Saturday, February 13, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Originally I thought DEADPOOL was Rated R but it looks like the censors got it right this is totally an MA15+ film, after seeing the hateful Eight, I know now the difference between a violent MA15+ film and an R18+ film. The difference is this is a loaded with swearing and sex reference Ryan Reynolds part comic book action part sex comedy.

Now upon watching the trailer you get the score, Ryan Reynolds is hot then not but horny as fuck.

Now I went in with high expectations after loving Marvel TV sick lately (R.I.P Agent Carter - it looks like I was right Season 2 seems to be the last - with remaining episodes burnt off as doubles) and loving Ant-Man and even to a degree the reboot of the Fantastic Four.

So I went in rooting for this film (LOL - rooting) and I came out (despite an upset stomach - thanks buscapan) excited for the Sequel.

Yes SPOILER ALERT - if you stuck around for the final end of credits scene it looks like (and on the films Wiki page) a sequel is on the way. Not surprising really the recent X-Men films have been brilliant and another is on the way this year.

As I write this I am catching up on Supergirl and honestly I am not over Superheros/Comic Book stars yet. Why? Because my life is dull? I am a super obese nerd? No it escapes reality, the reality of working, the reality of living in a city with lockout laws (hold the phone on that matter I will come back to that soon), the reality of not enough hours in a day and the reality of fantasy is brilliant! The movies is the best place for escapism and we all need this. Time out from our mobile phones, time out from talking bullshit and time to take five.

Escapism for me is my batteries recharging, time in a cold (and cinema 9 at Hoyts Broadway this morning could freeze anyones nipples erect as fuck) dark room chilling out, HEAVEN.

So Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is HOT, Ed Skrein is also easy on the eye too :)

Other than the eye candy other than the recapping the back story and time jumping a little too much I did enjoy the shit out of this one.

I loved the well choreographed action scenes, the swearing, the sexy comments and the moments when Ryan Reynolds wore less clothes.

Deadpool could be the perfect Valentines Day film, flesh for the women, action for the men, HOT! Look out at a cinema near you for wristies galore.

Deadpool it's a good start to another year of Comic Book Hero films on the big screen saying fuck a whole heap. 4 Stars.

Friday, February 12, 2016

It's Funny Watching Seven trying to do the ABC {MOLLY}

Topping the Ratings on Sunday night Molly and the sex romp that was Part One did drama proud and beat MKR with a massive 1.7 million viewers turning in for Part One. MKR was a sniff away from 1.4 million viewers coming in second.

So great to see drama beating reality for once. I hope Seven continue to invest in my drama and less reality. However I don't see that happening somehow.

There new drama featuring Seven favourite Rebecca Gibney was a little behind Molly with 1.1 Million viewers being beaten off by Here Come the Habibs, a show drawing a little controversy and free publicity along the way.

The funny thing about Molly is the fact that it's a Channel 7 show showing how uptight the ABC was back when Countdown commenced. The thing is was the ABC really as uptight as they are making out? With Double J launching in 1971 and Countdown in 1974 I am pretty sure the ABC was OK with a bit of Rock n Roll.

I must say the lovely Ben Geurens (I knew this dude in a previous life) is still easy on the eye and it's refreshing seeing Samuel Johnson as a lead again on Australian TV. All in all though it's pretty much drama by the numbers with Seven having past success with the Peter Allen and INXS stories. Who will be next though? That's the question? Will they keep the ABC theme and make a film about Triple J radio legend Richard Kingsmill? Or take on the life of Tony Jones?

Time will tell as with solid ratings and advertising interest in Molly and the previous titles one can only guess that another will be in the pipeline somewhere at Seven.

I will wait and see how Part II is and I will also try and pop something up re: Wanted over the weekend. I also return to the movies (finally) tomorrow AM so look out for a Deadpool review. Unedited!

Bye, Happy Pre V Day!

Monday, February 8, 2016

I STRONGLY believe Lunar New Year Should become a NEW national holiday in Australia, here is why...

With Sydney being the home to the largest Chinese population outside China (of course) in the Oceania region and a large number of other countries celebrating the fabulous event known as Lunar New Year in Australia, it's time for Australia to have a public holiday NOT to be ashamed of.

After the confusion over Australia Day (some rename it Invasion Day, Triple J's Hottest 100 has become more of tradition than anything more cultural than enjoying 100 damn HOT tunes, others wear the Australian flag, drink beer and generally act like the bogans we are becoming famous for overseas) and the Australian of the Year award, it's time for us to have a day dedicated to family, wishing good wishes and kindness towards others.

Australia's public holidays are largely a joke in 2016 and don't get me started on Anzac Day. Last year was fucking horrific, Anzac programming largely drew people in their droves to Netflix, Stan and Presto to avoid the wall to wall coverage on commercial television. And I love the ABC but you guys fucked up last year majorly, the overkill on Anzac programming was a national embarrassment. With another useless "war" taking place "on terror" in the Middle East that we blindly followed the US into (AGAIN!) it's not a day about being proud, but wondering how many politicians will we have to follow into these ridiculous "wars".

