire (back in 1996 I might add) this does not mean a man should gain a golden ticket to produce any old shit. And that is what Roadies was for the network with Homeland, Dexter, Shameless and Ray Donovan on it's books.

Showtime should have known better this series rated appallingly and had zero buzz despite the big team behind it.

Summer has not been kind this year killing off camp dramas like Devious Maids and Mistresses after four years and ABC had no luck with former Gossip Girl stars with two bombs Blood & Oil and Wicked City.

Summer also has farewelled some HBO series like Vinyl (after initially renewing it), Togetherness and Looking with a TV movie.

It looks like the TV version of Scream will also see it's final outing with a Halloween TV movie and Hit the Floor also screened a wedding TV movie.

Cameron Crowe, maybe move over mate and give some new folk a go, cause mate your shit does stink, bad.