Wednesday, August 21, 2019

(Not at the) Cinema Slut #2019 - Isn't It Romantic

I expected NOTHING when I selected Isn't It Romantic on a recent Qantas flight, however I was happy Netflix and Qantas did a deal to get this on their Inflight Entertainment.

Rebel Wilson stars across from Liam Hemsworth, Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra and Betty Gilpin. It's a great little cast and has some magical musical moments.

Rebel did Rebel whilst Liam, Adam and Priyanka really played along with the whole anti rom com vibe.

I did even on my flight laugh out loud, want to sing along and honestly I think my Netflix at home must be stuffed as this never got recommended to me. Side note The Last Summer (KJ Apa and dreamy The Chi cast member Jacob Latimore) was as a Netflix produced film, which was truly shocking.

Isn't It Romantic is a fun little watch, if you have a spare 90 minutes give it a go, give The Last Summer a miss though, it's nowhere as fun as this little rom com romp.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Home again, posts resume as per normal from now!

A preview of this week's (Mini) Sunday Profile, Triple J will feature the album this week, it's Brisbane's WAAX.

Movies to catch real soon and hopefully review -

Palm Beach (local release)
Angel has Fallen (big, DUMB third film in the Fallen series)

TV shows to break down -

Why Women Kill (Marc Cherry x Lucy Liu, YASS)

Handmaid's Tale Season Three finale, what an episode, no spoilers, YET!

Animal Kingdom, finale to come, USA Tuesday, Australian Wednesday Netflix, PM

Queen of the South, Claws, will they be renewed? My trusty USA summer series, will they come to an end?

Succession, Season 2, how many F bombs can they have in one episode, or even one scene?

More to cum, back to normal, it's the end of winter 2019, YASS!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

(Mini) Sunday Spotlight: Shura

I'm on holidays in the Dallas USA, next stop San Francisco, then straight home, it's a two flight kinda day!

Some posts may be lighter or shorter than normal, however Sundays are the best days to discover your favourite new acts, so here is a shorter than normal post for Shura.

Hailing from Hammersmith, England the 28 year old Shura (aka Aleksandra Lilah Yakunina-Denton) has just released her sophomore album, Forevher. Following her debut Nothing's Real in 2016, Shura
is starting to get a real following now.

Stream the new record below and check out some previous visuals, another interesting new artist for your Sunday.

Longer posts returning next week, hopefully with a film or two and I may even share with you some more holiday photos, maybe...

Monday, August 12, 2019

Tomorrow, Mexico

Loving travelling around North America but tomorrow it's a tour down south past the border to Mexico. I am so excited to head to unexplored territory for me, I have already been to San Fran before, lived in Vancouver however Denver has been new and a beautiful spot to stop off.

Yesterday we went to the happiest city in America (apparently) Boulder and boy was it beautiful, with a long pedestrian mall, mountains in the background and street performers everywhere the city was vibrant and delightful.

I even saw my first real life person wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Still not sure if the meaning is America was shit before now it's going to get better? Well by the amount of homeless people around and folks on very low minimum wage, I don't know how many American's right now think they are winning.

Enough of that, so I alway promise holiday photos and never deliver, so here goes. 2019 surely has been my year of travel, domestically and abroad. From Bali to Hawaii, Melbourne to the Rock, it's been amazing. Enjoy.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

(Mini) Sunday Spotlight: Cashmere Cat

I'm on holidays in the Denver, USA, next stop Mexico!

Some posts may be lighter or shorter than normal, however Sundays are the best days to discover your favourite new acts, so here is a shorter than normal post for Cashmere Cat.

From Halden, Norway the 31 year old Cashmere Cat (aka Magnus August Høiberg) has been releasing tunes since 2012. On Friday a new single from his second incoming album (Princess Catgirl) landed.

Stream his debut album 9, from 2017 below as well as a few videos, including a tune he worked on with queen Halsey. For further reading check out his songwriting credits, boy has worked with some heavy hitters!

Longer posts returning mid/late August.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cinema Slut #2019 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Star studded and Quentin Jerome Tarantino 9th film (Kill Parts I & II considered one film) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is now screening in North America.

Yes I am in Vancouver so I will keep this brief. Whilst jet lagged as a mother fucker in San Francisco I took in the latest Tarantino film starring Pitt and DiCaprio.

Ok I generally hate long films, whilst Once Upon clocks in at 161 minutes, it's fun, Margot Robbie is delightful as always while Luke Perry and Laura Dern's dad Bruce even have smaller roles.

It all peaks towards the end when you thought you had escaped any real violence, then it comes. Boy does it come hard.

The movie is a fun loving look at Hollywood whilst knitting together real life characters like Charles Manson and Roman Polanski.

The movie opens in Australia on August 15, so don't get me started, distributors if you want to cut down on piracy, international releases for large titles such as this. Come on is it that hard? I know Australia is a small territory and most folks don't know where we are, but come on.

End of rant.

Review totals a sum of 3.5 Stars, so much star power, such a long sitting, go to the toilet during the last credits if you have a weak bladder like me.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

(Mini) Sunday Spotlight: Slum Sociable

I'm on holidays in the US of A, some posts may be lighter or shorter than normal, however Sundays are the best days to discover your favourite new acts, so here is a shorter than normal post for Slum Sociable.

From Melbourne, Victoria the duo Slum Sociable have been releasing tunes since 2015. On Friday a new EP landed on all your favourite streaming sites. Listen to it and more from the duo below. Longer posts returning mid/late August.