Saturday, March 25, 2017

Shots Fired - Event Drama Series.

The new marketing spin for a drama series is EVENT DRAMA SERIES or TV DRAMA EVENT. It ain't an event it's usually a series of events like 10 episodes or more (or less in the case of Feud), but in Shots Fired case it's a ten episode wonder which has just launched on FOX in the USA.

No points for guessing the story around the title but yes shots are fired and they are fired from a black cop in the direction of an unarmed white man. Sound familiar USA?

Helen Hunt and Stephen Moyer make their returns to TV and Stephan James and Tristan Wilds are worth watching this show for alone.

Honestly another cop drama and adding race relations to it is not a fresh idea but the spin of a black cop shooting a white dude is a semi new spin.

The investigation is set up in the pilot and I expect the remaining nine episodes to have many twists and turns. I enjoyed the pilot and with almost 5 million live viewers in the USA it's done a lot better than a lot of other FOX titles this 2016-2017 season.

Shots Fired is shaping up to be like American Crime holding a mirror up to contemporary America and unfortunately it's not being made great again. Instead it's bleak and far from the Hollywood, New York and Miami images a lot outside the USA view as some kind of paradise. Paradise it is not, broken and divided it is.

I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out, Shots Fired is a mostly intelligent drama. In a world of amateur hour reality shows we should reward creatives willing to take a go on real stories, real issues.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Flash & Supergirl get MUSICAL

After an all to wrong musical episode of Agent Carter, another comic book series has gone there, The Flash with a little help from former Glee star who has transformed into Supergirl!

The cast from Supergirl really is a little musical and with a guest appearance from fellow Glee star Darren Criss. Melissa Benoist AKA Supergirl played Marley in Glee in Seasons 4 & 5 and has also done a few musicals live on stage in her time.

Jeremy Jordan (also from Supergirl) was in the less than successful series Smash and multiple leading roles on Broadway so he can sing!

So the pairing of Barry Allen and Supergirl for another crossover was an interesting installment of the two shows. The Flash is easily one of The CW's most successful shows right now, the musical episode DUET scored 2.71 million live viewers and with numbers like that with 7 day viewing numbers it's likely the episode will reach 5 million viewers, plus all the torrent and international viewers.

The episode has also seen an EP released bringing The CW more income from the series.

Currently in the Australian iTunes store the track "Runnin' Home to You" by Barry Allen AKA Grant Gustin is sitting @ #51.

Grant Gustin had a small role in Glee and also was cast in West Side Story on Broadway. Who knew superheroes could crossover to the music scene.

Both shows have been renewed on The CW as has fellow crossover shows The Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Life}

Apparently their is a new Aliens film on the way but in the meantime it's up to LIFE to give us our fix of sci-fi horror.

A tense and crazy thrill ride of a sci-fi thriller, Life is exceptional with a great cast and claustrophobic setting if ever I have seen one.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds lead this terrific tense film.

Staying under the two mark and mostly set in space on an international space station the crew find "something" or "Calvin" (not Harris) from Mars.

The movie builds slowly but reaches a point where the tension consistently builds and builds!

It's a fun thrill ride which takes the viewer along with them, through the terror that unfolds on the space station circling Earth, is there something else out there? If so, what? It's X-Files type shit all over again!

I liked this film a lot, it's fun, it's well paced and Jake Gyllenhaal can really just do no wrong. The film opens today and it's one for the list ahead of all the shitty April/Easter School Holidays films. Smurfs anyone? Fuck No is my direct answer.

Life, it's great and the film is not too bad either, 4 space bound Stars.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Star finishes with MULTIPLE bangs and this weeks Feature Record REMIXED

What a long BLOG post title, what a fraud!

This week saw mid season show STAR finish with a big finale and the exciting prospect of Season 2 whenever that will air. Fox in the USA has long brought the viewer music dramas which not only bring us original and cover song performance but a look into the world of diversity.

Star brought us many different nationalities together for common goals and also diversity and acceptance to the front with a trans African American character Cotton front and centre with touching and real story-lines. Like Laverne Cox in Orange is the New Black this is real progress.

Orange is the New Black being on Netflix is often a lot more gritty being exempt about worrying about ratings and what may or may not offend a live audience but Star has done well.

Women's rights and the disgusting violence against women was also covered by the lead character Star and her vile footballer boyfriend.

The series leaves us with multiple questions and plot lines unanswered, I for one can not wait for Season 2. This show like Glee & Empire ahead of it Star has shown diversity and add in stories straight from the real (or sometimes FAKE) news makes for great drama television.

Star was not a huge ratings hit like Empire but if you like music, drama and a well writtern show, Star is for y'all.

Onto other matters I had no room for this on my other BLOG but Khalid's outstanding album has been my feature all week and here is a remix which landed on St Patricks day and my cousin's 31st BDAY.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Kong: Skull Island}

I have to be honest and up front, for a short period I worked on a major musical based on Kong himself and prior to this was a huge Kong Planet of the Apes fan so this review may sound biased, but it's not.

With that out of the way, onto Kong: Skull Island.

With War for the Planet of the Apes due out in July, it's a big year for monkeys/apes/animals on the big screen.

The all star cast (along with Kong) makes this an epic action/war film out now.

I was so upset I missed it in it's first week but was lucky enough to catch it Friday night. Ok so Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston were on paper strange choices but Samuel L Jackson was a must for this film.

John Goodman making a real second impact was great in this film, much like when he was on the hit show Damages with Glenn Close and the divine Rose Byrne.

Jing Tian was the most oddly cast, she said all of 11 words and was a very random inclusion, however she is stunning so fair play. And she was also killer in The Great Wall which I equally liked.

Corey Hawkins also starred and is unrecognizable from his recent lead TV role in 24: Legacy. He is smoking HOT!

So the action is HUGE, the cast is amazing and honestly I am not sad that this might be a lead in film for several more monster films like maybe Kong Vs Godzilla say?

This is a fun and exciting journey out to the cinema and to a secret land which may or not exist, great escapism, pure cinema blockbuster fun at it's best, I'm going and living large on this one 4 Stars.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The Catch Season 2.

Shonda's latest series starring Peter Krause who was famously Nate Fisher on one of the first Golden Years of TV series Six Feet Under.

The Catch returns after a semi interesting cliffhanger. The main thing I was excited about was the handsome Jay Hayden returning to my TV set. The handsome young gentleman in a series where people get their kit of commonly unfortunately is never seen in anything less than a button up shirt.


Wardrobe can we hurry and get Jay Hayden in a singlet top or better yet no singlet!

The Catch is super light hearted and very easy to watch, but sometimes the show needs a little bit more going on than constant costume changes and a very PC or PG sex scene.

We will see how episode two goes but this is nowhere near as intriguing as How to Get Away with Murder but I'll stick around for hunky Jay Hayden.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

American Crime Season 3.

American Crime on TV looks like Trump's broken America, yes season 3 examines the various forms of poverty currently in the USA where a nation is being sold it is going to be Great Again. Will it though?

The cast again includes Felicity Huffman and a few others from the past two seasons. Series three however feels darker, and with only eight episodes this is compelling viewing.

The down and out USA is freighting and you already know the future is not bright for these characters we have just been introduced to.

Not to be confused with Ryan Murphy's American Crime Story this is going to get dark this year and it's very timely release shows an America that a lot of Americas would not be comfortable watching. I expect the show to receive many more awards and award nominations.

I throughly enjoyed episode one and I look forward to episode two.