Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Goodbye Singapore, Hello Bintan

Bintan Island, a short 45 minute or so ferry trip from sunny Singapore was the way we commenced into the middle of holiday week February, 2017.

Our time in Singapore was chilled and brief but super fun, I love the food, the people and most of all I love being on holidays.

Bintan is chilled, quiet, lush and green and so different from my island holidays to Bali. It's not packed with Aussies (Europeans yes) and it's a more chilled, zen kind of Indo holiday experience.

Our hotel is divine and of course it's on a beach with a golf course on the other side.

The people are friendly (like Singapore) and the fact I throw in a few Indo words for good measure always goes that extra little mile.

Next stop and the final stop before a few chill days in Sydney is Bangkok, Thailand, a common place for me to travel too and there are some amazing regular things to tick off the list, see a 4D movie, get the best Pad Thai in downtown Bangkok, hit up the shops, eat Thai desserts and smash the Conrad's breakfast buffet.

Yes our second Conrad hotel on this trip and I cannot wait.

Well it's almost time for the breakfast buffet again, oh I love holidays and the ease of breakfast done and dusted for you in the morning, what a slice of heaven.

Happy Hump Day workforce of Australia!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Feels like I only just got here but it's time today to head to somewhere I have never been (nor dreamed of going) before, Bintan Island.

It's a little island off Singapore but in Indonesia. It looks amazing and I am sure I will make time to completely chill.

After a day and night of shopping, seeing the Gardens by the Bay it is time for one final buffet breakfast @ the Conrad (lovely hotel btw) and bid a fond farewell to Singapore. I will however be back for a quick stopover on the June Long Weekend.

Oh the June Long Weekend, the only thing in our way is Easter, St Patricks Day, Mardi Gras 2017, a WA election, more madness from Trump and time in shutdown city AKA Sydney.

That is a quick point I wanted to make though, driving (in an Uber) down Orchard Road last night (a Monday night) and seeing a vibrant, cultural city alive and well made me miss the days gone of Sydney's youth.

Sydney has now become a place of over development, poor planning and a premier who fucked the State every which way* (*excludes the Star) and has essentially killed the night life and global city that was once known to some as Sydney. Yes we still have the harbour and the Opera House but fucking hell man, a bridge, some water and a place where the dying subscribers of Opera Australia hang on a Wednesday matinee is not enough for a global village.

Oh Sydney every time I leave you I feel you get less and less glamorous and more and more dull, sorry dear friend but your kind of like so five minutes ago, ciao from Singapore and Bintan Island, Good Morning!

Monday, February 20, 2017


God I love this clean, Global city, it is ethnically diverse, highly organised and the food is amazing.

Singapore like Hong Kong is one of those Asian destinations that feels almost like you could be anywhere, across from our hotel there is an Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks, H&M and other retailers you could find in almost any other major city.

The people are friendly and welcoming and the city (despite my jet lag) has so much to offer from amusement parks to shopping, cultural experiences to thousands of dining choices and everything in between.

This is one of those destinations I can just keep returning to, it's amazing, the heat is nothing like Sydney at present and yes it is hot but your not in a puddle after walking for ten minutes.

Tomorrow I am off to Bintan Island ahead of returning back to my second home (or it feels like it sometimes) Bangkok.

Will keep all you lovely folks posted on the holiday good times. In the meantime over at Flashing off the Record if you need some music in your life, it's EP feature week for another year. And today it kicks off the the unstoppable Flume.

Go there NOW for good music all week long, a Fresh Friday Countdown on Friday (that sort of speaks for itself right) and a throwback to the 90's on Sunday.

Cheers for now live from Singapore...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Riverdale Season 1.

The CW has struggled with it's new titles this year Frequency and No Tomorrow both struggled to find audiences so it's third time lucky with Archie Comics live action series Riverdale landing on Netflix in Australia and The CW in the USA.

The CW largely relies on superhero comic book stars for their schedule to fire and now we have a comic book star in a more Twin Peaks, murder mystery style thriller-mystery come drama.

With lot's of tangled webs and four episodes in I am starting to really enjoy this show. How to Get Away with Murder and Girls might still be my favourites currently airing but this show is surprisingly addictive.

It reminds me a little bit of Twilight with the teen angst and the multiple love triangles but once you get past this and the Miss Robinson love interest it's all good. Here is a wee trailer of the show so when The Blacklist goes on (another) break you can add this show to your viewing.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

ASIA Today

There is a God. However with that posts may/could/may not be light. Hopefully I get to jet off to the movies this morning ahead of my flight so expect another big film review and maybe radio silence.

Oh holidays how I lust for this one, it feels like it has been forever, Melbourne over New Years was nice but domestic.

See you on the other-side of Asia y'all xo

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Fifty Shades Darker}

Fifty Shades Darker is one EPIC movie event experience and nothing else. Here is the trailer.

Universal Pictures know this sequel is a dog with SOME of the worst dialogue in modern cinema, however released around Valentine's Day with a KILLER soundtrack and millions of fans of the book worldwide, it doesn't matter Fifty Shades Darker is a hit.

Sia's Helium sounds amazing on the big screen with massive sound behind it and it just shows Sia is clearly one of the worlds most talented artists right now.

Look a lot of you reading are expecting me to pull this apart and say how shit it is, surprise, I cannot be bothered, it is what it is and the saying goes:


This film is and does what it says on the packet, it's a book to film movie with very poor dialogue and a storyline that is super paper thin with the third and final film being set up nicely.

Vancouver looks stunning as always as that is where it is filmed to cut costs and it also looks very similar to US city Seattle where the viewer is lead to believe it is filmed.

I can't say much else than this is almost like a 2 hour commercial for the soundtrack and book as the music plays a MASSIVE part in this series.

Look you get what you have read elsewhere, it's poorly written book gets the Hollywood treatment and honestly fans of the book will either love it or ate it, but either way they are still buying tickets.

2 Stars. Mainly for the terrific Sia song, her second in as many months from hit movies, well done Sia.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Girls Season 6.

What a fucking brilliant first episode, loved it!

It's the sixth and final season of Girls and Lena and the gang maybe saving some of the best till last. I laughed out loud, gushed and was beside myself that Riz Ahmed appeared on yet another HBO show.

After he popped up on Netflix's The OA Riz is really getting cast in the best of the best TV shows to binge. The Night Of where he came onto my radar was easily one of HBO's best efforts of recent times and his addition to the first episode of Girls season six was just outstanding.

And better still as a surf teacher - WHAT?

I have enjoyed this show for years now and I have to say it's bittersweet it's back and ending in nine short weeks.

Girls is a cult classic and Lena Dunham love her or hate her has given TV one of it's most interesting characters in a long while.

Where and how will Girls end it's dream run? We will find out in 9 short weeks. For now let's bask in Hannah getting naked at every given opportunity.