Sunday, October 15, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {American Made}

After recently completing Narcos Season 3 (AKA the season less Pablo Escobar) I needed some time between cartel stories and cartel movies of sorts. This is the story of Barry Seal and the flying of contraband between South America and the former Democratic United States of America. Now they are not so United right?

Tom Cruise has actually had some hits in recent years, Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow, lets just forget the (apparent) dogs breakfast The Mummy reboot.

I even really enjoyed Rock of Ages, so much so I think I owe the DVD somewhere.

Tom is the main star in this film and really it's a glamorous look at the drug trade and an interesting insight into the extension of the already explored Narcos world. This time just 100% English and no Spanish.

Sarah Wright is stunning and plays Cruise's wife Lucy Seal, also starring Jesse Plemons from Friday Night Lights plays the local sheriff and Jayma Mays from Glee (where the F has she been).

It's not a perfect film, it really does make this lifestyle look easy and not risky at all, however the abrupt end puts that to an end.

Cruise despite all his flaws is choosing most decent films lately and this was enjoyable. I give it a solid 3 Stars.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Dynasty (2017 TV series), Season 1.

The CW does camp revivals well (generally speaking) and it is a nice break from the string of DC comic book series they currently have on the roster.

In the past they did 90210 (for a grand total of 5 seasons) and Melrose Place for a lonely one season, maybe because it brought one of the original cast members back from the dead, spooky!

The Sex & the City prequel was also meet with a luke warm reception.

However here comes Dynasty in 2017, originally screened in 1981-1989. The show boosts several stars from former popular soaps, Grant Show (Melrose Place - the original), Rafael de La Fuente (Empire), Australian Alan Dale (Neighbours in Australia, The OC & Lost) & Nick Wechsler from Revenge.

The first episode had sex, intrigue, family ties been strained and more drama and fashion than a soap I had seen since Revenge and Cookie's wardrobe in Empire.

Grant Show was a mystery hit in sleeper fan favourite Devious Maids and his resurrection and the The CW's global deal with Netflix could save this series. Riverdale has been an international smash hit (with a large thanks to Netflix streaming the series) and this week launched to a huge live audience for the super sized season return.

Netflix and The CW are a match made in heaven, more comic book series, more camp new dramas from Shondaland and Ryan Murphy are on the way and potentially the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Riverdale spin off maybe to also feature on the streaming giant.

So could Netflix save this new drama? Dallas did reasonably well on TNT a few years back with a sexy cast and thin plot. I am excited about this series and hope to hell the handsome as hell Rafael de La Fuente sticks around.

So if you have Netflix, give it a look this weekend, if you are in the USA maybe take a look on The CW.

More TV reviews and opinions incoming.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Star Season 2.

Like it's parent show Empire, season 2 of Star has just been supersized, this week it's episode order has risen to 18. Meaning we will likely see the series in two parts, half this year, the other half 2018.

Empire generally starts September, wraps early December and returns the following March, will this be the same for this FOX series?

Star picks up where the brilliant season one wrapped with lives in the balance and more drama than an episode of Sophie Monk and the Australian men wanting a media/modelling career show.

Star has never lived up to it's parent Empire but it did start with a rather lame crossover. This despite Naomi Campbell starring in Star as Rose Spencer-Crane and Empire as (the now deceased) Camilla Marks-Whiteman. Increasing she has a double barrel surname in each series.

So where does Star see it's main girl band in season 2? Star, Simone and Alex start off with a troubled slow start to their career, however I feel life is about to get better for the three piece.

Mike Epps & Jussie Smollett make nice additions in episode one and something tells me there will be some more special guest stars to make season two watchable.

The music sequences are fun and it's hard not to imagine Queen Latifah in anything other than the brilliant Girls Trip but she is great as Carlotta Brown the queen of wigs in this season.

Amiyah Scott as Cotton is also another stand out and Benjamin Bratt may still be in the mix. But you must tune into to find this out for yourselves.

It's peak US TV season again so check back regularly for more TV reviews and news from this TV freak.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {IT}

Only half of the story is told in the 2017 picture It or It: Chapter One, Chapter Two is coming September, 2019.

As I had a two film weekend I was looking a little more forward to Kingsman but left the weekend more fond of It. And the box office is loving It, with a smaller budget and a release around that new peak holiday season Halloween It has proved to be a rare hit in 2017.

The music, the 80's, Pennywise, this was a great film, not only scary but dealing with bullying, inclusion and more issues in the just over 2 hour running time.

It felt a lot shorter than Kingsman and after checking Blade Runner's running time I may have to watch this on Netflix.

So It is it worth it on the big screen? 100% yes! I loved the scares, the suspense, the tension built and all the characters in the film.

Is this suitable for kids with some of the young foul mouth characters in the film? 100% no, its a bit gory in parts and there is a bit of bad language throughout the horror picture.

I'm going high for this film, 4 Stars, a good time out at the cinema.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Kingsman: The Golden Circle}

Following the 2014 Kingsman: The Secret Service which you may remember my review HERE and guess what I like it, so did a lot of folks so here comes the sequel. Not only that we are looking down the barrel of a trilogy and maybe some Statesman spin off films.

