Friday, July 29, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Breaking up US Summer drama week again it's time to head to the movies and the latest Ewan McGregor film, OUR KIND OF TRAITOR.

Also starring the amazing Stellan Skarsgard, Naomie Harris (Skyfall & Spectre) and Damian Lewis (Billions and of course lead in Homeland) this spy film via a novel is top class.

It's a little long but I won't mark it down much for that as Lights Out was in a league of it's own this week with an 80 minute in and out feature.

McGregor, Skarsgard and Harris steal the show whilst sometimes I feel Damian Lewis's best work was that in Homeland and Billions and this role just feels wrong. He was so good in Homeland that the role that most likely will (and has) defined his career has this thing hanging over him. He just needs a Claire Danes character in front of him consistently breaking down and going bat shit crazy.

But all in all Our Kind of Traitor was a brilliant looking film and a quality cinema release. Unfortunately the release was limited with a poor choice of session times and certain cinemas completely ignoring this intelligent thriller. What a shame.

I am going to give this a quality star rating of 3.5 Stars, well done.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

US Summer Drama Week: Scream

Another day another US Summer drama under the microscope.

After a horror movie review yesterday, why not go to a TV show adapted from a classic horror film series. Now MTV is not known for it's quality scripted dramas but they are known for good looking casts and Scream and Teen Wolf are proof of this.

My personal favourite is season two regular and creeper Santiago Segura (below), cute!

Aside from the good looks this show has one thing in common with the hit film series, the killers outfit and that is about it.

The goings on also surrounds a high school setting but other than that the show is a horror slasher show with the Scream killer and a lot of good looking twenty somethings playing US school kids.

Look this is an easy to watch 40 minute drama, that has a decent element of whodunnit about it, but seriously this is not going to make any Golden Era of TV lists. Unlike Wentworth which honestly has the best season finale since their last one.

I will talk further about this on the weekend when folks have time to avoid spoilers.

For now Scream airs on Netflix in Australia (weekly new episodes are added) or MTV in the land of the free.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

James Wan has produced another brilliant thriller, spoiler alert, I actually liked LIGHTS OUT.

Joining Aussie Wan is fellow Australian Teresa Palmer, in Wan's second hit for 2016, following The Conjuring 2, this film takes the audience to another scary as fuck house in LA.

The Conjuring 2 was a huge success and at this stage has exceeded it's budget six times, so it comes with the territory that Lights Out has also exceeded it's tiny 4.2 million dollar budget six times over.

Lights Out also features a handsome new talent Alexander DiPersia as Palmers delightful boyfriend, however it's all about the ladies kicking as in this film, particularly Diana.

Remember than name, Diana. Shit, gets real real fast in this 81 minute thrill ride. Thanks Wan for making the story follow, scare the pants of the audience and then wrap up in a neat package at the end.

Very few filmmakers can hire good editors in 2016, films are usually bloated with too much unnecessary artsy nonsense or just shit that should have been cut.

I was a huge fan of this film, it moved at a rapid past and really cut to the point quick smart. Lights Out is another hit under James Wan very heavy belt now, what an outstanding Aussie export and ditto for Teresa Palmer. This is Palmers fourth film in 2016 with four more in the works, outstanding.

Lights Out, it's a brief piece of horror brilliance, shocks a plenty 4 terrifying stars!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

US Summer Drama Week: Ray Donovan

Returning to showtime for it's fourth season a few weeks ago my favourite TV mother (next to the supreme Susan Meyer) Paula Malcolmson as Abby Donovan the Liev Schreiber lead dramas hovering around the magic million viewers a week and still an Emmy's favourite.

Ray Donovan continues to meet nasty characters in LA and this season we see Gabriel Mann (Nolan famously in Revenge) join the ever growing cast.

To say I would be surprised to see Showtime green light another season would be an understatement as I am beginning to feel like this show is either wrapping up or looking at at saying next year will be our fifth and final season.

Unlike Shameless not all family members are given equal screen time and the kids are basically just over paid extras in this season now.

You start to feel series like this were once great and still have their moments however the story they are to tell really have run there course.

Don't get me wrong this is streaks ahead of the dreadful American Gothic but sometimes it's time to say goodbye to a show before it goes down the road of Nolan (Gabriel Mann's) previous beast Revenge. That show in it's fourth season was a train wreck. And I'm not talking Amy Schumer Train Wreck good.

Ray Donovan it airs on Sunday in the USA, Monday in Australia. Let's be honest in Australia we have Love Child or fucking Masterchef so really this is heaven compared to white people crying about burnt toast.

Monday, July 25, 2016


The saving grace of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman returns in 2017 (June 2nd to be precise) and I cannot wait. This trailer has just been released and I am SO excited!

This week I will shine the spotlight on US Summer series. Yesterday I gave you a short post on Queen of the South and this week I will bring you some other commentary on what is currently airing across the Pacific Ocean.

Netflix has a load of new releases on the way The Get Down (Baz Luhrmann - August 12), Luke Cage (Marvel - September 30) & Narcos returns for a second series in 40 days.

Until next time, laters.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Queen of The South | Season One

USA Network are currently enjoying the success story that it Mr Robot returning for a much hyped second series and now they launch another showy looking new series Queen of the South.

Queen of the South stars Alice Braga as the lead and her best mate is from Six Feet Under,  Justina Machado who played Vanessa Diaz.

Currently rating the pants of Mr Robot I am sure in 2017 we will see more of Queen of the South as the show looks a million bucks and with Narcos being so popular it's nice to see a female in command.

Honestly I'm not 100% sold on the show, whilst the production is excellent, the cast seem into it, I am waiting to see where this 13 episode first season takes me. That said easily the best new show of the Summer in terms of US television.

Will be back again with some Winona Ryder soon as I now launch into Stranger Things. Oh yes that was part of my $14 Saturday night. Basically the food $14, Netflix compliments of my sister in laws log in, GIRL!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

So my budget Saturday night cost me...

$14 thanks Deliveroo and a discount coupon online. Thanks Lisa for your Netflix password and thanks body clock for waking me up at 4:30am this morning.

Bed awaits. I am such a lame nanna right, it's the Saturday of Splendour in the Grass and I will be in bed at 9pm after cheap takeaway and dodgy sic-fi movies.