Sunday, September 14, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Into the Storm

To say the start of this film was ultra dull would be an understatement. The first 20 minutes filled with bad acting and some very dull and dreary plot lines was an effort to get through. However once the storm special effects kicked in it was a much improved film.

To say this film would loose it's intensity at home and on a smaller screen loose a lot, I would be lying. To be honest I would have been second screening within five minutes and I would have been lost me.

To say I am sounding slightly grumpy with this film is mostly true. The effects were world class and fun but the rest of the movie surrounding the storm moments were just terrible. The YouTube cross references and filming angels from cast whilst about to be blown away was just a bit shit.

This is an average disaster movie at best.

None of the cast at all excited me and like Felony yesterday I did not care for a single person in tho film.

OK so it's another 2 Star film.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Felony

Released originally at the Toronto International Film Festival, Australian thriller Felony starring and written by the extremely talented Joel Edgerton is now screening at selected cinemas and selected screenings. Yes it's down to the dire screening times, i.e. 10am and 9pm.

I'm always banging on about Australian films getting the raw end of the stick for screenings but after a few weeks out this film has done OK in comparison to recent Aussie outings.

Now to the film, to be honest I left the cinema feeling like "What?", the characters were all largely unlikable (except at time Jai Courtney - who is not only handsome as fuck but tries his best to do right) but I also felt this film had a lot of potential it didn't use.

Joel Edgerton is one of the kings of Aussie cinema and I just felt like this film and it's ending where just missing something. Melissa George added little as her role as Edgerton's wife and after major international roles (and more to come) Jai Courtney was the most easy on eye and best in this film.

The ending like some of the film's plot points felt rushed (and nothing in this film was a rush - it was long) and a little incomplete.

I have to say it is not one of my favourite films of this year thus far and I won't do a David & Margaret by marking up this film, I can only manage a two star rating for this Aussie Feature.

Matt Okine is... Handsome

It was Friday night and it was Comedy time after my final wee bit of fun at Strictly Ballroom in Sydney with a cute dance class with the lovely Nadia AKA Tina Sparkle.

Now to my second stop of the evening the lovely Enmore Theatre just down from Sydney's iconic Newtown suburb.

The Enmore was bustling, and to be honest in Sydney last night we had:

Kanye West - Yeezus tour night one of two
Strictly Ballroom the Musical (as above)
The King & I

and god knows what else in the Entertainment world was going on last night. Yes Sydney has it's fair share of concerts, musicals and live entertainment on at present. Still to come:

Justin Timberlake
Robbie Williams
Miley Cyrus
Wicked - the Musical
Dirty Dancing - the Musical
Rupert - the play

And that's just a wee sample of what is to come in Sydney.

Now back to Matt. Current Breakfast co-host on Triple J with Alex Dyson and all round nice guy. I like this brand of nice guy comedians. You may remember my recent review of the super handsome Tommy Little.

Starting off the show tonight was Rhys Nicholson with a quick warm up and man he was great. He had the whole crowd warmed up for a fun night of comedy and a DVD recording of Matt Okine's recent show.

I would like to see more of Rhys and I must keep my eye out for his next upcoming show.

OK now to the main event and Matt was a good story teller and worked the room well. I love how comedians can make it seem like their lives have been to worst possible places and then have a great punchline. Matt's story about self love in the bath was fantastic if not a little awkward.

I enjoyed the show and Matt just has this great way with the crowd interacting at the right times, telling his stories and keeping the crowd in the palm of his hand for the entire. I find radio announcers/comedians have this weird, radio personality/on-stage personality. I guess cause you can;t say "pov cunts" on national radio.

That said make sure you get a chance to catch the handsome Matt Okine across this fine brown land or catch him on the occasional Legally Brown sketch, like the one below:

PS how cute is Ronny Chieng in this clip? Enjoy the weekend all x

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How is it already almost the weekend again..

After another busy week life takes us head on into the weekend and this weekend I will be bringing the party in at Sydney's Enmore Theatre with one half of Triple J's breakfast Mr Matt Okine. Tickets are still available now for this show and he will take the stage at 8:45pm.

So here's a look at the week gone:


Conquered another boot camp and continued a run of a sweet and almost sugar free September. Caught up with a very underwhelming finale of new series The Leftovers.

The show had a good start and I was intrigued to start with but like the finale of True Blood, I was left a little let down.


It was off to the Movies as reviewed below, I do love some childish fun. Why can't everything be solved by a poo or boob joke.


Boot camp and 6am starts is starting to kill me and fuck could I kill for a wee piece of cake. I learnt that Back Seat Drivers on ABC TV is one of my new favourite shows and my lady crush on Veronica Milsom goes further than my love for her on the J's.


Hump day tick, sushi train tick and one more boot camp in the morning and one day at work before some live Comedy, and here is hoping I can check out a film or two and drop some more random posts over the weekend.

Night folks..

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Inbetweeners 2

What can one say, I say the first film (after never seeing the series on TV or DVD) and laughed out loud on a packed plane. And possibly this could be the best place to see a film of this nature.

Yes a packed public place is the best way to experience this pure filth. Yes it's been bagged by the critics, it appeals to 14 year old boys with lot's of used tissues on their bedroom floors (with no colds in sight) and also happens to appeal to me.

This is good old fashion, shit, piss and pussy comedy. I had a blast and so did the three others with me. Yes it was tight ass Tuesday but what a full session. This $10 film of the week really struck a chord with the audience.

It's hard to say what sells and what makes people buy a ticket to the movies these days and let's be honest gross out comedies always seem to pack em in.

So the Inbetweeners 2 how does it rate? Well the Water Park scenes were fun and it's always funny watching a country try and take the piss out of us Aussies. Look it's definitely not for everyone but I give it a laugh out loud, cringe a wee bit and maybe never look at wee the same 3 stars.

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Feature Album Tomorrow

On Flashing off the Record, last week we celebrated the great debut from Vance Joy, this week another solo act will be featured but who? A clue look at the wallpaper and try and make out the cover???

Also early this AM pre boot camp I loaded the first of my Spring Music Lists. Have a look each Monday when I give you (dear music lovers) a wee music list each Monday for the next few weeks.

This week I am hoping to:

Check out the Inbetweeners 2 film, see a bit of comedy and Kanye is in town. So here is hoping I get to check out the Yeezus!

I mentioned I am doing Sugar free/Sweet free September and to be as honest as I can with you dear readers I want to take you on my journey. I will weight myself throughout and at the end of the month and you will hopefully see some progress. Last night was my first weight in.

Well to be exact, 84.6KG, so let's see where I end up in a few weeks.

I also have to thank my lovely boot camp teachers who have all been fab this season again, Hilary, Pete, Hulia, Dylan & Mark....

Until next time folks, I just want to say how sad I was to hear about Simone Battle from the group G.R.L

You were a fab contestant on the US X Factor and part of an extremely successful group. May you rest in peace sweet girl. It's been a sad week for some lovely ladies from the entertainment industry this week.

My thoughts are with Battles and Rivers respective families xo