Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - The Equalizer

Pretty much sure the School Holidays was not the perfect time to release this ultra violent 2 hour thriller with Denzel Washington as the lead but let's see what I thought...

Lets start with Chloe Grace Moretz going from If I Stay to a little more like Hit Girl in Kick Ass and I have to say I did like her as the vulnerable hooker that Denzel chats to at his local all night diner when the shit really gets real.

So Russians as the bad guys, Denzel as the Home Mart sleep deprived all loveable hero and the body count just grows and grows (in the second half of the feature).

It takes a bit to set up this film but once it starts it really fires with all forms of potential murder weapons from your local Home Mart.

The film itself deserves its MA rating for so much violence and just hatred from the vile Martin Csokas who plays one of the lead Russian bad guys.

Look no new ground is broken but I must say it held my attention (for the slightly long) 2 hour running time.

It really is for the over 15's only and maybe guys out there (into chicks) not a great date night film, The Equalizer, It rates a solid 3.5 nail gun to the neck Stars.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - The Maze Runner

The latest in the Twilight, Hunger Games, young adult adventure novel turned film series is here and it's actually.... good.

Yes here we go again with a film where it's sequel is green lit and ready with a 2015 release date it's The Maze Runner.  With the sequel around a year away it gives teens the perfect amount of time to pine over the leads and either read the book or read online what indeed they are in for with the second film.

I went in with super low expectations of this film in the almighty VMAX setting at Bondi Junction and was really pleasantly surprised. The acting was actually good, suspense was kept and the cast are actually likeable.

Doing way better box office business than the other young adult film on the block (The Giver) it's no wonder teens are flocking to see this action/sci-fi film. The Giver looks a bit shit but this is actually full of substance and mystery. It was like watching Lost from the start but you know this series has a lot more to reveal in coming films.

OK so it's not going to win any awards or be at the top of any end of year film lists but the Maze Runner is a decent School Holidays picture. Let's just say with Frozen back at the cinema and the lesbian inspired title of Box Trolls there ain't much else happening at the local cinema.

So if you think your kids can handle spooky noises, the idea of a real and more life threatening Big Brother experience this may give you two hours (1.5 hours film, 0.5 hours trailers/commercials) of free time without the children.

The Maze Runner its a cut average your average September/October filler film, 3 Stars.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Sunday pre a Long Weekend...

So the AFL Grand Final is done and Sydney Swans came 2nd yesterday and my almighty Rabbits are finally in an NRL Grand Final.

Sports update done.

However I did have a truly lovely run around Centennial Park earlier this AM and almost forgot Listen Out Festival was there yesterday. To be honest other than a few empties around he perimeter the place was fairly clean.

Listen Out today moves to Perth and officially kicks off the 2014/2015 Festival season. For more Festival needs head along to my other BLOG Flashing off the Record. I have a Field Day Mixtape and on Monday I listed the biggest Festival acts to be heading our way for this very Festival season, check it out here.

So this week the Doctor on JJJ has been off his normal radio slot and the divine Ronny Chieng and Nazeem Hussain have taken over. What a great change this has been. The Doctor has been so passed his used by date for years. He is undoubtedly one of the stations (if not more so than Lewi McKirdy) most disliked announcers and also for me he was in his prime with Frenzal Rhomb but as a radio announcer, maybe stick to grave yard shifts.

In an era of comedians taking over breakfast and drive radio shifts, maybe it's time for JJJ to put the old Doctor to rest. He has done an average job, and let's be honest since Helen Razer (and either Judith Lucy or Adam Spencer) or Today Today with Chris & Craig JJJ has struggled to get a decent replacement.

So Ronny/Nazeem can't wait for a another week with you too. Ronny is also playing a few shows around the place too, for details why not go here.

Now to TV and the shame that is Channel 9 right now, primetime we get there poorly produced news at:

6:30pm - 8:00pm - WALL to WALL Bogans on the Block. Thank god apparently it's almost over.
8:00pm - 9:00pm - More war on terror, it must be either 60 Minutes of ACA
9:00pm - 10:30pm - Oh boy, more reality TV for an hour and a half. Big Brother continues to humiliate and draw negative attention to itself.

Weeks ago Nine was banging on how great it Big Brother was rating but now, it's all silent on the BB ratings front. Maybe cause half the audience has vanished without a trace. Funny how the Golden era of TV is filled with such shit in this country. And wait it's not even non ratings period yet. Fuck me.

Music wise well done to the return of the Veronica's their latest single has hit #1 on the ARIA charts. And speaking of ARIA's my predictions for all the categories in this year's awards is coming soon.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Show Alert & a Saturday Update

How to Get Away with Murder is a new ABC (USA) drama series for the 2014-2015 season. What first attracted me was a 13 episode debut season, next 14.34 Americans tuned into the pilot and sometimes watching a new show and putting your faith in something you know little about turns out for the best.

Viola Davis is the lead in this truly fun and promising new mystery/legal drama. It's a promising start for a new ABC show as there current list of shows is a little on the lame side. Revenge Season 4 will hopefully be the last, Resurrection started strong but it seems like another Lost show (good for one season but any longer, this will become tiresome) and Greys Anatomy just feels a long way past it's used by date.

On other new shows, the show I was most excited about from the Fox network was Gotham. Getting a lot of good online reviews and having 8.21 million tuning in to the first episode this is also a promising start. Also like ABC Fox have a few good shows but need a good new hit. Glee wraps up for them this year with a shortened 13 episode final season and The Following surely will come to some kind of an end this season.

For those interested in Gotham here is a look at the upcoming second episode:

Wrapping up a Saturday post coming up next month I will load another two Album of the Year nominations over on my Music Blog - Flashing off the Record.

