Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Has Glee completely lost the Ryan Murphy magic touch?

The last few episodes of Glee have been so vile it feels like forever since the wonderful return to form episodes "100" & "New Directions" featuring a wonderful array of guest stars.

It's a real wonder that Fox must be thinking how can we give this show a whole sixth season. The ratings are woeful (in the USA) and god knows when this show is on here? Oh that's right it's on Channel 10 or maybe 11 so you just have to imagine no one is watching.

On another Fox show, The Following has not enjoyed as much hype as the first season but I sure am enjoying the cat and mouse game between Ryan and Joe Carroll.

I can't believe we are two episodes out from the series finale. The season has speed by and without any of the annoying scheduling breaks (I'm looking at you The Blacklist & Revenge) and now back on the telly the returns of some of my favourite Showtime 30 minute drama comedies Californication (Final Season) and Nurse Jackie (already renewed for another season).

Also still on my radar "Bates Motel", renewed for a third season already, Game of Thrones continues to draw on big deaths, massive torrents and with two more seasons on the way this show is huge!

I also really loved the way the Shameless US finished up it's 4th season recently, such a wonderfully produced drama. I am super excited for the return on Aussie drama "Wentworth".

After maybe the best Aussie show in ages "Secrets and Lies" I am just hoping Wentworth is as amazing as season 1. I am yet to watch recent series "Fat Tony & Co" and "Puberty Blues", but that's what Easter is for right?

OK so there is a mega TV update and I will be surely be back to my blogging self as tomorrow at 6pm it makes the SUPER Easter weekend. So ahead of that safe driving, enjoy your Easter break and if your up for it I have been blogging a bit more over at Flashing off the Record so if you want to check out some new music hop along like a little Easter bunny.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Monuments Men

Wow what a cast! Clooney, Damon, Blanchett (in a smaller role than Blue Jasmine and with a little less material to work with), Goodman, Murray and the slightly dreamy Dimitri Leonidas.

The film I was not that super interested but a Sunday AM movie I am normally ready for anything and enjoy anything more than a mid week film.

This film is well made and Clooney is highly involved directing, producing it, creating the screenplay and of course starring in it and narrating it.

The film is an easy watch, well acted and super interesting if you have any interest in history. Those Nazi's really were pieces of work weren't they?

Look if you enjoy well made films and like any of the above all star cast this film will please you. Cate is always royalty and I really love her rocking a French accent.

The Monuments Men it's not a five star film but I would give it a solid 3 and a half art inspired stars.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Secrets & Lies: Is the Best Australian show...

Since Wentworth. That is true, shame it's on Channel 10 and no one is watching.

I only started catching up on the episodes over the weekend but I am now well and truly hooked. It is truly a great piece of Aussie TV. The best since well Wentworth last year. Everything else seems to be a carbon copy of something that has come before it.

And not to mention to hunky return of Martin Henderson, what a NZ talent. Best part is he is shirtless 90% of the series.

So there you go finally something to watch on Channel 10, looking forward to also seeing the US remake which is already in the works.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Need for Speed {2D}

Wow! It's like a poor man's Fast & Furious but still kind of fun. I have to say I am going really easy on films in this non award season as I have found both Need for Speed and previously reviewed 300 both extremely engaging.

Need for Speed lives on the screen after becoming a gamers household name for it's various computer game instalments. Let's take a look at the film below:

The movie has a random as cast (including one of the most random striptease moments in my cinema going past) including Michael Keaton as some complete random computer car nerd.

So Need for Speed is it all car races and rev heads? Yes and no, at the heart of this film it actually had a bit of a heart and I kind of in a weird way connected with the cast. I really loved Imogen Poots who I recently fell in love with in that recent Zac Efron sex romp Are We Officially Dating.

Look this film will not be on my end of year best list but it sure was fun, a little long but fun.

Need for Speed rates a speedy and swift 3 Stars. I know I am marking easy at present, but just you wait when those Golden Globe nominated films hit the screen again.

Good Night one plus all.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE

Surely there will be a sequel, cause this film like totally just ended? No resolution, no nothing, random but I can't say I was disappointed because since Spartacus has left us off the TV screens nothing quite so blood thirsty has come to our screens in the ancient times since the new 300 film.

It's hard to believe it's been 7 long years since all the abs appeared in 300 the original film and now they are back with Sullivan Stapleton clearly waxed to the max and Callan Mulvey and David Wehham also getting the Aussie factor up.

Eva Green also plays a delicious villain, take a look below:

I had so much fun watching this film, it was just such a great ride, non stop action, non stop sexy men and a sex scene which just had it all, and I didn't even see it in 3D.

300: Rise of an Empire, it's not going to be every one's cup of tea but it is slaying at the box office.

3 solid gold, fully shaved and waxed Adonis Stars.