Thursday, February 22, 2018

Homeland Season 7.

It's ON! Season 7 is explosive it's here and in Australian Homeland is airing same week as the USA on SBS. Man SBS, from Handmaid's Tale to Homeland, they could be leading the overseas dramas aired in Australia.

So let's see first up what I thought about the dramatic sixth season HERE.

I touched on Season 7 when I got moist over Sunday Night TV. With Divorce on HBO almost wrapping up and The Walking Dead returning for it's second half of the current season this week, Sunday nights are a monster.

The White House, politics, crazy right wingers and Carrie going insane...

Homeland is full on and the drama and conspiracies are turned up to 11 in this season. The plot is thick and juicy this season and man o man what will happen to Carrie? She is in debt, had her computer hacked and is going solo for her latest mission. We are only two episodes in and I am hooked.

I'm unsure how the series is rating in Australia on SBS however in the US of A, it's rating above season one episode on episode however it's down on last season. I'm sure on demand it would be getting way more viewers and then there are all the pirates out there.

Homeland is great TV, well written, great casting and it looks a million bucks. I will be sad to see it wrap up next year if season eight does turn out to be the final season...

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