Saturday, October 10, 2015

American Horror Story | Hotel

Quoted on Variety as "Let's Take this Garbage to the Curb" and titled "American Horror Story: Hotel isn't trash - It's Garbage. Well look I know it's been 20 years since Garbage released their debut self titled album but that's a lot of use of the word Garbage. Now Variety it's not all bad, it's very violent and weird in parts but I honestly enjoyed this a lot more than I enjoyed some other episodes of the American Horror Story franchise.

Now Ryan Murphy is having a rough time with Scream Queens so it would be a disaster if two shows were epic fails however the early ratings for American Horror Story were positive and Lady Gaga was delicious on the small screen.

Slightly down on last years Freak Show first episode but higher than Coven, Asylum and the first season Murder House. I hated Coven I thought it was a great cast WASTED. This series it's a great cast and I am not sure where it's all going. Time will tell if it turns out to be a Scream Queens red hot mess but I have hope in this season.

Murphy is also hoping his all star casting will work for upcoming American Crime Story - The People Vs O.J Simpson (debuting on FX in Feb 2016) and his strike rate will improve again. That said only Shonda Rhimes is as busy as he is, with Greys Anatomy still on, Scandal kicking goals and How to Get Away with Murder just smashing it. Her next series and hopeful ABC smash The Catch will commence in 2016.

Overall American Horror Story's latest story Hotel is good and I will continue with this ride, however my dance card of shows right now is at capacity. Man what a lot of stuff to park my old ass on the couch with.

Also look out for my review on The Principal, the new SBS drama I hope to catch up with on the weekend.

Friday, October 9, 2015

The Leftovers Season 2.

The Leftovers was an interesting Winter (Australia - US Summer series) last year and returns this year in the peak September/October period. The first season really interested me, 2% of the worlds population vanished into thin air, an interesting concept and one that is the opposite to Glitch (ABC Australia TV), The Returned, Resurrection and European versions of these same shows.

It became a little same same but not really that different after watching these shows. At least the Leftovers 2% of people are fucking off and NOT returning.

The show is one of those cult shows, where people will either love it or hate it, there is no grey area, no in between, just love or hate. There is a problem with this sort of programming as it's hard to grow an audience once you have reached all who will enjoy this sort of thing.

However with critical acclaim and a second series now on and continuing to grow it's cult following as well as hopefully some new viewers.

News sows come and go but it is always hard settling into that difficult second series where comparisons will always be present and people will always say, "oh season one was so much better than season two", the story lines were better and it lost it's way a bit in the second outing.

People are hard to please and like music not everything creatively people will produce will turn everyone on, however for me the Leftovers intrigues me and I am going to stick with this one, a new town (Miracle) this season where they had no one "vanish" and a new interesting family. A lot happened in episode one and it set things up to be rather interesting this time around.

The Leftovers, it's not for everyone but I'm in xoxo

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gotham Continues to Impress Me & Australian TV actually lifts it's game

After killing off one of my favourite additions to the Gotham cast I am still equally impressed with the shows direction in the tricky season two. Like albums for hype artists second seasons of hyped up TV shows sometimes struggle to find ratings/viewers from the first season and continue to get media attention.

Gotham I do strongly believe will probably wrap this year (next year as it's a split USA TV season thing 2015-2016) but as many Fox network shows are in the same basket it really could go either way. Unfortunately it's a cut throat world in the US TV market and with many new shows launching it's a dog eat dog world right now.

I do hope however as above not confident that the show will be back for a third outing.

Whilst on a positive note, Australian TV has also taken a turn for the better with the wonderful ABC launching a second year of Mental As. This was amazing programming last year and this year it returns with more focus on Australia's growing Mental Health problems.

This brings to the mainstream many issues and shows Mental Health is normal and not something to run scared from, to actually face up to the BIG issues.

Also this week The Principle commences it's four part series on SBS. It's great to see SBS back in the drama game, East West 101 was one of the best dramas to ever air in this country, with it's diverse cast and many issues and themes covered, it was brilliant TV.

Q&A on Monday the Mental As edition was particularly brilliant (as always - Tony Jones is a pure gem) however will the new copy cat show on Nine The Verdict manage tonight or will it be some poor man's Q&A. My prediction epic fail and after earlier programming like the Block and beat up bogan issues like ACA it doesn't exactly have a strong intellectual lead in like Q&A does.

Unfortunately for Channel Nine they should just stick to Sports and bogan reality shows. Sports (live) over the weekend proved this was the final frontier for live TV with epic ratings for both Grand Finals, AFL & NRL.

Again thank god for the ABC, Mental As is brilliant and is a wonderful incentive from OUR ABC.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Homeland Season 5 is STILL gripping and wonderful television.

