Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fearing the Walking Dead..

As The Walking Dead wrapped up, Fear The Walking Dead returned for it's fourth season. We saw Negan and Rick maybe patch things up and SPOILER ALERT, well I sort of spoilt stuff before but Negan lives onto into season nine.

Honestly though Negan has been the saving grace to this series actually falling from grace. This season has not had huge ratings compared to most shows currently airing (and not to mention for their 8th season) but this show was once mega huge, like mega.

Fear the Walking Dead has never rated as well, never had as much interest but here we have it, Fear the Walking Dead returning, crossing over and even having Rick, Carol and Jesus (not that Jesus) having a quick cameo.

There is one good action season in episode one of Fear the Walking Dead, the war is so anti climatic on the Walking Dead and really and truly, both shows did not have the blockbuster night they were maybe hoping for.

HBO also gave Here & Now a quiet send off and Homeland over on Showtime didn't pack as many punches as the last HUGE episode.

Sundays in the USA are blockbuster, so how with FTWD go against the last few episodes of Homeland, Billions and HBO's popular comedies Silicon Valley and Barry. Not to mention all the crap on the US free to air stations.

We have seven more episodes before the mid season break of FTWD and I am already hoping the pace picks up, where will Morgan Jones fit in this unlikable casts?

It's almost time for another finale or two with Black Lightening ending this week, Homeland almost done and UnReal has a double finale next week.

More TV, more Australiana for April coming soon, again sorry the posts have been few and far between, working six days, group fitness and generally trying to be social, it's been a busy few weeks.

OK until next time, night.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Movie Matinee Madness - A Quiet Place

Horror/Thrillers and Emily Blunt have been having a good run of late, and A Quiet Place is as exciting and amazing as everything you or may not have heard already. If you have been living under a rock here is the almost silent trailer.

You know little dialogue and full on suspense work wonders in this film, there were 100% edge of the seat moments and honestly I was compelled for all 90 minutes of the film.

Blunt was an outstanding lead and her young family all looked as spooked as each other. Her husband in the movie was actually like real life, it was her real life husband, John Krasinski.

Look if you only see one film this April make sure it is the amazing A Quiet Place, like Get Out before it, it's a take on the horror/thriller genre and I liked it.

4 Stars, excellent.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Americans | Final Season

Now it's it's sixth and final year, The American's is 30% complete and the ride is rocky AF!

After a flash forward after the end of season five, we are now another three years forward heading to the 90's. Set in 1987 sees the Jennings family almost complete their Russian spy journey.

When this series started their was no Trump V Russia, election tampering and 1980's series was just a brilliant spy show. Making Red Sparrow look shit, The Americans on FX has set the bar high. It's about to return to Australian screens on Foxtel and it's streaming catch ups.

Paige is getting into the spy game and things between Elizabeth and Philip aren't great.

It's always hard watching a TV series you know will wrap and you want it to go out on a high, I think this series will as it comes home when the US 2017-2018 season is coming to an end. After months of shows on again off again it's great for a show like this to return, play out it's ten episodes, bang, bang, bang and then it's done.

Commencing in 2013, it's been a regular fixture on my TV dance card and I am going to miss it. It's been great giving Keri Russell a role where she could finally bury Felicity and take on a meaty role.

The Americans started in a different time and finishes in a very different USA/Russia period. Will the show be revisited in years to come and look at the cyber issues between the two nations? Time will tell.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Movie Matinee Madness - Tomb Raider (2018)

Back in 2001, the world was introduced to Angelina Jolie as a female video game hero, Lara Croft, in 2018 we start the journey all over again this time with Alicia Vikander and a very handsome Daniel Wu.

Lara starts off in the UK, via Hong Kong and then to a deadly island off Japan, hope she was collecting frequent flyer miles.

I remember liking the original, giving the game a play or two back in the day and even being slightly excited about the sequel, how did the reboot go?

Well it was a Sunday morning, 10:30am to be exact and I was in, hook line and sinker. The action sequences were fantastic, Dominic West as Croft's father was a nice segway to him appearing in another season of The Affair.

Daniel Wu though, he is fit as fuck, he is 43 and his real life wife is lucky as hell.

I am wondering whether they will roll with a sequel and whether the studios took a look at the schedule here in Australia. Red Sparrow, strong and popular female lead, Ready Player One, video game inspired, A Quiet Place, Emily Blunt dominates the marketing and finally Pacific Rim: Uprising, more adventure/action fun. It's a packed cinema market right now, less people are going and more are flocking to streaming services.

Either way, let's cut the shit, this is a grade above the regular action/adventure/video game flick.

A good cast, solid action and a fun popcorn movie, Tomb Raider was a decent cinema outing, 3 Stars.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Australiana Month: More Kylie...

Over on Flashing off the Record, I have been banging on about Australian music all month long so far. And I will continue to do so, today we have shone the spotlight on Ms Minogue. You can check out her new album Golden now, and also my post HERE.

Since her back catalogue is so HUGE, let's hear some more hits below.

A sneak peek tomorrow I will finally return to the movies for some more Girl Power, this time, Tomb Raider the 2018 reboot.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Australiana Month: Alison Wonderland Feature

Australian Music Month is happening all April on Flashing off the Record and all this week I have been featuring the brilliant second album from Ms Alison Wonderland.

Hailing from Sydney, playing Coachella this year as the highest billed female DJ ever, she is on top of her game!

After her brilliant debut record giving us I Want U, Run, Games, Take it to Reality and more, Alison's Awake dropped yesterday.

Alison has also recently remixed the likes of everyone from Justin Bieber to Duke Dumont. Recently Church copped a sweet remix from The Presets (soon to tour and release a BIG new album!) so let's check that out and some older sweet tunes from Alison, it's Australian music month, all Australiana on Flashing off the Record and next week it's City Calm Down's chance for a load of features...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The CW

This week The CW (pretty much my favourite US Network, well Network, free to air TV station) renewed ten of it's current shows. A few surprises were in the ten, including the reboot of Dynasty, Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin. The later two are critically successful and said to be their final seasons, but Dynasty, has been a ratings nightmare.

That said when Nicollette Sheridan entered stage left of Dynasty, the camp, soap level went to 11. Yass Nicollette queen, YASS!

The super hero shows were almost a no brainer with Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, The Flash and newcomer Black Lightning all returning.

Like Black Lightning and Dynasty, the Netflix series Riverdale will also return. I truly believe Netflix is the only reason Dynasty will see a second (and most likely final outing) season.

Netflix is the king of content and they love them some CW teen drama and action, so next years 2018-2019 new series (maybe Charmed reboot) will most likely drop on Netflix.

Supernatural also returns and if you like knowing if your fav show is coming back, this page updates frequently.

I have enjoyed the camp ride of Dynasty, Supergirl and the super hero shows have lifted this season and the crossovers are getting bigger and bigger, The CW has a solid base for the next TV season.

Pending decisions for CW shows, iZombie (just started again, weekly on Stan), The 100 (returning this month) and newcomers Life Sentence and Valor which will both most likely get the axe.

More TV news incoming...