Saturday, January 20, 2018

This Week in TV

OK I apologies, I be gone for a while, but when we look at this week in TV (USA) this week, you'll understand. I also was busy promoting the shit out of the fantastic new First Aid Kit album HERE.

So let's start easy with Monday here in Australia, Shameless is almost ready to wrap up for another season airing it's second last episode season eight this coming Monday. Shameless has already been renewed for a ninth season, the show is one of Showtime's most successful and William H Macy and Emily Rossum and commonly featured on nomination lists for their characters in the show.

Alongside the dysfunction of the Gallagher's on Shameless Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church are back for another season of Divorce across on cable superstar HBO.

Now in it's second season and after the entire 2017 off, the team are back and the debut episode of season two was watched by more people than the first ever episode and the season finale of season one.

HBO has a number of great 30 minute sitcoms/dramas on it's roster Divorce is one of them and a welcome return to HBO for Jessica Parker.

Tuesday saw Supergirl return to a highly watched episode, actually this was the most watched episode of season three excluding the big crossover episodes with The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Now don't get too excited Supergirl fans, the series has two more episodes before it is rested until April. Yes April. Legends of Tomorrow is returning Feb 12, bumping Supergirl from Mondays.

Wednesday saw The CW give us yet another superhero series, Black Lightening. Launching to a huge CW audience (almost 2.5 million) it was a hit straight out of the box and is likely to be renewed, leaving me wondering, how many CW series will be DC comic book series.

I didn't mind it, the soundtrack was amazing and like Black Panther hitting the big screens in February, it has a large black ensemble cast and finally gives diversity a go in the crowded superhero market.

The Flash continuing also continued on Wednesday and is still a strong force on the CW four seasons in. Thursday was a bumping TV night, so much so I had to miss Body Balance in the evening.

9-1-1 which scored an early renewal in it's thirteen episode season one during the week aired it's third episode and proved commencing right after New Years pays off, people are home, ready to binge and kick back.

The series has been a surprise hit for FOX and shows Ryan Murphy really is a power played in the US TV market.

Speaking of, his second instalment of American Crime Story launched to a modest audience of just over 2 million, however the interest in the Versace assassination from TV lowers was insane. The show also looks 6 million bucks per episode. A really great start and a show I am likely to talk about more as the season rolls on.

Next up the trashy CW soap that is not a superhero series, Dynasty. Oh dear the show is a ratings trainwreck and they still have another 12 episodes to burn, so what better thing to do than burn them off slowly on a Friday night. Yes in March, 2018 the series will move to Fridays where it might likely die a slow death and finish up a solo season. The only thing that might save it, is it's screenings on Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix/CW series, Riverdale was back! This season like Dynasty the show is supersized, it will be 22 episodes up from 13 last season. There is always drama in Riverdale and this episode gave us plenty more drama to continue season 2 along and rumour has it, season 3 is a go! Plus a spin off Sabrina is a go (only on Netflix) for two ten episode seasons.

The Blacklist hit 100, it reached it's 100th episode with an Oceans 11 (or 8) inspired episode. The heist episode was a success and the show looks safe for a sixth season. Without Tom Keen the show still has life however Netflix in Australia are still only up to episode seven, WTF Netflix???

Wrapping up the week that was Shonda is back! Grey's Anatomy has been reportedly renewed for a further two seasons and Scandal also is coming to an end. I am yet to watch How to Get Away with Murder but word on the street is it should return for a 5th season later this year.

The series is set to finish in March, 2018 so we are almost home on another Shondaland series before she escapes ABC for Netflix.

Saturday Australian time also sees the NBC crime series Blindspot continue, the show is not rating great but like the Blacklist has definitely improved since it's early episodes, it jumped the gun a bit at the end of season two/start of season three but for now the show is a fun little action series.

So yes all that TV working 18-ish days straight I'm busy. However stick around I should have a film review for you soon as we are on the homeward stretch of the dodgy school holiday films and ready to get some serious releases incoming.

Stay cool this weekend Australia...

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