Saturday, December 20, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Annie {2014 Version}

Featuring new music from SIA and Beck, and an all star cast and crew how could this go wrong? Well according to Wikipedia most reviewers (and early illegal downloaders) are hating it.

Yes that's right like a lot of strange things happening with Sony at present Annie was uploaded to a peer to peer piracy site on November 27 weeks before the release. It looks like this might happen a lot more with the Sony hack gathering loads of data, emails and god knows what else.

I saw the recent stage version of this musical and bloody Alan Jones was cast in the show so it took every fibre of me not to storm the stage and abuse the old queen.

That said this musical actually makes good use of the big screen (other musicals - like Jersey Boys fail to make the jump to the big screen) and also continues to throw in the big songs whilst as above add new ones by musical genius and hit maker Greg Kurstin.

The film is produced by some of the A List in Hollywood including the Smith family (Will, wife and wives relo) and Jay Z. Random huh?

Sia even actually features in the film randomly however I have to be honest I did not pick her.

Look musicals aren't everyones bag and musicals on the big screen too aren't huge sellers but this is actually one of the better ones, Jersey Boys kind of sucked I rated it two stars earlier this year.

Sia's "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" is great and some of the other tunes (not the musical ones) really work too.

It's been a hard week, the lead up to Christmas only gets more challenging year by year and I think the kids and mothers attending the screening I did all really enjoyed themselves. It's not going to win any major awards nor smash box office records but I actually really enjoyed myself. That said it is a little long, but really films need to stick to 90 minutes or less or really have something to say.

3 Stars for a different look at a classic musical.

Check out me other BLOG for some additional music from the film and Album of the Year nominated artists Sia.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Horrible Bosses 2

I can't remember if I saw the original at the cinema or two screen watched it at home, cause basically I forgot all references to the first film. Not that it mattered much as this film just plods along and could be seen individually.

Look this movie doesn't need long to review, it's another in the gross out adult comedy genre. All sex jokes, 14 year old boy humour are explored here and by the end of the film I learnt a few more dirty one liners but other than this I didn't take much away from this cinema experience.

Admittedly it's not a great time at the cinema with school holidays starting and Christmas around the corner there is a big lack of entertainment this first month of Summer.

Horrible Bosses 2, let's hope there isn't a third in this series but look it's OK for a laugh or two and Chris Pine is not too harsh on the eye.

Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx and co's potty mouths rate 2 Stars for pretty much not the best comedy of 2014.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How good is Homeland Season 4?

I felt almost a little ill watching this back with the events in Sydney this week however I couldn't resist as this season has seen the show get it's shit together and come back to life.

Unlike what happened in Sydney this week Homeland is (thank god) mostly fiction, however this season's return to form has not only seen viewers who dropped off last season or the ended of season 2 but long time fans rejoicing that a great series has seen the light and returned to it's once great story lines.

Here is a look at what is shaping up to be a massive finale next week:

In these troubling times sometimes watching Hollywood dramas can just take your mind away for an hour or so.

My heart was heavy yesterday for everyone involved at the Lindt Cafe and I was so touched by all the flowers and tributes in Martin Place. Sydney is one hell of a strong city, we will rise up and continue to be the best city for living. No matter whether you black or white, gay or straight, young or old, Muslim or Buddhist or born here or immigrated here, we are all Sydney siders and we are all amazing positive people. People power works.

Sorry to get all soapbox mid week but it's been a week from here and fucking hell Christmas is almost here and people all seem to already be up to pussys bow.

Be safe all, have a great day and be nice to people, say hello to a stranger or do something to help another human being, that is how shit like Homeland does';nt go down.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Thank god for #IllRideWithYou after yesterday's terrible events, but again the Daily Telegraph, hang your head in shame.

Again incorrect facts and stirring hatred, The Daily Telegraph, you are NOT for Sydney but for more money in Murdoch's pockets and all staff should be ashamed of themselves.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - St. Vincent

I was really taken by this film, St. Vincent was just a perfect pre Christmas way to chill. The acting is sublime and after a bit of a miss withe Exodus: Gods & Kings which I think I was a little easy on by giving it three stars as almost everyone who else has seen the film hated it. And not just disliked it I mean hated it with a passion.

Lucky an advance screening of the wonderful St. Vincent was on this weekend and especially around the announcement of the 72nd Golden Globe awards where St. Vincent collected two nominations and rightfully so.

Bill Murray is beyond perfect, however above and beyond this Melissa McCarthy is terrific as a non outrageous and compassionate mother, Naomi Watts is terrific as a lady of the night and young Jaeden Lieberher was just wonderful.

This is a heartwarming tale and a truly great film, it's nothing flash with special effects, there are no super heroes, no large scale action scenes, this is about people and there relationships. I long for great films like this and St. Vincent is is scrapping in at the tale end of the year for a go on my list of favourite films of 2014. I will publish this very soon and hopefully see a film or two before I post this.

So St. Vincent, not the singer but a truly wonderful movie.

I lift the cinema feeling overjoyed (I even teared up a little) and happy to escape the pre Christmas crowds to a nice cool cinema. This is a perfect little film, 5 Stars. Yeah that's right - 5 stars.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Another Day, Another Day closer to Christmas and Summer Slack

Yes my posts are getting a little lacking at this time of the year as the Christmas parities and the catch ups build up I find I have such limited time to jump on the PC (other than my work one) and smash out a little BLOG entry!

After weddings, Christmas catch ups and a massive pile of work I am so looking forward to Christmas and continuing to smash through more of Hart of Dixie and discovering some other trash to catch up on.

After consuming a lot of new series and returning series over the past weeks I must award my favourite show of recent weeks to the fantastic Getting On (US rework). Season 2 has been wonderful and full of laughs much like the below:

I am so sad the finale (yes only a six episode season) is on next week:

Tell everybody Getting On is the perfect remedy to a busy Christmas lead in.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December is Music Month!

Over on Flashing off the Record I am posting like mad, the album of the year will be announced on December 26th (Boxing Day - in Australia) and the first half of my 200 best songs of 2014 will go live 200 all the way down to 101.

Most Mondays (excluding around Long Weekends) I will also post a summer music list, a recap on the best of the year that was 2014 and more.

Coming soon to this BLOG though, like David & Margaret (final show tonight - ABC) I will post my favourite films for 2014. I saw a lot and you will find out my best for the year!

It's December, its Summer and it's heating the fuck up.