Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where in the devil...

I was asked where in the devil was I yesterday and to be honest crazy Cairns was the answer. I have never visited far north Queensland and the idea only came into my wee little mind to surprise my mother for her big bad 60th.

So it's not my usual weekend of catching a film, enjoying a skim latte with friends and lapping up all this city I live in (Sydney) has to offer. So is there a major difference between Sydney and Cairns?

Hell yes is the easy answer.

With a large amount of Japanese, Chinese and Korean tourists making there way up for reef tours and Americans and Europeans making there way to the top end to experience some warmer Australian weather and of course the reef.

Did I do the reef? Yes was the tour amazing, well yes and no, 90% of my tour spewed whilst I have a bad gut this was one time she decided to behave. The cruise was a little average other than eating and spewing other than diving and snorkelling there were no other activities offered.

It was a nice day and the reef is something else but after doing day trips similar to this overseas it felt a little not up to standard.

The prices up north were way higher than Sydney as I was paying up to $5.10 for a coffee when down here in the "more expensive" state it is easy to get a $3/$3.50 coffee if you know where to go.

Tourists are big business up north and so are pubs and apparently religion. Apparently Cairns is a very religious place for the locals. Speaking of locals it was lovely seeing so many first Australians around and with the tourists it almost felt like multiculturalism worked. Maybe they are lucky enough not to have racist old white ladies swearing at people at packed trains.

Cairns was lovely but three days was a maximum visit, I must say Sydney really is a great place. We have it all, great food and variety, cheap coffee and we have more than one tourist trap.

Australia I have loved seeing Melbourne and Cairns over the past few weeks, where will I end up next? Well all I can say is for today it's off to the pictures, expect a full Film Freak review tomorrow and with this Thursday "Lucy" and "These Final Hours" expect a couple of reviews this weekend.

Until next time, happy tight ass Tuesday...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dear Readers - I'm back...

From Cairns, a full de brief on our upper neighbours coming real soon. Also I am hoping to catch a film tomorrow so look out I will have another extremely honest review coming to a computer, iPad, iPhone screen near you xo

Sunday, July 20, 2014

There's No Place Like Homeland Season 4

Here's the first look at one of this year's most anticipated return series:

With the Golden Era of TV recently losing Breaking Bad & Dexter and soon to use True Blood, new comers and other hits need to take their place, will Homeland continue to be addictive and water cooler TV? Time will tell, it starts again in October.

Still to come is The Walking Dead, The Blacklist, Glee (final 13 episode season), Hannibal, The Following, Girls, True Detective & the US remake of Shameless. We can't forget some exciting newcomers Gotham (Batman inspired) and Secrets & Lies (US remake).

Long live the Golden Era of TV.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Sex Tape

From time to time trailers hook you in and by the end of the film you got sucked into, you feel ill, you wish the film was over (throughout) and wish the time you spent on this film could be refunded to you. Sex Tape is one of those. It's beyond terrible. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel have about as much chemistry as Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten.

Let's look at the trailer that tricked me.

What were the cast & crew thinking other than $$$$$$$$

This film is one of those ones were swearing and a bit of light nudity and sex from time to time tries to pass off as a decent feature.

I must say I was extremely disappointed with this film and believe this will do extremely poorly at the box office. My session on the opening weekend had a little over 10 souls in the house.

Sex Tape could be one of the most disappointing comedies of 2014. Sex Tape rates a very unsexy and equally unfunny 1 used condom.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - The Two Faces of January

It's refreshing sometimes to go along to a film that you have little to no idea about and then just sit there and realise this is actually a winner, that's just what happened when I got along to The Two Faces of January on my 32nd birthday.

So straight up Oscar Issac is a babe, next up this film title is simply so hard to remember I was like the worst with word of mouth for this film today as people asked me what I saw I came up with all sorts of random titles, Two days in December, or was it Two days in January or just the Kirsten Dunst film.

Movies need catchy titles, like songs and TV shows, if you can't remember it how do you tell the world? But look other than this, The Two Faces of January was wonderful. Greece in the 60's divine! It made me wish I was travelling (and not just to Melbourne or Cairns - like I am doing this month) somewhere super exotic.

The film was fun and the trailer above paints a nice picture of what to expect. I think a 90 minute film is perfect and this is just ace. I really enjoyed myself and hope you dear reader can spare some time over the weekend for this or Sex Tape. Man I can't wait to see Diaz on the big screen again, I loved the Other Woman.

OK so star rating, this film rates 3 hard as fuck to remember the title stars.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two Great things on Australian Television

Australia has produced a lot of shit lately on the idiot box, but two programs, two drama's I can honest to God say I am in love with and so proud to say these are Australian are Wentworth and The Time of Our Lives.

Both shows are into their second series and both shows and both are growing just nicely.

Thursday nights warm your Winter heart now with some compelling and heart felt stories across on the ABC with The Time of Our Lives. With stunning performances from Claudia Karavan and William McInnes proving he may be one of the easiest people to hate on Aussie TV.

This show is simply sublime and I hope to god the Abbott doesn't cut too much funding to the ABC. We as a nation need stories like these to be proud of to showcase talent and to employ the creative folk of this fine nation.

Stories like this are so rich and so valuable to our nations broadcaster. This is what separates the ABC & SBS from Channel Ten and the Bolt Report. If I had my way I would pay more tax to keep the ABC producing great little Aussie dramas like this.

On the other end of the scale we have Wentworth on Tuesday nights we came to grips with dropping the C bomb this week. Now Murdoch and his Foxtel is the complete opposite to the ABC, but the same when it comes to funding great little Aussie dramas. Love My Way, Spirited, Tangle & Satisfaction.

Wentworth has gone above and beyond in 2014. Season two has introduced the divine Pamela Rabe (above) as the new and fierce governor. Season two has upped the anti and really given into the dark side of a female prison. It's easy to draw comparisons against the Orange is the New Black (also just finished airing season 2 on Netflix int he US) but this is homegrown and so brilliant.

Already renewed for a third season and looking like the new cast are going to bring even more depth and viewer engagement to the series.

Foxtel have again shown they have guts not going for the usual run of the mill safe Packed to the Rafters, House Husbands and Winners & Losers formulas.

Tuesday and Thursday's are now a really divine night to have a cup of herbal tea and put your feet up to some outstanding local content. Well done to one and all working on these two damn fine shows.