Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ryan Murphy turns a corner, whilst at the same time going off course

I'll look at the take on the Scream franchise's TV movie made for Halloween tomorrow as my movie drought continues but today (tonight) lets head to another bunch of screamers, Scream Queens.

Also I will touch on the mid season reboot of American Horror Story - Roanoke.

Scream Queens is the on again off again show that FOX (in the USA) screen every now and then when they feel like it. If it's not a VP debate, it's world series and after 7 weeks you'll be lucky enough to see 5 ever so random episodes.

This last weeks episode saw the series shrink to under 1.5 million US viewers. Terrible.

We have seen a major cast member killed off and I have a feeling this show will also be killed off soon leaving Ryan Murphy with his American Crime Stories and Horror stories. Not to mention the upcoming Feud on FX with an awesome all star cast and a first season 8 episode run.

Murphy like the end of Glee seems distracted, all these projects and all these characters (based on real life folk or made up) are starting to all feel a little too camp.

When Murphy nails it like with American Crime Story, he kills it, but when things start to go pear shaped like Nip/Tuck Season Six, they really lose the plot.

Scream Queens was always going to struggle in a second series, being a horror show (like horror movies) there are only so many cast members you can kill off without the audience completely abandoning the series.

I love the high camp, culture references from week to week (or fortnight to fortnight) but do all middle Americans get all the culture references and snippy side comments if they are Trump voters? If Murphy wanted to make a smart and witty teen/horror series maybe FX, Showtime or HBO would be a better fit than US Network TV.

So Scream Queens in my spilt personality vote, is impressive yet the Green Meanie is a super shit villain compared to the more believable Red Devil.

With added Green Slime it almost makes the show a little comical.

The cast is outstanding, but the story lines in this series really need some work. Scream Queens could be Murphy brilliant instead it's Murphy distracted and not on par with the brilliant new series of American Horror Story - Roanoke which has turned yet another amazing corner.

Creating a show in a show and using the already outstanding cast in this way has boosted my interest in this already brilliant chapter. And 6 episodes in this year the show has not yet jumped the shark. Every year around this time (or earlier in Coven's case) the show loses the plot however this year we are on track.

Last week beating Scream Queens by almost a million viewers this series is the third best from the AHS franchise. Already renewed for a seventh outing I have a feeling Murphy is onto his longest living and best series to date here. As long as he doesn't get TOO distracted.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Supergirl Season 2.

Supergirl has found a new home for it's sophomore season and she has also found her cousin Superman.

With all these additions and filming moving to Vancouver (like the Flash) Supergirl is almost like a new series and that's not mentioning the fact it's shifted networks in the US of A.

The main drawcard to this superhero series is still Calista Flockhart, her one liners and outfits are outstanding and one of the most positive elements of the first season when we are offered so many options in this genre.

Yes the Superhero market is packed but like Jessica Jones it's brilliant seeing a lady on the screen kicking serious ass. Even though in the first two episodes Superman did equal butt kicking.

I enjoyed the first season of this show and two episodes in (of the 22 order this season) so I am in for the long haul this season, Melissa Bonoist you are my Supergirl.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Secrets & Lies (US Season 2)

An one season Australian show makes it double time in the USA, this time a new case and a new cast of suspects.

Juliette Lewis is the only returning character from the first series and the delightful Michael Ealy (The Following) takes over Ryan Phillippe main suspect role.

Also joining the cast this year are Terry O'Quinn (Lost), AnnaLynne McCord (90210 & Nip/Tuck) and Jordana Brewster (Dallas).

The Australian series was a short sharp 6 episode season, in the USA the ABC has drawn this out to a 10 episode anthology series. Like American Horror Story, American Crime Story, American Crime and a long line of anthology series in the USA this show has the luxury of hitting resetting the show at the start of every series.

I liked the first season however this second season seems to be stuck in a wee bit of a holding pattern. The show has stalled and I don't know how it can get itself out of first gear. Not only is the show not really moving along but the audience is not really growing.

Not to mention audiences had to wait over a year for the second series to land on our screens. However I want to know who or how this years murder happened so unlike American Gothic I will stick this one out.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Luke Cage - First Reaction ( I Know I'm Late to this....)

I usually use my subject line of That Netflix Gay when I talk about the king of streaming but today I am only two episodes into this latest Marvel series airing on the giant.

Following on from 2015 hits Daredevil and Jessica Jones (where we meet Luke Cage), Luke Cage is one more of the Defenders who we will see in 2017 where they join the Iron Fist to battle crime.

