Sunday, March 1, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

What happens when Michael Bay joins forces with MTV Films, PROJECT ALMANAC happens.

Now is this any good? Look my favourite recent MTV Film was the Footloose remake which really gave Miles Teller a career boost. He went on the be amazing in Whiplash, The Spectacular Now and also had the chance to make a number of forgettable films. So where I leading is this is slightly forgettable as are the actors.

Where as Footloose had some talent and good music, Project Almanac doesn't really have either. Nor does it have much of an original plot.

I think this is perfect for a Saturday afternoon carefree film experience whereas if your looking for something more maybe give Selma (another Paramount distributed film out now) or for a bit of fun Kingsman: secret service.

Project Almanac, it has it's moments but there are few and far between, for a generation who refuse to concentrate this might be a stretch 2 Stars.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

When Mardi Gras meets Future & Soundwave drop in for a Threesome in Sin City

What a PACKED weekend it is in Sydney! Sin City x3 major events/festivals this weekend, leading the charge is the Mardi Gras in full swing after Fair Day fucked up parking in my neck of the woods and Mardi Gras events like Matthew Mitcham takes his cabaret show "Twists & Turns" to the stage at the Seymour and Sandra B hits the Enmore.

Can't comment on Sandra B but Matthew Mitcham (as distracted) as I was, was actually a bit of fun.

Future Music Festival and Soundwave both compete for the music lovers dollars this weekend and who will win? Well both festivals totally target separate markets, once dance + drugs, one metal/cock rock + bogan antics.

Not too mention whilst this skin parade is happening it's also Lunar New Year. Hells bells it's a cultural clash of the Titans. The Chinese/Asian Community and the bogans of this fine nation.

I won't go into that as that's a much bigger piece.

So Sydney it's the last day of Summer and people are out in the busloads so what do I do, get a massage and pop off to the cinema (review posted tomorrow AM).

Sydney really is special in Summer and the atmosphere is amazing. Why on Earth do I question my life in Sydney from time to time? Is it all the people pushing and shoving? Is it all the arrogance and self loving. Or is that just 2015 when everything thinks there Facebook page is better than the next person? Their tweet is more witty than the last or their Instagram photo is the best picture ever published of an Asian meal?

Sydney people FUCKING love themselves sick and I feel I am getting there. I fear I have lost all care factor, today as I washed my hands after pee number 101 (fucking hell I have female friends who have pushed out three children and have better bladders than me) and I sprayed water all over the front of me. Did I care? No I walked up George Street, brought my movie ticket and flicked my weave.

It's nearly 30 degrees and frankly who is looking at me? No one I answer my own question, 90% of the people I walked past were starring at their phones, 5% were rushing past me and only 1 person or the last rough 5% happened to me an old man who starred at the wet patch. So clearly he was here for Mardi Gras and maybe wanted my male member closer to his.

Sydney, three festivals, one cultural occasion and me not giving a fuck. What a great start to the weekend and another fine blog past for you lovely readers.

Happy Saturday, Lunar New Year & Happy Mardi Gras xo

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oh God....

So I am not shy in saying how disgusted I am with our current "leader". Unlike conservative reporters, bloggers, broadcasters, I believe in progress, change and moving forward (thanks Julia).

Australia is at a complete stand still where I find on a daily basis I find myself interacting with at least one complete brain dead individual and when our leader is one of the most uninspiring and demoralising human beings is hardly strange people are aiming low.

Education is key, unbiased information reporting in media is a must. If you're in Sydney and read the Daily Telegraph you probably vote Liberal and hate anyone who isn't white, straight and married with 2.5 kids. If you read the Herald you probably are slightly more educated and vote Labor (or maybe the Greens) and if you read the Australian you more than likely vote Liberal but are the more educated conservative.

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with holding traditional values but come on people look to the future, climate change, it's real, internet speed in this country is no laughing matter and immigration, Scott Morrison and now Peter Dutton you both are a disgrace and I have no idea how you sleep at night. Don't get me started on George Brandis that man is the devil in a blue tie.

Also after seeing Julia Gillard as our leader this country has a fucked up sense of how to treat a woman in power.

So with this said, it's no surprise a revolution is coming, the next federal election will be a blood bath for the Liberal Government unless they remove Abbott and start fixing all the broken promises and poor bills put forward.

Abbottsolutely hopeless campaign from ADVISION on Vimeo.

It's no surprise to me that Australians all over are not happy. After stuff up after stuff up, it's really time for you Mr Abbott for the good of the country, for people who care about the future (not just next weeks Newspoll - which I am horrified after scare tactics the Liberals are rolling out AGAIN!) for you to call it a day.

You're a joke and a bad one at that, stop trying to scare the people of Australia, listen to your co workers as there is more than 40% of Australia unhappy with you. Please, please, please leave quietly and let's just forget this horrible mess you have created.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

It didn't really win any Oscars (other than the Best Original Song by Common & John Legend) but SELMA really packs a punch.

