Thursday, June 30, 2016

What Has Britain Done! Samantha Bee Knows (and it ain't pretty!)

Aussies going to England might be able to shop up a storm now! The Pound is dropping quicker than a whores drawers and the LEAVE folk seem to be ducking for cover. Who'd ever thought our Mother land was as racist as Australia? Guess were not that different from our Commonwealth friends across the sea.

Australia a vote for the Liberal party may as well be a vote in the way of Brexit part 2.

So Australia like Samantha says, make your vote count, PROGRESS and SOCIETY matters.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

American Gothic Season 1

CBS delivers a family of privileged strange folk with one of them being a murderer. But is American Gothic any good? Well the pilot sucked and the ratings (according to Wikipedia) were SUPER average! Like 3.43 million in a country with a population of over 320,000,000 people! Scary!

So why did I give this a go, one reason Justin Chatwin (Shameless, Canadian and hot) & Anthony Starr (Banshee, Kiwi and hot). Well that's really two reasons but the cast is pretty damn good really.

I am hoping this murder mystery improves as it's got one more episode before it completely loses my attention.

When there is quality US Summer dramas like UNreal, Devious Maids, Animal Kingdom and Ray Donovan slaying it, there is not much room on my dance card for average nonsense.

Let's take a quick peek at the shows first season and let me know are you keen on this new soap?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Does the world need Independence Day: Resurgence and a 2nd film in this series? HELL NO!

Do we need the third film promised at the end of the film, an even harder and louder HELL NO! This reminded me of the last Transformers film, unwanted, incoherent, over long and over use of CGI.

I cannot say much about this film, the first half was extremely slow moving and dull, the second half was action, action and more CGI than you could poke a stick at!

The memory of the original film is strong and nostalgia plays a huge part with paintings of Will Smith and photos of the "old days". Maybe the old days is code for people eating this shit up and literally it's shit stinks.

Has the world changed so much since 1996 that we want to see an action film with feeling and some sense of a storyline? Well yes. And with a long series of comic book heroes on the big screen maybe we have turned our back on sic-fi and semi "original" ideas.

After a long run of sequels this film is similar to Now You See Me and is extremely disappointing. Reviews around the world have not be flattering and I am wondering how this will actually go as far as box office. My session last night, admittedly a cold Monday night, 11 people. Shit!

This is a bit of a stinker, 1 Star.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bloodline Season 2

Is a slow burning, family drama with a bite. Netflix continues to serve up delicious and addictive drama, one after another. From the recreation of Marvel Super Hero TV to House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Bloodline adds to a long list of MUST-SEE drama.

I have banged on a bit about drama lately, Wentworth Season 5 is beyond brilliant, Secret City on Foxtel is heaven, Cleverman is smart but trying to hard to fit too many issues into the one series, Love Child and Offspring have returned for those who like there drama light and fluffy.

It's a cold Aussie Winter and thank god for this arrival. The Golden Age of TV appears to be only getting stronger and longer. With more great return series on the way to Netflix like Sense8 (the ground breaking series of last year), Narcos (September 2, remember this inspired Kanye West to make his WORST album on record), Jessica Jones will bring more female kick ass action to the small screen with big screen budgets and action sequences and Baz Luhrmann's the Get Down will finally see the light of day.

The ABC is also super excited about there hot new drama from the The Slap team Barracuda. This four part drama event series looks amazing, super production and super slick. The ABC also has half a season of Rake to go, renewed Cleverman for a second outing and more of The Code on the way.

As a lover of drama I am setting up a home gym in front of the idiot box this Winter, girl I want to be speedo ready come October/November!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Spoiler Alert: Get your tissues ready for ME BEFORE YOU

From slaying it on Game of Thrones and carrying on with Dragons Emilia Clarke takes on a romantic lead and an extremely adorable one. Me Before You has been slated by the critics but when I sat down and got into this film I was completely drawn into the world of romance.

Look it's predictable there are some characters we have seen 100 times before but overall this movie is super sweet and Emilia Clarke is literally divine with her clothes on (and wacky as fuck clothes at that) and with brown hair in place of her wild blonde weave on Game of Thrones.

After this week's bloody Game of Thrones and seeing this in a packed cinema (largely women of all ages and all chatty, drinking multiple wines and smashing through the stale, cold popcorn) I entered the world of the movies. Leave reality at the door and fall in love with the story and these likeable (and not so likeable) characters.

Seeing an actor being as versatile as Clarke is refreshing in 2016. I love Melissa McCarthy but she is always the slightly larger zany bitch, I love Zac Efron's hairy chest but it's the same in every film. So well done Clarke. Also to Aussie Steve Peacocke your second cinema release in a few months. After a small role in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot this was a slightly larger role and more meaty role as a very handsome male nurse.

Sam Claflin as the male lead was also good, handsome in a white boy handsome way and yes the end is heartbreaking and he broke my heart too ladies.

I was expecting the worst entering this film, but ended up really liking it, 3 Stars.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Helpmann Award Nomination Picks - Clearly Matilda's Gonna Scoop up!


Best Choreography:

Predicted Winner - MATILDA

Best Director:

Predicted Winner - Matthew Warchus, MATILDA

Best Female Actor in a Musical:

Predicted Winner - The 8 young Matilda's, MATILDA

Best Supporting Female Actor in a Musical:

Predicted Winner - Wendy Mae Brown, GHOST THE MUSICAL

Best Male Actor in a Musical:

Predicted Winner - James Millar, MATILDA

Best Male Actor in a Musical:

Predicted Winner - Daniel Frederiksen, MATILDA

Best Musical:

Predicted Winner - MATILDA


Really no nominations for Ronny Chieng this year (I know he only did his ABC pilot but he is a star in the USA now!), Nazeem Hussain (doing a great job with the sexy as fuck Michael Hing on drive right now), Rhys Nicholson, speaking of Triple J drive Michael Hing (so cute) and finally Tommy Little, not cute hot as fuck!

So therefore I am not a huge Tom Ballard fan (despite loving JJJ) and the others bore me.

Contemporary Music:

Best Australian Contemporary Concert:

Predicted Winner - Flight Facilities with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Best International Contemporary Concert:

Predicted Winner - Gotta be Prince really doesn't it? The Piano and the Microphone tour.

Best Contemporary Festival:

Predicted Winner - Gotta be Laneway festival right? Every year they are at the forefront of the best new and upcoming artists.

I barely saw any plays, have no interest in Opera or cabaret so that is it for me, a year when clearly Matilda is going to smash it and I am saying it now over a year out Aladdin will clear the floor with nominations and awards next year.

Poor old Georgy Girl, not one nomination, how embarrassing! Clearly new Australian work isn't that important.

And if the supporting actor (female) does not go to Wendy Mae Brown, the whole thing is a complete disaster in my books. That woman saved what was technically a great show but the rest? WTF.

Interesting to see box office flop Fiddler on the Roof also get a couple of nods whilst We Will Rock You also not doing crash hot at the box office was completely overlooked to.

Full list of nominations and awards official site HERE