Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sunday Night TV just got EPIC

Well Monday's in Australia, but really Homeland is back and Alan Ball returns to HBO with the sensational Here & Now.

Carrie Mathison is back and insane and paranoid as ever, but I think she has reason to be. A female Donald J Trump is in the Whitehouse and proving to be as divisive as the actual Twitter in Chief.

Here & Now is a completely different beast, like Six Feet Under with a sprinkle of sexy True Blood and 11:11 sci-fi Alan Ball has delivered a new gem to HBO.

Homeland has been a favourite of mine, evolved over the past six seasons and this season moves on from the loss of Quinn and continues last years story.

After losing Quinn (Rupert Friend) and formerly Brody (Damien Lewis - soon to reappear on Billions) Homeland has done some serious cast changes over the years. However Danes and Patinkin have remained. The show has had highs, lows, executions and various interesting and involved storylines with this year really being a continuation on the past with the next season set to be the final curtin call.

Here & Now is in a completely different field, fresh slate, sensational cast (see HERE) and a great little family drama.

I am keen on both and they provide a nice distraction from man flu, the Olympics and the piles of reality trash on Australian TV.

Great stories and great characters along with great scripts will always outshine the mundane, these two shows prove this. I am an enemy of average and these shows bring hope to a lacking world of entertainment and media companies. So thank you HBO and Showtime, this is what we need right now, brilliant.

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