Monday, January 29, 2018

Movie Matinee Madness - The Florida Project

After seeing the god awful local release Swinging Safari, it was a refreshing change to see an amazing indie film, The Florida Project.

Young Brooklynn Prince featured in the below still is so sensational as almost the lead in this instant indie classic.

Willem Dafoe is the big name in this film and instagram discovery Bria Vinaite is sensational as Brooklynn's down and out mom.

I really wanted to see this film and was so happy there was a ten am session on the weekend so a real movie matinee.

The Florida Project is heart warming in moments and heart breaking the next. Poverty and the 3 kids in this films friendship is sublime.

This was a film lovers film, so good, so much love from the critics and award circles. This is a must see effort from Sean Baker, can't say enough good things.

4.5 Stars. BRILLIANT!

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