Lunar New Year is such a lovely time for families, friends and communities to come together, enjoy good food and company in a time when the world is so all over the shop.

The idea of people all returning home for time with their loved ones and amazing food is seriously so touching for me. Eating, being together and simply enjoying each others company rather than playing two up and pissing it up a wall to the point of being violent or physically ill.

If we want Australia to be great, it's about engaging with the community, having inclusive events, respecting other cultures and making the people who make this country up feel valued and respected. I for one have been lucky enough to experience Tet (Vietnamese New Year) for a number of years now, and in all honesty this period/time/day feels so much more special than Christmas, so much less stressful and so much love and HOPE around the table.

I advise all of you dear readers to experience the wonders of Lunar New Year, wish you're neighbours Kung hei fat choy or if they are Viet Chuc Mung Nam Moi, head to you're local China town or head to a Lunar New Years event or markets. Get amongst some culture gang. Unlike "Australian" holidays there is a lot more than a 100 years worth of history with some of our neighbours most cherished times of the year.

Australians lets embrace diversity and learn something about some of our nearest and dearest neighbours, it's time to get cultured and put down the VB for five minutes. The cricket season is over and thank god the Australian Open has fucked off from our TV's. Dragon's, the Year of the Monkey and amazing food awaits...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marvel's dominance on the Small Screen Expands, whilst DEADPOOL opens Thursday

Early-mid December I blogged about Jessica Jones, got side tracked and went on about comic book conversions to TV. I am now almost done with Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I have to say the reviews are right, it does get better with time.

Agent Carter (Season Two) has been off to a good start however the ratings in the USA seem a little low for any chance of a third outing particularly with a new half an hour series in development at ABC, Marvel's Damage Control.

Agent Carter generally has the most brilliant fashion on American TV and it's throwback to the 1940's and the start of S.H.I.E.L.D is great. Unfortunately I think the show is doomed like a lot of other ABC shows which are currently airing finished a shortened season.

Along with Carter, the promos are coming in for the new season of Daredevil, set to air (all episodes) March 18. Jessica Jones has been given a second series (most likely to air in 2017) and the Luke Cage series will air this year after getting a bit of a run in the first series of Jessica Jones.

Along with the TV domination, Deadpool is the R Rated Marvel film headed to our screens next week. The point of difference here is the language, graphic violence and sexual nature of the film. An R Rated superhero film, how will this work? Kick Ass was close to this and was a cult hit, well until the sequel surfaced.

Not only is Deadpool out this year we will have another X-Men film and a Captain American featuring Iron Man film. Doctor Strange will also get a big screen outing, taking this to four Marvel films in 2016, and another four set for 2017.

Comic Book heroes are really and truly all the rage still on the big and small screen but how long can this last and continue to draw the crowds at the box office and generate (decent) ratings and online chatter for the series?

On a quick side note on Australian TV, the much anticipated MOLLY starts tonight and staying with music well done to the Flashing off the Record album of the week, This is Acting by Sia, reaching Number One in Australia. Great job Sia, holding off Adele for another week at Number One. This is two Australian Number one albums back to back. Last week Sydney's Rufus second album Bloom took the top spot.

Next week's Flashing off the Record feature album is set to be the brilliant debut album from New York Duo, Lion Babe.

Tonight I will publish another Summer Music List based on the best Duo's kicking around right now. So make sure you visit Flashing off the Record for another HOT Summer Music List.

Hopefully dear readers I will get back to the cinema next week to check out Steve Jobs and I also am desperate to see Deadpool, let's hope it's good and Ryan Reynolds gets a return to form gig.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Is there anyone WORSE than Donald Trump in the US???

Well yes...


This guy is well wicked and super hated in the US, meaning walk right into the White House Hillary.

The US seems to have gone completely mad with these religious, gun happy, abortion hating nut jobs and the crazier, the more likely they are to succeed in the bible belt and with the red neck whack jobs.

After watching Making a Murderer (and loving it - well done Netflix) facts never get in the way of promoting you're point of view.

FACT - Guns are out of control in the USA and standing with the NRA and cooking bacon (in the above video - what the fuck) is really going to keep the US back.

FACT - People (particularly women) are allowed to make choices, abortion is sometimes the only way forward for people. Domestic violence, rape, incest are only a few reasons why that abortions are not an easy decision but sometimes a decision needs to be made. Making it harder for safe, legal abortions will end up in more than a babies life in danger but the mother as well. Not only would making a hard decision be unbearable but the pain and danger you could be in. Frightening.

FACT - Immigration, like Australia, appeal to the rednecks, use fear, create hate, revert to the 1950's. Ted Cruz you are frightening, even you're daughter can't stand you.

