Wednesday, February 28, 2018

UnREAL Season 3.

It's been around 18 months since UnREAL smashed onto Stan 's screens and in the USA Lifetime, the station for ladies of a certain age and gay men.

So is UnREAL any good on it's return? HELL YES!

We have long suffered without a view into the wonderful world of fake love, forget fake news, it's ALL fake love on Bachelor, Bachelorette, MAFS, all this bullshit. Am I wrong? Hello Sophie Monks!

UnREAL is amazing, the cast sensational and flipping it around to men fighting over one woman, hell yes.

Constance Zimmer is the queen of this series, she shines every time she is on the screen and bad news on Tuesday night commercial networks, free to air TV in Australia, the gays will be streaming...

Unfortunately the first episode didn't rate amazingly in the USA, however it's already been given a fourth season and apparently those 8 episodes of season four are already in the can.

TV season is back in full swing so expect more reviews, comments and gossip right here. Also a Black Panther review coming soon...

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