Sunday, August 28, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

What happens when a film is so deep and tries to cover so many issues that midway through you think, fuck that I need a funny break, that was my Sunday morning with the heavy INDIGNATION.

Logan Lerman leads up this coming of age, Jewish Uni affair that ends nicely after a whole heap of shit going down in the middle that is like, so what the author of the original book was a huge left leaning dude that wants to take on the world?

I am all for being being progressive (I like to think of myself as progressive) but this film just tackled, love, sex, religion, growing up, divorce, relationships and everything else in between making me feel exhausted.

Admittedly the ending was a saviour as midway through I was like damn how is this going to play out. This week has been extremely dodgy for new releases (Ben Hur remake what? - doesn't anyone remember the abortion of a live show at ANZ Stadium years back?) at the cinema so one had to go to the retirement village otherwise known as Dendy Opera Quays.

Man the average age at that cinema is like 92 (in the shade).

So this film is one for a rainy day, if you feel like thinking and need a lengthy film to curl up in front of the TV to this is it.

2.5 just passing for the decent ending stars.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

So I heard this was no longer getting an Australian release....

So I found a way of viewing it and I have a feeling this would have also bombed in Australia like it did State side.

Andy Samberg is as handsome as fuck and the cameos are off the chain but overall there is nothing new here, which is a shame because it could be great. With an all star cast and an all star list of cameos this was mildly entertaining but not super amazing.

Why has 2016 been such a year for flops, Ben Hur is currently the biggest stinker in the US not even making a fourth of it's $100 million dollar budget. Suicide Squad at least has broken even and escaped dreadful reviews but it's second week was a bit of a misfire after a surprisingly good result at the box office - opening weekend.

Let's hope 2017 we see less remakes and maybe some original ideas, is it too much to ask for an original idea?

Can;t wait though for The Girl on the Train, that shit looks next level.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Music Update

So y'all know by now I love my little music space online Flashing off the Record, I feature a record every week, bring you the 20 hottest tracks of the week on a Friday and over the weekend I feature another big act with a major release that week.

This week and month has been a huge time for music so I am here on my regular BLOG catching up with what I have missed during the week:

* There have been a huge number of festival announcements, Falls Festival (now almost national), Bluesfest & Parramatta's the Plot festival.

* Frank Ocean has released a visual release (of sorts) and instead of Boys Don't Cry, we got Blonde.

* Empire of the Sun are back with two new tunes.

* And finally we get killer new released TODAY from De La Soul, Rainbow Chan (my feature on Flashing off the Record all this week), Cassius, Glass Animals, Just a Gent, Britney Spears and even Celine Dion.

Music is the international language, we are coming into the warmer months in Australia and to help you on Flashing off the Record I will also have a Spring Music List each Sunday for the next few Sundays.

Happy Friday dear readers and get amongst some of the BEST new Music! Here is a sample now....

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How Bat Shit Crazy Can UnREAL Season 3 Be, huh?

So Season 2 of UnREAL was fantastic, it tackled real, current issues, it went deep and darker than the first season and we knew from the very start we were in for a third wild season, but how much wilder can the series be in it's third outing in 2017?

Rachel and Quinn were two of the most evil characters on TV this year, Darius was a hotter and blacker bachelor than Adam (in season one), however Adam when he returned, hot damn!

The men in UnREAL like Devious Maids are always HOT, excluding Chet of course.

Lifetime does a great job of providing eye candy for us gays and our lady friends into the male form.

I am dying to see how crazy the third outing will be but I don't know how much more over the top this show based on reality TV can go.

The Bachelor currently airing on Channel Ten here in Australia could be nowhere near as delicious as this US scripted drama.

UnREAL easily one of the best US Summer dramas, can't wait for Summer (US) 2017 for another camp and wild ride!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Rohan Browne is

A leading man without the household name of Adam Garcia, but so deserving of leading man status.

Rohan Browne was a brilliant replacement for Adam Garcia in certain performances of Singin in the Rain in Sydney. As Garcia has pulled out a window opened for Browne. He was the absolute bees knees in Strictly Ballroom (a show I have to be honest with you dear readers I had a bit to do with) as Ken Railings.

Browne has been a star performer for years now and also appeared on one of my favourite Australian TV shows Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Browne is one of those nice guys in an industry of cunt rags that you really want to see do well for themselves. This is evident from his Instagram account and his expressed love of the new record (or project) by Frank Ocean.

After seeing the downright horrid first act of Anything Goes a musical based around the same time as Singin in the Rain this was a huge improvement.

Anything Goes was one of those horrid passion projects that to me was something that maybe would have been okay in the 1970's but it is 2016 (I did however see this in 2015). Singin in the Rain is outdated (yes) and some of the laughs are cheap thrills (hey Sia) but really Singin in the Rain looked a million bucks in comparison to the lacklustre production of Anything Goes.

Musicals are a big gamble these days and for young talented actors like Rohan Browne there is no shortage of work despite shows like We Will Rock You cancelling it's final two seasons after a fairly tough East Coast run.

It's hard to say where Musicals will be in five years as Australians embrace Netflix, Deliveroo, Foodora and anything online which keeps Australians indoors and out from spending money at a local theatre.

If I had a choice and it was still Winter, I would rather stay home and watch the Get Down again instead of venturing out into the cool.

In my mid thirties it takes a handsome devil like Rohan to get me out of the house.

Well done Rohan you helped (along with the lovely Nadia Coote) the ageing product of a Hollywood musical into 2016, however will kids give up Pokemon Go and photographing their meals to venture into the theatre is yet to be seen? Or maybe they are all at Aladdin. Cause let's face it the average age at Singin in the Rain was 75 to death row.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

A good week of films this week with The Shallows and now WAR DOGS screening at a cinemaplex near you.

War Dogs is a true story with a lot of made up bits, including the drive in Iraq. Based on the true story of Miami boys Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz. The stats at the start of the film astounded me, the costs and the profits of war terrified me more than terrorism itself.

Admittedly a film using the tag "by the director of the Hangover" is not a huge selling point for me with the way that series wrapped up but that said this is a true story about two young blokes with a bit of bad language thrown in for good measure.

Sure Jonah Hill looks frightful with his spray tans and his rather large frame and Miles Teller just goes from strength to strength. He is truly wonderful.

This film is interesting, insightful and funny all at once and a big departure from my previous experience with the fantastic Shallows and even to an extent the brilliant Bad Moms recently.

It's honestly been a good few weeks at the movies and I am marking high again today, this gets a solid 3.5 Stars, good storytelling, fascinating topic and man Miles Teller if you were giving me a massage, shit!