Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Star Wars: The Last Jedi}

Another year, another Star Wars film! Another Boxing Day movie season ruined by the film franchise. Last year we coped a spin off standalone story in the Star Wars galaxy, Rogue One. This topped my Best Films of 2016 post last New Years Eve.

Keen readers of this site would already realise I have posted my Best Movies of 2017 but there have been some developments and I may have to repost this list.

But will I redo the list adding in The Last Jedi? Time will tell.

The sequel in the new trilogy following the hugely successful The Force Awakens this film has divided Star Wars fans the world over.

Look I liked it, a lot happened but the middle of the film? It kind of lost the plot added too many plots and went a bit, well weird.

It's hard to criticise such huge beasts as Star Wars because rusted on fans will always defend it's flaws to the bitter end. And I call myself a serious Star Wars fan and The Force Awakens was outstanding, Rogue One was pure brilliance but this film just felt like it went for hours and hours and battles and battles.

Feeling a little like The Empire Strikes Back, nothing goes right for the Force however we have another film left in this trilogy and in May next year we will get the Solo standalone film. Yes Star Wars is here to stay.

I will give no spoilers, no plot points, the trailer gives you enough, who is bad, who is good? It's anyones guess but nice to see Laura Dern pop by the Star Wars galaxy and of course very sad seeing Carrie Fisher one last time.

Impressive stuff is the new Star Wars, watch the box office records tumble, 4 Stars.

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