Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Una}

After the appalling All Eyez On Me, it was tough to return to the cinema, however Australian theatre director's Benedict Andrews delivers with Una.

Ben Mendelsohn and Rooney Mara are brilliant in this drama. I won't spoil anything about this film, but the leads in this film are outstanding. I cannot forget to mention Riz Ahmed, who is outstanding in everything I have seen him in. From The Night Of to his guest appearance in Girls.

Ruby Stokes as young Una is also marvellous and this film really does shine and stick to a tight 94 dramatic 94 minutes.

This is not for everyone and after Don't Tell I have probably seen my share of child sexual abuse stories for a while but the original play Blackbird turned into this film, is a stunning vision by Andrews.

Mara as Una is a wonderful talent, 3.5 Stars.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

YASSS Queen: Day Thirteen

As June wraps up it's time to look to the middle of July and my BLOG's unfortunately have to go Social. Yes that's right I personally have distanced myself from social media and will only post on Instagram at this stage. It may change I may give it up, but July is Insta July. Both my BLOG's will share the one account so you will get all your music news, feature album or weekly spotlight in one place.

I hate to give into socials but I would like to get my word out there, further to the world of Trump and the madness beyond I'm taking it to the streets.

As we have celebrated some wonderful women this month across Film, TV and the music world it's almost time to wrap it up. I will be reviewing some more films later this week as honestly Transformers may not be my bag anymore.

Another post hopefully tomorrow will list out some of Australia's best women in news (maybe a few internationals too). It's been real this month and blogging on the quiet side for a while, it's time to reach the millions (hopefully).

Sunday, June 25, 2017

YASSS Queen: Day Twelve

What better way to almost conclude YASS Queen, June with LA four piece, HAIM.

Their second album Something to Tell You will be out July 7th. Pray to God (get it) their second release is as stellar as my album of 2013 Days are Gone.

After working with Calvin Harris and being the darlings of the indie pop scene these girls are all killer no filler, so let's conclude the weekend with some amazing Haim, July 7th it's a date!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

YASSS Queen: Day Eleven

Wentworth Season 5. Where does one begin, no Bea Smith from that shocking Season 4 finale, the Freak getting more and more freaky, Franky Doyle back in the slammer, Franky and Gidget, Ali and Franky, Juicy Lucy, Liz Vs Sonia, Vera and Jake, I could go on and on!

Season 5 was outstanding, it was easily one of the best seasons and with every episode, every twist the series just built, by episode 12 I was close to having a heart attack.

The Freak was amazing with her promotion to Top Dog, as Kaz Proctor never really had it in her. Liz and Sonia's strange relationship/tension left us with one of the biggest cliffhangers, will Sonia live? Also will the Freak die being buried alive by the handsome AF Will Jackson?

I believe the Freak cannot not, Sonia maybe but the Freak is easily one of the biggest villains on TV. Forget superhero villains, the Freak is badass and ruthless. Unlike the Joker, the Penguin or the Riddler, the Freak is brutal, real and honestly we all know a Freak. In the workplace, family or at least we can imagine.

Why is this a YASS Queen post, because the cast (largely women) are all brilliant, diverse and so amazing. Maxine and Doreen two of the most entertaining inmates are now gone, but never fear I have a feeling Season Six will being us some frightening new inmates.

No news is leaving Melbourne yet despite the fact it's filming now and will not air until 2018. How horrible, will the Freak live? Will Kaz survive as Top Dog after already being knocked off once? And what will become of Jake and Will, and not to mention poor old Vera.

Friday, June 23, 2017

YASSS Queen: Day Eleven

It's been a while between drinks dear blog and ladies of the world in my YASS Queen final week. I endured the amazing Wentworth Finale, Is Male Privilege Bullshit on ABC2 and have been less than impressed Lorde's Melodrama record.

First up Melodrama, look Green Light and maybe even Perfect Places will end up being two of the biggest tunes of 2017, but as a full album it's just over 40 minutes, features Flume and a reprice for Liability and sequel for Sober. So really it's 9 tracks instead of the advertised 10.

I think full length albums are hard for artists especially young artists like Lorde who have had a massive career with only one album under her belt. This album felt like an extended EP and not a full length album. It's great in parts but in others the tempo changes too rapidly, it's up tempo, down tempo.

