Friday, April 25, 2014

Another Long Weekend, another Aussie series to fill the time

After last week completing the very predictable and formula driven Underbelly model "Fat Tony & Co" this weekend I have given Channel 9's other new Aussie drama "Love Child" a crack. It has a great cast with two handsome Aussie Ryan's cast, Ryan Corr & Ryan Johnson. Not too mention the better looking LaPalgia brother.

The show is a different period drama that looks at adoption, free love and includes Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war.

I must say I am slightly hooked and super happy with the 8 episode format. There really is no need or place for anymore than 13 episodes in a series in 2014. Look at Revenge by episode 10 in each and every series it always loses its way.

I must say with Secrets & Lies about to be re-done in the USA, Love Child receiving at least 1 million viewers per episode and Puberty Blues getting great reviews it looks like there is hope for Aussie Drama. Janet King has also been well received which is amazing considering it came as a spin off from the under archiving Crownies.

Not sure what Aussie drama I will devote my June Long Weekend too, but with a lot of choice around I might give Janet King a shot.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Divergent

First Twilight, then The Hunger Games and now Divergent, yes these young adult novels are making an impact on the movie world.

If you haven't caught the trailer, have a look at my Easter Blog here, if you have just continue on reading.

Now this film also like the above mentioned young adult film mega franchises includes music and lot's of it. Also they have targeted the artists you know and love, Ellie Goulding, Snow Patrol, M83, Aussies Tame Impala and Skrillex. It's an all star soundtrack and the film itself features music from Junkie XL (remember that Elvis remix he did years ago?) and produced by Hans Zimmer.

So Hans Zimmer has worked with everyone and on so many films, but that said enough about the music I will leave that to my other BLOG Flashing off the Record.

So back to the movie, is it as good as The Hunger Games - not quite, is it as bad as Twilight, most definitely not. This film sits in the middle and amused me for a while but it's running time was a little long and the thought of Ashley Judd (what was the last film she was in) and Kate Winslet in these type of films is a little strange. They both just seemed a little out of place.

Shailene Woodley & Miles Teller star again together (they were both in the indie Summer flick "The Spectacular Now") and also features Aussie Jai Courtney as an unfriendly trainer. Lenny Kravitz's daughter also makes an appearance. Having a famous dad must really help in getting into these films, since Lenny does Hunger Games his daughter can do Divergent.

There are plans to create the other two novels into film. Of course with the third and final book split into two. Those movie studios really see the profit in splitting novels don't they.

So I could safely give this film 3 solid teen stars. Not the best film of the long weekend but maybe close to the worst after The Other Woman was a clear winner with Captain America and Grand Budapest a close second (equal).

Now back to the music, here is Ellie Goulding from the soundtrack:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - The Other Woman

I popped the trailer to this film in the BLOG entry where I rabbited on how many films I was keen for this weekend. As of right this second I archived a milestone, 4 films in four days. 2 today, nil yesterday and one Good Friday and Easter Saturday respectively. Not bad here.

Here is the post with the trailer. But I can officially say this was my favourite film of the Long Weekend. Oh it was good. I have not laughed out loud in a comedy at the cinemas so much since Bridesmaids (and that is going back a while).

The cast was outstanding, Diaz superb, Upton great, Leslie Mann annoyed the fuck out of me at the start but grew (and grew quickly on me), Minaj superbly cast as a dodgy assistant with that ASS and Gaga's main squeeze Taylor Kinney provided some chick flick eye candy.

I can't say this film was without flaws, David & Margaret said the over use of tunes was a bit much, yes true but this film did what a movie must do, loose you in the story and create characters you really engage with.

It's running time almost pissed me off but it really did well to wrap everything up and it did well to pace it's laughs.

I can't recommend this film enough, yes it's mainly for the gays and the ladies out there but really I could even see my father taking a bit out of this and having a wee laugh. At his age a wee laugh could also lead to some piss which at times I thought some of the ladies in this packed session may have also experienced.

The Other Woman is a chick flick that delivers laughs, fun and camp outfits (mainly from Minaj). It also scores my film of the long weekend and a very fine 4.5 don't mess with a woman scorned ninja stars.

Monday, April 21, 2014

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

The streets of Chippendale, clear, the parking easy to find and the vibe in the air imply carefree. It hasn't felt like this since Christmas, it's just so lovely.

I already wrote as a non christian this time meant nothing to me besides four lush days off.

I can honestly say right now these four days off and three days on this week and then another three days off is pure bliss. I feel we need to remember our ANZACS and hope to god after Afghanistan this country never involves itself in a stupid war that is not our business to begin with.

Let's not rant on Easter Monday, we will leave that to Q&A tonight.

So I started off watching Fat Tony & Co and it totally (not only stars a lot of the original crew from Underbelly) follows that same formula that keep the show the same for all the past seasons. Season One really worked and then it just went down, down like Coles.

Next on my list is what I am really looking forward to Love Child.

I am deeply searching for some more good Australian content and Secrets & Lies is the best I have seen since the Better Man mini series however all the good things I hear about Puberty Blues season 2 and my deep love for Claudia Karavan I have high hopes in this drama too.

I will continue to post my reactions to Aussie dramas I put under the spotlight.