Many dramas/new hype shows lose their shine after a couple of seasons (or one in the case of many) but Homeland (and mainly Claire Danes) continues to reinvent (the way Madonna and Kylie used to before they got OLD and lame) itself and become somehow relevant every year when a new season rolls around.

Homeland's debut episode for Season Five was exciting, a return to form and set the season up to be a cracker.

The extremely Rupert Friend also returns (which helps for the eye candy factor) and Miranda Otto joins the cast showing just how many Aussies are killing it on US TV right now.

Homeland is Showtimes top jewel in their programming crown. Unlike HBO with a giant like Game of Thrones Showtime is a little more modest but still has such great hits as Ray Donovan (which just aired it's superb third season), Shameless (brilliant comedy based on the UK series, returning January 2016) & Masters of Sex.

Claire Danes really is stellar and their is a reason why she has taken out so many awards, this is a series to watch, check out the short trailer below:

Monday, October 5, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

For my 2,100 post it's appropriate that I see a BIG, bold and true event story blockbuster EVEREST.

Now the trailer did nothing for me (to be honest I see that many movies and nearly all of them I saw this trailer ahead of it and by the 15th well....) but I am learning more and more that is not the tell tale sign that I will love or hate a film.

So please don't judge a book by it's cover, this is brilliant. Fitting after seeing the near perfect The Martian yesterday (review below) it's hard to return to the cinema to see another film in case it's a disaster.

Well this film was a disaster but that was the (sad at times) matter of the film based on true events. I never know what is true and what is drama when something like this so large scale is shown on the big screen.

The cast like yesterday's picture is beyond brilliant and it's such a big ensemble. Sometimes this can backfire however not in case. Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty - successful former Home and Away Aussie film star) as Rob Hall leads an all-star cast including and not limited to Robin Wright, Jake Gyllenhaal (chest hair and all), Josh Brolin, Martin Henderson (such a handsome Kiwi) and Keira Knightley.

So if any of the above cast float your boat this is well worth a look in.

Now the end is rather bleak but the journey there is brilliant. The scenery and way this film is shot is brilliant, I was in love with it. There was limited flaws with this film however it was not a 5 star outing. Still I am going as high as the hills with a near perfect 4 Stars.

Everest is BRILLIANT a must see at the big screen, if all movies were made this well and on this large scale there would be no online piracy, this is a big screen at the movies event moment. GREAT.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

It's so nice to enjoy the long weekend and what else is nice for a change is to see a near perfect film, that film is THE MARTIAN.

So why near perfect, well the length is a wee bit long and some of the science talk lost me at times, but that said I bloody loved this film. No more negative it's all about the positives from here. Matt Damon is extremely washable and the cast is beyond brilliant. In Australia now the FAB Donald Glover (AKA Childish Gambino) was an adorable science nerd, Kate Mara was brilliant as always, Kristen Wiig had the easiest gig of all time just standing behind Jeff Daniels and getting emotional from time to time and Michael Pena is always wonderful.

The Martian is the best space film in years, I enjoyed Gravity with George & Sandra but this is a lot better.

The drama and the thrill just gets better and better. Every minute of this wonderful film. Ridley Scott is back to making hits after a few misses.

I usually don't buy into all the blockbuster bullshit but honestly sometimes sitting back and enjoying a well told story and seeing great actors having a blast in Mars is just too good for words.

I won't say another bad thing about this film aside from it's length which it actually did hold my attention for the large majority.

This is a killer blockbuster and a shame it came out at the tail end of the School Holidays as this would have been perfect for some of the high school kids on break.

I don't do this often but this is as good as it gets, 5 big fat space ass Stars. Now to the super sexy Donald Glover AKA Mr Childish Gambino, hope you killed it at Listen Out in Sydney yesterday...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

How to Get Away with Murder Season 2.

What a great cast, what twists and what did we learn from Season One? Well to stick to a good thing and run the season like Damages with a court room drama with strong female leads and a flashback season starter and the pieces come together episode per episode.

It's great stuff and I believe this is easily one of the best free to air dramas in the USA today.

The cast is extremely good looking and joined this season by the wonderful talent of Famke Janssen (Nip/Tuck TV royalty) and the majority of the season one team returns. Jack Falahee is extremely handsome and newcomer Kendrick Sampson is equally as dreamy.

Apparent from all the eye candy this show is extremely addictive and well written, I am 100% sold on this series and I believe like Shonda's other series this one is here for the long haul. ABC would be mad to get rid of this extremely brilliant series.

How to Get Away with Murder what a perfect way to start a long weekend with.