Look I still love Lorde and other blogs give her 4/5 and it may grow on me but for now it's more a collection of tunes not a full body of work AKA an album.

Tuesday's TV was off the chain for females:

Wentworth - 10/10 finale (spoilers to come, you've been warned and I waited a few days to discuss)
Love Child - This has to be the last season right? Ronan Keating as draw card, really?
Hack Live - Is Male Privilege Bullshit on ABC2?

Well to Hack Live (I will leave Love Child to a solo post) this was controversial for all the wrong reasons, Miranda Devine being called a C%&t on live TV (well actually just referring back to a past Clem Ford Tweet/Social post) and Mens Rights Activists talking nonsense. For example poor old Daisy Cousens, Australia's poor mans (woman's) Milo Yiannopoulos and the worst thing is she likes Milo, still.

Milo is a fraud, much like Pauline Hanson he says things to get media coverage, out right from the likes of Clem Ford and then more air time and followers. It's actually really boring.

So Hack Live was really doomed from the get go, it was like a poor man's Q&A with added swears.

Look is Male Privilege Bullshit? Yes and No they is privilege on some many levels? I am white and have white privilege with a white surname, I am gay so I loss some privilege. I am no muscle Mary so I loss more gay privilege, I could go on.... It's boring and in culture today we all start somewhere, some higher than others but in all honesty it's all bullshit.

As my Dad taught me as a child and he taught me many good lessons, never judge a book by it's cover.

So on that note it's a Friday drawn out lecture. Tomorrow you will get my beyond glowing review of Wentworth, Season 5. Only problem is it's not back to 2018. I'm sad...

Monday, June 19, 2017

YASSS Queen: Day Ten

So after finally finished House of Cards - Season 5, after appearing on Netflix, May 30, I think I did well dealing with the fifth and possibly final outing for the US political drama.

Now you may wonder why I am talking about House of Cards whilst it's YASS Queen month, two words: Robin Wright.

Now slight or major Spoiler Alert: Robin Wright owns season five and at the very end... Wait for it, don't read another word, you've been warned. She becomes President Underwood, following another president Underwood.

She was ruthless, stellar and honestly she is one of Netflix's biggest and brightest stars. Yes Kevin Spacey is calculated and full on, but Robin Wright has always been brilliant in this series.

I will bang on a bit about TV this week as the series which Australian women actresses have been waiting for Wentworth comes to a close for it's fifth chapter. Unlike House of Cards, Wentworth has kept us on the edge our seats week in, week out. House of Cards however this season was very slow paced and aside from Wright and the brilliant return of Neve Campbell to TV, this was a bit of a tough watch.

Don't get me wrong House of Cards has become a cult TV hit and for Netflix it has meant big numbers, both streams of the series and new members and that is what the streaming game is all about, more members, look at Foxtel trying to be fancy and rebranding the same old shit with a new coat of paint.

House of Cards and Wonder Woman showcases how truly fabulous Robin Wright is, please if they make a second solo Wonder Woman film, allow her more screen time, please!

House of Cards streams on Netflix now and Wonder Woman is still on the big screen NOW!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {All Eyez on Me}

Okay the bad news for All Eyez on Me is Notorious (The Notorious B.I.G film) and Straight Outta Compton came before it. WARNING: Spoiler Alert - This is NOT a good film.

Straight Outta Compton, won awards, went onto scoring a huge box office and become a successful and well reviewed biopic. All Eyez on Me, lacks the stars, the brilliant big budget feel of Straight Outta Compton and also the originality of the Notorious back in 2009 looking into the world of hip hop.

This felt like a Lifetime TV movie in parts with acting, old footage used with new with clumsy editing and at times a ridiculous pace where we get introduced to Snoop, Jada Pinkett Smith and god the actress playing Faith Evans, GIRL.

It's nasty, cheap and at times one of the longest and most dull films I have seen in 2017. Shame for All Eyez on Me I saw the brilliant Rough Night earlier this week and Wonder Woman last weekend, because this is an EXTREMELY lame attempt at the world of hip hop and a huge star in Tupac.

This is one to avoid, maybe wait till it appears on Netflix, I pronounce All Eyez on Me, a complete fail for 2017, 1 Star.