The violence was rough and raw and the story was horrifying that only a few decades ago America was in such a bad way. How racial laws could be so backwards and how acceptance was such a long way off. I guess as an Australian we don't have a clean record either with our horrid treatment of the Aboriginals.

David Owelowo is great as King and I do love a real life story these days and to be honest there were moments of Selma like Foxcatcher where it all felt a little drawn out. There was a lot to cover and at times you jumped weeks and at times there appeared to be not a lot happening playing out on the screen in front of you.

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the movie, hated the violence and thought fucking hell I love seeing a conservative government look like complete fools. I'm sorry conservative folk out there CHANGE and PROGRESS is inevitable, you can bang on about beliefs and values and core issues but I'm telling you, you can't fight change.

This movie made me realise why conservatives generally lose. The Alabama Governor in real life and how he was portrayed in this film should be ashamed of himself. All humans, black, white or whatever are all the same deep down. Mr Abbott and his latest statements should also know this.

Marginalising minorities may appeal to the small minded however the educated and inner city dwellers know this is joust covering up the fact you have NOTHING else to sell. Like a budget from almost a year ago.

Ok I have gone way off track. Selma it's worth a look in and interesting to see how history unfortunately repeats itself. Unfortunately in 2015 conservatives are live and kicking and spreading hate hidden in their agendas.

Selma rates a solid 3.5 Stars.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Movies, Movies, Movies...

Get em in my eyeballs, after a week of one film and one to come this weekend with a dear friend on Sunday, it's time to look to the future at some of the most exciting upcoming releases:

FOCUS, I do love me some Will Smith, he is a handsome fella right?

AVENGERS: AGE FO ULTRON, Marvel are on a roll and it's not just the Avengers, I can't wait for ANT MAN with Mr Paul Rudd too.

PITCH PERFECT 2, milking it, or a good sequel, time will tell...

SPY, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy reunion, brilliant, just brilliant!

JURASSIC WORLD, cannot wait is all I can say, CANNOT wait!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

After 50 Shades I desperately wanted to see a good film, a film with an intelligent amazing woman, not some lame ass Uni student working at a hardware store then dancing to Rihanna's S&M beat, so when WILD had been in my diary for months to check out at St George Open Air Cinema I was beside myself.

Holy fuck balls this movie was good and Reese Witherspoon's production company is off to an AMAZING start!

Pacific Standard were behind Gone Girl and Wild there second effort starring 50% of the all girl power team at Pacific Standard is another gold star winning film.

Based on the true life of Cheryl Strayed and her walk across the monster track the Pacific Crest Trail Wild is a joy, I left inspired and happy that in dark times even something amazing can happen.

After hitting rock bottom and her mother passing suddenly (played beautifully by Laura Dern) Witherspoon sets off on the Pacific Crest Trail. It looks like such a great personal experience, I would love to do it less the camping. Walking thorough the wilderness, being alone with ones thoughts is my dream and nightmare all rolled into one.

This movie was PERFECT at St George Open Air with bats flying over us the sounds of the Botanic Gardens in the background, pure bliss.

I had an amazing time and just loved every minute of this film. With the incoming Academy Awards it's no wonder Witherspoon and Dern are up for big awards.

If you get a chance this weekend go WILD and experience this truly life changing moment for Strayed and Witherspoon getting that career back on track. 4.5 Stars.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Yeah fucking right...

Not a SINGLE major city last night pulled more than 200,000 viewers for this TV event of the year. Totalling only 580,000 viewers and the 19th most watched show of the evening. Last week second most watched show of the night and 1.1 million viewers.

Haemorrhaging around 50% of it's viewers Channel Nine must be nervous. According to Wikipedia this is a 7 part series, how low will episode 7 rate?? And with the Block not the hottest show on the block this year they don't have much of a lead in.

Is Australia bored of War series after Anzac Girls on ABC last year and a pile of War films in recent months, American Sniper, Unbroken, The Water Diviner & The Imitation Game.

Before Channel Nine calls their next TV event of a year they should maybe do a wee bit of market research, cause this is DEFINITELY not the TV event of 2015.

That said I watched a fuck load of TV last night and I saw some stellar stuff. From Girls and a great heartbreaking episode to Looking Season 2 which is finding it's feet and the characters are really starting to grow on me. Whilst Shameless (US) was just gripping and gut wrenching in this week US episode.

And to be 100% there were some sex scenes on Shameless last night which were WAY hotter than anything in 50 Shades of Fuck me I'm bored as shit get me home.

Not to mention a stellar Q&A and Media Watch, I just really love Malcolm Turnbull and my god Lisa Wilkinson, maybe sitting next to a hair in a can type dude like Karl makes you seem dull on morning TV but on your own you shine baby girl.

Lisa and Malcolm performed extremely well on a challenging Q&A with all things Bali 9 and Tony Abbotts appalling week where "Good Government" was meant to start????

All in all, TV event of the Year, it ain't Gallipoli and I dare say it won't be on Channel 9 either.