Saturday, April 29, 2017

Good News Month - Weekend Edition

Good News Month - today gets five nice news stories thanks to those cool dudes at Junkee.

Good News Month is coming to end but fear not May will bring another month of excitement here @ Randy Andy's Weak in Review!

Over at Flashing off the Record Sydney singer songwriter Dean Lewis is this week's number one on the Fresh Friday Countdown beating Lorde to the post and Adelaide's BAD//DREEMS are this weeks feature stars. It's heaps of really good Australian music all week long. Tomorrow however will be a Sunday Spotlight all over the GORILLAZ.

Have a great weekend dear readers...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Good Wentworth Month - Season Five

Good news came to our TV sets at the start of my Good News Month, April 4th to be exact. Wentworth returned for it's fifth and most engaging season yet. Yes every season builds but season five has had to deal with the blow of no more queen Bea Smith and also early on Maxine was leaving for another facility.

Both fan favourites were out two episodes in, however Franky has stepped up, The Freak is out of control and Sigrid Thornton's Sonia Stevens has really stepped up. Liz had been drifting and mainly due to Sonia's story seemingly going nowhere, but now we are in the midst of a new serial killer.

Franky Doyle has long been a fan favourite, however on the outside it was never as existing as when she was on the inside either fighting with Bea or generally running a muck.

With a foul mouth in tow again this year and things on the rocks with Bridget, a new alliance and relationship seems a shoe in with Bea's former flame Allie Novak.

Allie has also stepped up this season and one can only wonder what will become with her and The Freak.

Missing out on any Logies this year (what a CRIME) Foxtel's other terrific Aussie mini series Secret City beat them to the post.

Wentworth is a great news story for Australia TV. The acting and story lines are top notch and the more you watch the show the more it draws you in. This is up there with any high standard Netflix or HBO show. Well done Foxtel, now please give us the news Season Six is a sure thing, please?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Good Canberra Month - Anzac Day

Upon reading a piece by Bad News Month opinion piece writer Ms Miranda "Doom & Gloom" Devine one would feel Canberra is a utopia we all dream of, and for me the Canberra she painted sounded like heaven,

Paragraph one, good news points:

1. Fastest growing town - that's a positive right
2. Highest wages - good thing number two
3. Near record job growth - another goal for another major cities to aim for
4. Soaring house prices - good for owners, not renters or first time buyers, bad point one.
5. Extravagant retail sales - good for the economy, good point 4.5 in one paragraph.

Point 4 above is good for some and not others hence 4.5 good points in the first paragraph. But she turns sour (as she commonly does) when she claims "Smug, entitled public servants live high on the hog".

So highly paid people doing services for the community are public enemy one? Maybe not love, News Corp (your employer) has fallen on some tough times recently but is this due to poor business decisions, investments in Presto (weakest link in the crowded Australian streaming industry), Channel Ten and Foxtel is on the way out despite positive results at the Logies this week.

Opinions like Miranda's are quick to point the finger at:

1. The ABC
2. Government employees
3. Single mothers
4. Muslims
5. Minority groups
6. The Greens, The Labor Party or any independent who will stick it to the gambling industry, care about the environment or equality for all.

Miranda's piece on Canberra ticked a few of the above News Corp standard attacks. Canberra in my mind sounds ace and despite my negativity aimed at Miranda and her employer, here is some good news from Canberra:

- According to Miranda, there is no traffic in Canberra - CHA-CHING!
- Average annual earnings above $89,000 (I think it's $89,000-$110,000 but there was a print error in my printed copy of the tabloid)
- People leave work at 5:30pm - SHOCK HORROR, hold the phone, oh wait a minute I'm going to call Alan Jones. People are not still at work until 9pm, people are going to the gym and walking their dogs, OMG is Canberra ground zero for the real life Walking Dead! HOLY FUCK BALLS!
- Soy lattes are a thing, and yes Miranda some people like me, if we drink regular milk we will make Kleenex toilet tissues shares rise by 10% in a day. Not everyone is lucky enough to drink diary products some people can only drink soy milk.

Ok another solid gold four points and then your bewildering last paragraph:

"To anyone else Canberans have it made, but somehow they're still miserable"

Oh Miranda, have you even been to Canberra recently? Last time I went was a few Australia Days ok, yes it's dull, it's no Sydney or Melbourne or even Brisbane at a stretch but it's clean and in my mind changing for the better.

No city is perfect, but the city you paint is a damn sight better than Sydney, and this is the four points I have time for on Anzac Day and a month it's meant to be all about the good:

1. Poor traffic conditions
2. Poor customer service
3. High house prices and rent
4. A closed down CBD

Read her piece as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival HERE. I have said it before but Miranda your comic timing and writing is sensational. Would you like to do a soy latte one time?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Good Sophie Monk Month - Pre Anzac Day

I loved her on Hard Chat recently on the ABC and now THIS.

Holy shit Sophie Monk is on a total roll, going at this rate, this woman will be Australia's next female prime minister.

From one reality show and then into the spotlight (a dim light at times but none the less a light) to the star of one of TV's most dull reality shows.

Thank heavens Unreal is coming back soon.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Raw}

I had little to no expectations heading into RAW on a Saturday afternoon in the midst of Easter/Anzac Day holiday celebrations. Raw released only last month after appearing at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Raw is categorized as horror and ahead of going into the film I read two opposite reviews one giving it five stars and one giving it two stars. So where did I sit on the 1 to 5 star spectrum?

Well in all honesty somewhere in the middle.

I enjoyed the film but found some of the vet science school scenes a bit full on as an animal lover. I also found some of the violence, not over the top but in a way a little confronting as unlike US horror films, this was more raw (I know the film is called Raw) and less stylised and glamourous. Scream Queens in US TV made horror to be almost glamorous and fashionable.

33 year old director Julia Ducouranau is getting a world of praise for this film and rightly so, it is a neatly package film with a great ensemble of outstanding French talent.

I was impressed, compelled and left thinking about the film over dinner and hours after taking it in. That in itself in 2017 with throw away blockbuster after blockbuster and franchise after franchise films being released, week in, week out.

I said I went to the middle of the five star rating game, but actually I am going slightly higher and awarding this (if not for anything else, other than being 100% refreshing) 4 blood thirsty stars. A film simply well done and a coming of age for millennials growing up in 2017.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Good Nikki Webster Month - It's Friday...

Oh boy, thanks for sharing this Junkee and Sunrise, heave and pure gold is ONE click AWAY - CLICK

One more week left of Good News Month before we move into May, a month of Mother's Day and more birthdays than I can poke a fuckin' stick at.

Enjoy the weekend dear Good News readers...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good Cherry Blossom Month - Post Easter

Easter is done, I for one ate way TOO many eggs, but nature has brought us some good news via the Guardian's photo series. Click HERE for some dreamy Cherry Blossoms across the globe.