It's been a fairly slow year for full length albums but two have stood out over recent weeks and will join Chet Faker, Pharrell and Sia.

I also have a feeling I will go back and reboot my Super Producers series. Going all the way back to April last year my third Producer (and last) to be honoured was Diplo. For the previous fab producers see below:

Flume (Playing Listen Out - in Sydney - RIGHT NOW!)

Calvin Harris (a new Album should be out before 2014 comes to a close)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Few Week's ago..

So since my last VERY public weigh in, I have weighed in again last night. Admittedly weighing in at the end of the day, also whilst feeling flu like symptoms kicking in not the best day to weigh but still in place of 84.6KG I weighed in at 84.5KG. A massive loss of 100 grams!

So has giving up sweets made me feel better at least? Well 100% yes! I must say I am not looking to lose weight (except for from my mid section) but more to feel better in some of my certain pairs of jeans and this has been 100% archived.

Giving up sweets has been god for my skin and my comfort in skinny leg jeans and work attire in general. I have to say chocolate and 2/3pm snack time at work when you sit all day at a computer/work station has a lot to answer for.

After September (aside from my US holiday) I am aiming to have sweet free week days and allow myself treats only on the weekends.

Sugar is addictive like caffeine and other drugs. So why not try for a month or a period to kick the habit and feel better in ones clothes.

Until tomorrow for another Spring tip, happy School Holidays x

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Day Closer to G'day USA

As my holiday nears and my Spring Boot Camp winds down I take time to reflect on the fact that I will be living it up in the USA in a few weeks.

To say I am happy to leave Australia for a few weeks is an understatement. Don't get me wrong I am as much of a part of "Team Australia" as anyone I just don't understand why people can't just get along?

Why do we trust publications like the Daily Telegraph for our daily fix of the news? It's hardly news but just a paper now which would be better served for wrapping old school (not the fancy shit) Fish & Chips.

My one true belief is that if you are good to others and where possible can help someone else in need you do so. That is what it's like in any team, Team Australia or otherwise. I also have a personal aim to make at least one other person laugh (or if they are a tough nut (I almost dropped the C bomb but it's a little early for that language) ) at least crack a smile.

Today I did that before 6:30am by hitting on a straight man. He laughed/smirked and my mission for the day is almost achieved.

Daily I also like to source out the truth and read multiple publications and watch various TV content. Last night I was disgusted at Big Brother's elimination process (so where some online media sites this morning) and beyond impressed with the dreamy Veronica Milsom's Back Seat Drivers.

Veronica a talented ABC personality across the JJJ network and now bringing a show about real Australians talking about real issues. Like "Growing Up" and the result super funny. However it won't get the numbers Big Brother or the Block got last night and people will continue to walk around/channel surf aimlessly and not discover/unearth quality content.

As a nation I feel we are growing content with things being Average. The younger generation has grown up believing music is free or discovered on a reality show, movies are all about superheros or franchises and TV is wall to wall reality or illegally downloaded.

In a world of so much content and so much variety, various US channels giving us the Golden Age of TV with shows like Dexter, Six Feet Under, True Blood, The Walking Dead all achieving instant classic status.

Music has become "get your song on a TV ad or promo" and you are set. Moby going back years ago licensed nearly all his tracks from his breakthrough album "Play" to appear on a sea of ads. The album was played alongside Norah Jones debut in nearly every cafe and his album grew more and more popular.

Unfortunately with reality shows like the Voice, X Factor and Australia's Got No Talent left cause it's been cancelled Australian musicians have to get there music out their the best the can. Thank god for Sia, Iggy & 5 Seconds of Summer getting careers in the USA bringing the spotlight onto the world stage.

When acts like Minaj can use her tricks for only so long (we have seen what has happened to Gaga - cameos in Sin City and low, low album sales) before becoming the butt (no pun intended Minaj) of everyone's jokes.

So in-concluding today's essay a trip away from it all is just what the doctor ordered.

Australia please before shouting three world slogans ("Stop the Boats", "Axe the Tax") do some reading, any reading (other than the Daily Telegraph or the Australian) or if you have to restore the balance with some personal research or give the SMH or the Guardian site a look.

Australia we are smart and brimming with talent, let's not just settle for average amateurs. It's bad enough we have to settle for a clown as our leader but in the media demand to be challenged and explore what the world has to offer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

OMG, tits and ass galore, that's what I thought for the majority of the new Sin City film staring the dreamy Joseph Gordon Levitt. Thank god for him as there was only lady candy in this film and god damn Lady Gaga getting to star opposite the dream boat.

So the new Sin City film, it's been getting average reviews, titled a sexist blood bath and a lot of other things. Yes the girls are always wearing something on the sexy side, yes it violent but man it's fun. The violence is in such a comic book fashion, it's hardly offensive and sometimes it's even just moving shadows.

The world Sin City creates is creepy as fuck but still not far from what Kings Cross or other seedy parts of Sydney are like. If you remove the traffic from Parramatta Road it's just brothels and run down shit businesses for as far as the eye can see.

Not really a great film for the School Holidays but hey us adults (and I use that term loosely about myself) need a good piece of escapism too.

Ok so a film with a great cast and Eva Green almost always naked is going to at least pass in my book. It's no perfect, it most certainly is not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed it for a bit of a cheap and cheerful Tuesday entertainment.

It's not gonna win any awards nor will it kill it at the box office against the likes of Maze Runner & Frozen returning to the cinema in time for the holidays, but it's a solid effort, rating 2.75 blood drenched well rehearsed death scenes by a sharp ass sword of doom.