Friday, April 29, 2016

Quantico x Containment - Great Looking Casts, but the Plots? Who needs a good plot when you got all this!

Something for everyone with these new shows and their HOT Fri-YAY male stars. Yes it's a shameless look at these men and aim for the stars, it's almost the weekend thank the lord!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rowing x Plank Workout - Return to a Four Day Working Week....

After the long weekend wrapped I felt good I actually looked after my body by starting my 2 minutes on, 30 seconds off on the rower. I did three attempts at this (not great I known but I have been ill on and off for around 1 month) and then did 5KM's on the bike.

I mixed it up and wrapped things up with some planks and did a good 30 minute cxworks class.

Cxworks is a stellar core class where you work from you're shoulders down to your knees and man do you feel great afterwards. And besides my Boost Juice obsession I have been eating really well and since my partner is going vegetarian that is also being adopted into my diet.

Eating well really is all about getting into a routine and sticking to it. Like me ditching snacking, those cravings after a while just vanished after training the body and maybe by not being bored at work helps.

As we MOVE into May I will continue to post body/fitness tips so keep an eye HERE.

Until then, it's HUMP day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

The Hunger Games poor cousin returns for the third and almost final film in the series, The Divergent Series: Allegiant.

Like it's rich cousin the second last film in the series felt hall baked due to the fact that it's only half of one book. I hate the way these series cash in on the final book and really draw out what could be a swift and clear conclusion.

This film reminds me of Australia's past with a stolen generation storyline, that and all the political undertones, it's almost setting up kids for the upcoming elections here an in the USA.

After Mother's Day it was great however to see a film which engaged me and interested me for the entire run time.

The cast is very good looking particularly the male cast which also helps, however the lack of action and battle scenes leaves you a little cold at the end and craving more action in this sci-fi action series.

Music is also a little absent on this release and Jeff Daniels plays a good bad dude after he has wrapped up on the Newsroom.

Theo James is extremely handsome and Miles Teller is getting more handsome as time goes on.

This is not a must see but fun on the big screen, I will pass this at 2.5 mrs action, less political undertones please.

Monday, April 25, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016 {Advance Screening of possibly the worst film of 2016}

For months I have been negative about the rapid release of superhero film after superhero film, now after seeing MOTHER'S DAY I realise superhero films are the shit, cause if this is the alternative, kill me now.

This takes me back to Aloha, it is that bad and of you watched all of the trailer you will realise that sitting through all 118 minutes you will wish you stayed at home and trimmed your pubes with a hedge trimmer.

Jennifer Aniston is actually getting worse as an actress, Julia Robert's wig needs to be burned ASAP and Kate Hudson where the fuck you been.

This movie is going to rival Batman V Superman as the critics have so much material one could really go to town, but I'm not, I saw this for free and really it should have been a direct to 7flix film.

Bad does not cut it, awful almost covers it and in the running for nearly every Razzy humanly possible, yep I'd pay that. Downright low grade, cliche filled garbage. Shame on you Open Road films, you gave us good movies in the past (Spotlight for example), this is not one of them.

Poor on every level, 0.5 Stars cause it's a long weekend, it's actually a nil rating film. Just Terrible!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

SunYAY - One more day of the weekend!

The Sunday Afternoon Blues are not a thing this weekend, yes it's a time to remember for some but for many this long weekend could not come soon enough:

1. A League Semi Finals
2. More regular sporting rounds than you can poke a stick at
3. Beyonce's HBO Lemonade "thing"
4. More HBO: New seasons of Veep, Silicon Valley and the HBO giant Game of Thrones commence
5. New music galore from Flume (Wall Fuck, Say it {Feat. Tove Lo and the AlunaGeorge track "I Remember")
6. The world remembers Prince
7. USA election campaign continues, Australian election campaign continues to excite... NO ONE
8. News sites around the world struggle to mix Prince tributes, actual news and sports updates.

All this going on and I saw my first musical since the interval departure (along with former QLD premier Anna Bligh) at Anything Goes. Yes I sat through Ghost - the Musical yesterday and aside from Rob Mills understudy issues I enjoyed the musical in parts.

Some of the songs are forgettable and the choreography is down right horrid but all in all, it's the best thing I have seen at the Theatre Royal in a decade. That said the venue has been said to be "the venue where shows go to die a slow and painful death".

I caught up with a friend from boot camp who is equally one of the smartest and most interesting people I know. Not only this she writes a killer email.

I am almost up to date on all my shows and I have to say the Blacklist is easily the most improved returning show this season. Out doing The 100, The Flash, The Americans, American Horror Story by a long shot, the Blacklist was a hard series to watch throughout season 2. The show became predictable, way too formulaic and at times so violent for US network TV the envelope got pushed almost as much as the gory Hannibal.

I have never understood American TV, violence for days but sex, nudity and swearing - HELL NO


Next I got a fitness program with my new lady at the gym, I like it and hope my MOVE THIS MAY campaign sees me complete it and I get down to 14% body fat. That is a publicly set goal.

I have completed two fitness goals this year already and in the coming weeks I will share some new ones with you lovely readers and help you may set/achieve a wee fitness goal.

Anyway how blissful it is to be Noon(ish) on Sunday and have another whole half the long weekend to come.

Lest we Forget but lest we forget to plan for the future, get out and lose contact with our devices for a moment this weekend.

A new film review coming tomorrow BTW

Friday, April 22, 2016

RIP - the artist who introduced me to live music

Yes back in the 90's or maybe 80's my neighbour took me as a child to see Prince @ the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

It was my first live gig (many to come) and one of the most memorable moments as a true music lover.

Prince at only 57 has done what few performers achieve and that is remain relevant. Stunts, gimmicks and surprise releases can come and go, but Prince, he had it, he actually had the X Factor.

The Guardian did a stunning piece on the artist who help shaped music today = HERE

Prince a true legend may you RIP.