FACT - Carpet bombing the Middle East will kill MORE innocent people. It is unacceptable this SO CALLED War on Terror is still happening. Has anything been achieved? Do we remember Iraq? How about you're involvement in Vietnam America? Where will you invade next North Korea, Russia or even China? Why the fuck is war always on the cars with the US and is their ever an end game, a final play, a resolution after you have tried to re-create a Wal-Mart loving, McDonalds eating, next State of America? You almost have taken over Australia with your views being expressed by every Murdoch owned newspaper, news outlet.

Oh America, I can only hope the circus that is the Republican debate/race to the key candidate continues to at least provide the likes of SNL and other comedies pure gold because it's a bit scary the so called greatest nation in the World is going to be run by a far right gun loving Texas breed freak show. It's that or who Sarah Palin is now head over feet for? Scary right, Sarah Palin is just the gift that keeps giving for Tina Fey.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson

Australian Networks have boasted it's the biggest week in TV, and they are right the universally acclaimed and star studded cast of American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson has just aired, and it's fucking brilliant!

The cast, flawless, the camp undertones used by Ryan Murphy, the real footage to recreate the era at the start, the soundtrack used to bring the tension, I was beyond excited this show lived up to all the hype.

John Travolta is brilliant and creepy all at once, Sarah Paulson has been given (finally) a better role in a Ryan Murphy series (her role in Hotel was all sorts of fucked up) and Cuba Gooding Jr as OJ the lead, beyond brilliant.

This is the new show of the season I was waiting for. Billions is great, Supergirl is easily the bet superhero show on TV (right now), Scream Queens was super camp and had it's moments and Blindspot is easily doing the best of all the new runs of shows.

In the Golden Era of TV Ryan Murphy's name comes up for some of the groundbreaking work he did on Glee, Nip/Tuck for a camp modern soap opera and his work in bringing the new storytelling of American Horror Story.

I am so excited to add this series to my Summer/Autumn watch list, brilliant first episode and I cannot wait till episode two.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Again Triple J's 101-200 list excites me more than the straight up 100...

So every year there are haters, people that think Taylor Swift should have made the countdown last year, people that hated on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or the people that wish more voters voted for female vocalists.

Now I have always preferred female vocalists over males (excluding Ben Lee he is on my love list from way back when) but not everyone thinks the way I do. So when over 200,000 people vote for their ten songs, you cannot force them to vote for five male fronted groups, acts and five females. Some may vote for nine males, one female, or eight female, two male. It's all personal preference so the sexist thing is complete rubbish.

However this year when the countdown was like the Oscars, named too white. The poor Rubens, they seem like nice kids, but when it came down to it, it was a very safe countdown, a Triple J success story (the second Unearthed star to top the countdown in recent years, Vance Joy was also an unearthed star back in the day) with the Rubens topping the countdown.

The same week the Hottest 100 came out, their second list of 101-200 hit the stands HERE and I have to say there was a few more songs I enjoyed more than the traditional list.

Highlights for little old me? Well...

* Unearthed heroes of 2015 Mosquito Coast, Call my Name @ #101

* Jack Garratt, Breathe Life @ #104, UK indie joy

* Chet Faker's other jam of 2015, Bend @ #112

* Tame Impala, The Moment @ #122, a real grower from Currents

* More Unearthed goodness Boo Seeka, Fool @ #124

* Alpine sounding OH so sublime, Damn Baby @ #132

* #133 and #134 were damn fine, David Zowie, House Every Weekend and Wafia, Heartburn respectively.

*Also while we are in the 130's, #135 - the Internet with a killer Laneway jam, Girl

* Kendrick's album To Pimp a Butterfly is AMAZING!, These Walls @ #138

* #140 Hermitudes killer jam with Yeo from Melbourne, Searchlight

* Vera Blue, Hold @ #148, so damn sweet

* One of my favourite jams from 2015, Cosmo Midnight and the dreamy Kucka, Walk with Me @ #159

* Daniel Johns debut solo single, Ariel Love #1161, so sexy right...

*Disclosures second album is perfect and the Gregory Porter track, Holding On @ #165 is amaze balls!

* Beck finally released another cool jam, Dreams #181 followed by another AMAZING Kendrick tune, The Blacker the Berry @ #182.

* AlunaGeorge are always sexy but mix in some ZHU and it's sublime, Automatic @ #183

* Unearthed had a good year this Year Jess Kent, KILLER end of year track, Get Down #185

* Brisbane's indie best Last Dinosaurs gave us a pop gem, Apollo #190

* Just scrapping in, Santigold with her latest, Can't Get Enough of Myself #198 and finally another Daniel Johns cut, Preach #200.

So all an all some killer local, indie, dance, party jams right there. The Hottest 100 was OK, don't get me wrong I am not one of those haters mentioned in my intro but still I am finding myself always enjoying the second coming a load more than the initial 100.