Sunday, November 23, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Whiplash

I have only heard amazing things about this film and this weekend I finally caught up with the latest film starring rebooted Footloose highlight actor Miles Teller.

Whiplash is a wonderful film that explores Teller Vs J.K Simmons at a top New York music school and I must saw I was glued to the screen the entire film.

It has been so well reviewed I have to add another good, solid review to this outstanding indie hit.

It's been a fairly good year for film and after the wonderful Gone Girl this is just another wonderful film currently doing the rounds at your local cinema.

Miles Teller continues a good run of films and adds Whiplash to his hit list. Whiplash is all sorts of Jazzy good, and gets 4 drum the fuck out of that kit stars.

PS - Massive language warning on this film, hence I loved it.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Reason Why the ABC is Fab

A real inspiring piece about a fantastic Triple J newsreader. Victorians next weekend is YOUR chance to stand up and defend the ABC, vote wisely so we don't end up only reading media from the likes of Mr Bolt and Ms Not So pretty terribly un Devine.

On a less serious note I hope to bring you another film review this weekend and it's almost the end of the year meaning end of the year wraps are just minutes away.

Chat soon dear readers x

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's time we really talk seriously about what the ABC & SBS mean to real Aussies

1. It means real news, not cross promotion or what the latest fuck wit on Dancing with the Stars is up to, but real news. Well researched and well presented.

2. Drama that makes you think. Unfortunately drama has left the building on the big three commercial networks. Foxtel (not affordable for all) makes some great dramas Wentworth, Devil's Playground and in the past Love My Way etc. So for those Australians who cannot afford the luxury of Foxtel, and like drama, ABC and SBS are the only two places you will find this.

3. Comedy. ABC is the champion of Australian TV, again the networks have given up on trying to produce home grown comedy and opt to show Modern Family or the latest US trash.

4. iView. Unfortunately again piracy is massive in Australia and this is namely due to poor catch up services offered for Seven, Nine and Ten. iView brings families hours of entertainment for the kids, Peppa Pig, teenagers with ABC2 content and older Australians and the over 20's can yell at the TV to their hearts content with Q&A, Media Watch, great comedies to laugh out loud to as above, fantastic dramas and even more news and current affairs for one to get angry about.

5. Documentaries. Both stations champion this element of Australian entertainment.

6. No fucking shit house Coles ads.

7. The Chaser.

I am furious at Malcolm Turnball for recent cuts and pathetic defence of Mr Abbott. Australian tax payers, if you don't like the ABC you have the right to complain, if your a pensioner or someone not paying tax (like a lot of the dreamy Andrew Bolt readers) stop complaining, tax payers should say where they want their taxes to go and if 86% in a recent newspoll agrees with the ABC & SBS, I am sorry Mr Abbott good luck in the next election but you are sure pissing a lot of people off right now.

Good luck and hopefully good riddance. The village idiot of the G20 summit was one of the best descriptions I have recently read about your recent public (locally and internationally) performance.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

There needs to be more Wonderful shows like...

Getting On, this is just great in it's second year. I am loving the dry, dark and sometimes laugh out loud (rewind and play back) funny shit.

Good on you HBO, if only Foxtel here would churn out as much quality drama as you and Showtime (US) do it would be a much different TV landscape here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brazouka Makes You Feel like Your on a Cruise Ship.....

or Rooty Hill RSL. Definitely not the normal show one would expect to see at the Enmore Theatre right in the heart of Sydney's Inner West, an idea of hell on Earth for poor old Andrew Bolt.

So the show. Well half the show I left at interval as a woman and her small child were filming the entire show on their iPad so no doubt it will be on YouTube before too long.

Look the show is OK but really it does belong on a cruise ship or better still the pub/rsl circuit. It started off strange and the last thing pre interval (which dance shows should never have - straight through 1 hour 30 minutes pleas producers out there) was just laughable. Braz asking his dad if he can dance in Paris, to a loud NO.

The costumes were colourful but on the cheap side and the cover versions of popular hits from MJ, Katy Perry and Rhi Rhi were like those horrible numbers that are spat out on Dancing with the D Grade Stars. Fuck that show is a train wreck. Like it's reality stable mate right now Big Brother both have struggled to find viewers and other than Daily Telegraph and coverage in intelligent media.

So back to Brazil, look if you want to see some handsome and pretty folk dance around a stage and can't wait to get a ticket on Lastix to Dirty Dancing when they start discounting, this is for you, it leaves Sydney now and moves to Brisbane and Melbourne. I'm sure it will go well head to head with Once in Melbourne which is currently also on the discount circuit.

For tickets and more info go here and the most surprising thing about this whole thing is Billy Connelly's wife is one of the producers, weird hey. Anyway Ok if you have had a few VB's and need to learn a few new dance moves for the work Christmas party.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - Exists

Eduardo Sanchez co director and writer of the late 90's horror film The Blair Witch Project is back with Exists and it's kinda random.

Unfortunately due to large lines (again - I missed it the day before seeing The Drop (see review below) as I got in early, but today - FUCK) I missed the start of the film and basically I don't think I missed much but still, 3 staff working on a Sunday Event Cinema's, really? The line was like all the way out to George Street, literally Event Cinemas no wonder I have brand loyalty to Hoyts, Hoyts at least staffs accordingly.

So to the film and like the Blair Witch Project it's fairly basic but a decent film all the same. I applaud Sanchez for not being extremely gruesome, I applaud Sanchez for teasing us with the monster and only doing the main reveal at the films conclusion.

The cast is so super so so, they barely grow on you the viewer so you barely care when they are picked off one by one as they all make lame decisions and really make one think, how many horror films can be a parody of the genre.

Exists is not all bad and not all good, it's mostly average however this babe made it a little more watchable.

So Big Foot is back on the big screen and rates 2.5 pass mark stars whilst Event Cinemas George Street, hire some more fucking staff you $9.90 large popcorn mother fuckers.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Film Freak 2014 - The Drop

Critically acclaimed and James Gandolfini's (The Soprano's) final film. Yes the Drop had me at times on the edge of my seat and the second film where the hero/lead had a cute little dog.

Opening this week to a reasonable number of screenings the Drop is the latest in a crime/gritty drama based in a shitty part of the USA.

Tom Hardy was wonderful and left his Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) role at the door. However at times his lines are a little hard to hear as he develops a Brooklyn mumble.

There is a major plot twist that I don't want to go into or it basically ruins the entire film, but this film whilst slow to start really kick starts itself around the halfway mark.

If on this (sort of) cold and wet day you find yourself with a spare two hours, this film is a cut above other crime/dramas around at present.

The Drop it's not perfect but I had a good time and the little puppy in this (unlike John Wick) is a great feature throughout the entire film, 3 Stars.