Now the second film has not been meet with as much excitement from the critics, however I for one was excited about Julianne Moore and Elton John joining the cast. Elton John, WTF? Yes there is a fuck load of WTF moments in this sequel.

Channing Tatum and Halle Berry also join the US side of the Kingman, they are the Statesman.

The action is out of the control, the first scene verges on ridiculous and so does some of the film. Poppy Land is insane, featuring Sir Elton John and US favourites like a diner and nail saloon.

The movie does really drag on in parts and the 141 minute running time (along with a fuck tonne of trailers and ads beforehand) made this for a long but very full 3:30pm Saturday afternoon session.

For a movie that is not for School Holidays crowds this films is doing remarkably well and may not require a good review. Before let's face it, the first film was top notch.

Do critics or self made social media or blog posters have more pull than say an ABC or SMH reviewer these days? Does anyone watch TV or read conventional reviews anyway?

This film is far from perfect, the action sequences are top notch, the inclusion of Moore and John were great however not enough to make this bloated action film as good as the first.

The Golden Circle is fun, but not the best action film of 2017, 3 Stars.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Fair Ladies, Beautiful Aladdin

After a divine weekend of food and general Melbourne good vibes last weekend it's time to reflect on the last few live entertainment events I've been to.

Let's look at Sydney first and recently I was lucky enough to attend the opening night of My Fair Lady and a preview of Beautiful. After missing several shows in Sydney it was nice to revisit the theatre in my hometown after a decent break.

I did however see The Bodyguard a little while back which was a pleasant surprise. Although jukebox/movie conversion musicals are usually a little blah, The Bodyguard feature all the hit songs from the movie and some other Whitney hits.

The Bodyguard featured the usual good looking chorus and some hot routines, mainly the opening number, Queen of the Night.

The Bodyguard will conclude it's run in the super packed Melbourne Theatre scene very soon.

I never made it to the Opera Australian/GFO My Fair Lady @ the stunning Opera House but the Capitol Theatre hosted a beautiful and perfect opening night recently. 

My Fair Lady wraps next week, so get your skates on, I'm not sure it will be back anytime soon as Opera Australia and GFO have Evita, starring Ms Tina Arena up next September, 2018.

Still in Sydney across at the casino it's Beautiful - The Carole King Musical. Now I am no huge Carole King fan however this musical was like Once (Melbourne only a little while back and another movie to musical).

It also had Jersey Boys feels, the music industry side/jukebox songs and old people reliving the times of their lives.

Yes this is aimed at the general music theatre audience, the grey rinse club.

However I loved every minute of Beautiful and the toe tapping finale, I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet - YASSSS Queen Carole King, YASS.

Now to the super sexy Aladdin, now Disney and sexy don't usually go hand in hand, however the cast of Aladdin at Her Majesty's Theatre are damn HOT.

I saw understudy Aladdin and he was ace, I was front row in the beautiful dress circle at the theatre and all the boys in the chorus and leads (mainly Aladdin require full attention). HOT!

Great musical and a lot of fun for all, the first act feels a little long however I think it's cause I was busting to piss.

Melbourne is also featuring the biggest Australian hit musical in years Book of Mormon, I will wait for Sydney. It will play the Lyric Theatre early 2018. Dream Lover also makes a comeback with David Campbell in Melbourne around December this year and believe it or not Priscilla is also heading back on the road. Kicking off in Melbourne.

The only major musical currently playing I will miss is Kinky Boots, I am sad I never say it in Sydney however I heard mixed reviews so maybe I will see it when it likely makes a ten year comeback. Everything seems to wait roughly ten years before returning.

One of the most awful movie musicals (and a sequel is on the way, FUCK NO) Mamma Mia! is also returning soon, opening for Malcolm T and the other white men in Canberra next month.

The Wizard of Oz is also coming, Muriel's Wedding will hit Sydney Theatre, Jersey Boys is back after Clint Eastwood's horrific film version and Doctor Blake AKA the Rocky Horror Show is heading back on the road, AGAIN.

That is all for theatre for a while, it's hopefully back to the movies this afternoon and in the morning again, school holidays is finally coming to a close again real soon.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Australia All Over - MELBOURNE

Another weekend away, another progressive city. This long weekend (NSW or VIC if you count Grand Final Friday public holiday) I spent the weekend eating food, seeing friends and finally after missing Aladdin in Sydney, seeing it at the beautiful Her Majesty's Theatre, Melbourne.

What a great city, I love Melbourne or I have loved every piece of Melbourne as the slogan goes.

But it's back to Sydney this afternoon, I look forward to returning to non stop roadworks, rude people and dodging vomit on the street every morning as I walk to work. Maybe it's time NSW goes South and discovers you don't have to be a cunt everyday and smile some. It takes less energy to be happy than a miserable old mole.

Just saying, here are some happy snaps from the weekend. That is Australia all over done and dusted for Spring, next month (hopefully) the BLOG goes to Japan. Look out world.