Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Other Guy (STAN)

I was never a huge Matt Okine fan when he was on Triple J but I saw his stand up once and I was sold. He is a good looking young man with a lot going on and his series The Other Guy on Stan is actually a great insight into what was going on when he was Triple J's breakfast host and a few insights into his rather personal life.

Written by Matt and fellow comedian Becky Lucas, there is a lot of swears, a lot of gags but also a lot of heart.

I binged the entire six 30 odd minute episodes over Christmas/Boxing Day and left the serious The Sinner behind in this catch up TV period. 2017 saw so many good series air week to week and so many Netflix/streaming series drop outta thin air.

The Other Guy was one of these. As Stan cemented it's place in the streaming game, with a hit in Wolf Creek and anticipation of Romper Stomper, The Other Guy drops the serious nature and brings some laughs to the streaming company.

No Activity looks mildly interesting and CBS seemed to be moist for it buying the rights and starting a US version this US TV season. So Stan could be a serious player in the Australian streaming/TV market.

The Other Guy is cute, funny and locally filmed for a Sydney (Inner West) bloke like me. Michael Hing is the unsung hero as the gay co-host with his shit together whilst Okine spirals sometimes outta control.

Okine's room mate (also featured on Stan's No Activity) Harriet Dyer is also a loose cannon, whilst Valene Kane as Okine's love interest is flawed, interesting but I never really related to her character.

The show ends on a slight comedy cliffhanger and as of this post there is no word on a second season, but for me this should be given more time to shine. Okine is a good looking (whoops I said that already), funny dude who hopefully will get more time to shine now he is no longer on the radio 6-9am weekdays.

The Other Guy, streaming now on Stan is well worth your summer viewing hours, predicted total duration, around 3 hours with toilet breaks.

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