Based in Harlem this is sexy, fun and has a whole lot of style, just think the Get Down as this also features some great artists including Faith Evans in episode two.

I do love me some Faith Evans and she drops one of her biggest tracks to date Mesmerized.

Mike Colter is super sexy as the lead and is a great superhero who works multiple jobs and is fairly invincible.

Fighting crime in Harlem and building on the Netflix Marvel empire seems like a breeze and no doubt a second series will be greenlit as like Jones and Darecevil this is classy TV.

The Punisher, Iron Fist and The Defenders along with continuations of the the above mentioned shows are also heading to Netflix meaning every comic book nerd has hours of time to waste and more reason to sign up to a $10 a month deal now.

I recommend this show highly and like me if you were waiting for some good word of mouth here it is, Luke Cage is not over the top like some previous comic book stories have been and it works well. The characters are well developed and the binge nature of Netflix also suits this sexy stylish crime show.

Yes it's mostly about crime and a bit about race, but as I start on episode three I think I have a few more hour on the couch smashing this series out!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Deep Water Concluded and SBS did a brilliant job, brilliant!

SBS has been a champion of local drama of the past few years with East West 101, The Principal and now Deep Water will surely be a big favourite for the next ACCTA awards.

Yael Stone in all honesty never caught my attention in Orange is the New Black however Stone was outstanding alongside her real life husband Dan Spielman in this four part drama series.

Now talk about binge watching this series, with only four episodes under an hour this is a late night easy watch affair. It was so compelling and so moving as the story reached it's dramatic climax.

The real life component to this drama series just adds to it's brilliance.

Deep Water will go down easily as one of this years best Australian dramas, real gritty and shocking. Challenging at times to watch as a gay man who back in the day used apps to socialise so this was a bit confronting but very real.

I know my posts have been light this week and Deep Water has been heavy this week, that's because it's that good. I have more to talk about but time has been a little light this week.

Until next week (or maybe tomorrow) enjoy the weekend folks!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Westworld Season 1.

HBO has it's new Game of Thrones. Huge cast, huge amount of nudity, 100% amazing production values WESTWORLD is set to be the next big thing on HBO.

Like Netflix, HBO has had for some years the strangle hold on drama and adult comedies. HBO basically created the "Golden Age of Television".

Westworld is yet another sci-fi series based on a 1973 film and with J.J Abrams in the production team this is set to be a big hit. With over 3.3 million US viewers tuning into the first episode this could grow viewership quicker than it's HBO stable mate Game of Thrones.

With Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden & Luke Hemsworth (not Thor) leading an all star cast it's hard to imagine this show (if it gets a second series, which no doubt it will) will attract more high profile stars in the future.

TV really is the latest home for a lot of Hollywoods biggest and most notable stars.

Westworld really looks a million bucks and like Game of Thrones the action sequences are delicious.

With a lot of sex thrown in for good measure and nudity galore this will also attract another kind of HBO regular viewers.

I enjoyed the first episode and eagerly await tomorrow's second, as it's a holiday in the USA and Donald Trump looks set to get thumped in the next debate Quantico and Secrets and Lies are off, BOO! Y'all have been back for two weeks and your on a break already. That's why I love cable TV in the USA, holidays or not the shows generally run straight through!

Westworld, the next title in the USA Golden age of TV.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Deep Water, SBS strike GOLD with another mini-series about..

Gay men.

In place of Grindr a gay app is being used by a murderer and the murders seem to resemble murders in the late 80's to current cases.

Aussie Yael Stone returns from OITNB to an all star cast featuring the most fabulous Danielle Cormack. Not only is Bea Smith one of Aussie TV's best characters in years but Cormack has been all over Rake, East West 101 (former SBS program which was beyond brilliant), Underbelly: Razor and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Noah Taylor also a former Rake star returns to Aussie TV after some time on Game of Thrones, William McInnes is hiding something and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Dan Spielman, Craig McLachlan & Simon Burke  all add something to this outstanding mini-series.

SBS had a hit in my books with The Principal a while back (also featuring a gay man) and Better Man was outstanding.

It is a hard topic the film makers target in this series and it is well handled, Yael Stone as the lead is simply divine. I highly recommend drama lovers catch the remaining two episodes this week on SBS or SBS on Demand.

SBS you have really delivered here well done and please keep up the good work with dramas on local television.