In the meantime overseas True Blood is finally almost upon us and it's the final year. 7 seasons later, so many sex scenes, so much nudity and so many deaths, what will the final season bring? Only time and cryptic trailers in the lead up to:

True Blood returns in 62 days. A little sooner Orange is the New Black will be back on Netflix in 46 days:

Until my next film review (spoiler alert - it may be first thing tomorrow AM) enjoy your Easter Monday dear readers x

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - The Grand Budapest Hotel

This film totally did not interest me when I originally saw the trailer however after hitting the long weekend and hearing film reviewer gods David & Margaret cheer this film, I thought what the hell, I have a free film on my loyalty card and it's time to just bite the bullet and hit the cinema again on a Saturday afternoon.

The cast is terrific and HUGE: Ralph Fiennes, Adrien Brody, Jeff Goldblum, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, Jude Law (what was the last film I saw him in?) and so many more.

I blogged the trailer and the other films I wish to take in this weekend here and I hope to bring you between now and Tuesday another couple of reviews.

This film as above mentioned did not grab me immediately but after good reviews and a trailer which intrigued me with some crazy one liners and what can only be some of the most insane stuff I could imagine on film.

I must saw I was not 100% familiar with Wes Anderson's work (I know what kind of a film nerd am I, I hear y'all hipsters spitting at your PC screens (oh actually hipsters only have Mac's)) but now he has caught my attention I might come back for another.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is whacky, fun, funny and has some dynamite lines. I would again recommend this for Easter/Anzac Day viewing as we are now over the halfway mark.

I give this film a solid crazy as fuck three stars, well done Wes Anderson.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I'm SOOOOOO Loving Easter Right about NOW!

How good is four days off back to back? It's somewhat blissful after a huge 3 and a half months start to 2014. Easter for me personally could not have come at a better time. I am not religious nor believe in any of the real meanings of Easter however I do think in the 24/7 society we now exist in, 4 days off and time to chill is just what the doctor ordered.

As I walked my dog today and saw very few people, few cars and just a sense of calm in the air in inner Sydney, I felt like everything is a-OK.

Although last night I must contradict this by eating out on George Street and seeing two thugs punch a man (for what seemed to be no reason) in the middle of all of George Street. What is happening to Sydney on non school nights? Has Barry O'Farrell's no service after a certain time and pub closure times made any difference? Well did Barry make any positive changes? Not really but he lost a lot of weight during his time as premier.

Back to Easter chilling and how good is the fact you woke on Friday morning and then thought wait I have today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday to let my hairs down, work for three days and then another three days. Meaning May is going to be a cunt of a month to get through.

I was so happy yesterday (Good Friday) with Hoyts for being open, offering a good $10 flick of the Week in Captain America: The Winter Solider (see review below) and also all the hospitality open around Glebe/City areas. Yes it's nice to chill but for some folk and some smart businesses this is a day to cash in. Employees double time, workplaces can charge a surcharge and face little (to no in some regions) competition. And let's be honest Sydney cafes and restaurants from Thai joints to fine dining, have a lot of competition.

I believe in Easter two things, one if your not into the whole religious thing and you want to make a buck, here is your chance, if you are religious and your religion recognise this holiday good for you, celebrate enjoy just don't try and preach to the un-preachable.

Australia is home to many religions and cultures which I really embrace, it's great for days like these as the non christian religions are all happy to trade as normal and continue as per normal.

For people like me, I am so grateful to all the people who work and allow me to do the things I enjoy but have not had time to over the past few weeks. I have to say thanks to Hoyts, Fountain 77, Dusit Thai Massage and the Thai restaurant on George Street I dined at last night.

I am hoping (even praying) that I can catch a few more films this weekend and here are some of my picks for those on the fence or want something interactive after my rant above:

I am also proud to say I have just smashed all six episodes of the Sundance original program starring our very own Martin Henderson, The Red Road. Very similar to the recent and simply brilliant Secrets & Lies, but still a decent watch:

I am next about to endeavour to smash out the entire Fat Tony & Co series. I know, I know it's basically Underbelly season 1 rehashed but after a slow start to 2014 (mainly due to the high number of reality TV shows on) Aussie drama is finally getting there, with Wentworth Season 2 on the horizon, Love Child just wrapping up and poor old Puberty Blues on Channel Ten coming to an end.

I mean Channel Ten have had some great product but the other channels have just got something over them. Not that I will even give free to air another shot (unless your talking ABC & SBS) but really I am too old for ad's, shitty reality TV and really bad and biased news and current affairs.

So let's put up our feet this Easter, go see a film, catch up on some binge TV viewing or see Strictly Ballroom the Musical.

Until my next film review x

Friday, April 18, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

What an all star ensemble, it was like the Avengers all over again! Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, That chick from Revenge, Chris Evans as the lead, Robert Redford as the bad guy and Australians Alan Dale & Callan Mulvey.

So I liked the original Captain America film The First Avenger, but I loved this film, it was super fun and those action scenes were just brilliant!

Chris Evans is really coming into his own as this leading man action super star, don't believe check out the below:

God I love Easter and there fact that their is four days to catch up on all the blockbusters I have missed over the past few weeks. So in summary come Monday PM (Easter Monday) I am hoping to have seen a few pictures and reviewed them all right here.

So a little about my take on this latest Marvel effort. The cast was great and I do think unlike Iron Man Captain America does need a bit of support from some other fancy and fun Marvel characters like Black Widow & Nick Fury.

So I already mentioned the awesome action sequences and the cast but the plot (although at times had a bit too much going on) was quality for this time of film. I was surprised how much I really lost myself in this film and really just sat back and relaxed.

So this Easter Captain America: The Winter Soldier totally gets two thumbs up, 4 shield throwing Stars for the sexy Chris Evans.