Sunday, January 14, 2018

White Famous

From Tom Kapinos, creator of the brilliant, at times hilarious Californication returned to Showtime with White Famous. Unlike Californication getting seven seasons, White Famous has had to call it a day at one season.

Jay Pharoah is great as Floyd Moody who is based on Jamie Foxx's life is great, some of the Californication secondary characters appear from time to time and are as crass as they were in Kapinos first series.

The sex comedy is heavy on sexy talk and Pharoah is a hit with the ladies on the show and the comedy in some episodes is great however other episodes were a little like filler. So it's not all killer no filler but a bit filler not all killer.

It is pretty brutal for Showtime to cancel a series in it's first season and SMILF seemed to do a lot better and was a critical smash were as this went a little under the radar.

White Famous is streaming on STAN in Australia and has been a nice little filler show over Summer but I think Showtime may have made the right decision calling the show a one season effort.

Californication went on for a little too long and maybe outstayed it's welcome, so all in all Showtime, good call.

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