Sunday, February 18, 2018

Movie Matinee Madness - I, Tonya

After the slightly awful conclusion to Fifty Shades, I, Tonya was a complete breath of fresh air.

Margot Robbie is simply brilliant as Tonya Harding and Allison Janney sublime. It's a great time for an ice skating film with the Winter Olympics in full swing.

The story about Tonya and Nancy gripped the world and put ice skating as an elite, highly competitive and ruthless sport on the map.

The film has a great supporting cast and a great story to run with but the real stars are Robbie and Janney. Every scene Janney is in she lights up the entire screen.

The language is course, the obstacles Tonya faces are tough, but my gosh does she shine.

I loved every minute of this film and I loved former Neighbours, Brisbane born Robbie showing us and the world maybe Australian films are in a rough place right now (fuck this The BBQ) but man we have some top talent.

So producers out there in this fine brown land lets fund some exceptional stories using our talent making it big in Hollywood and start slaying again. Bojana Novakovic from Satisfaction also has a smaller and supporting role, but man she is another terrific young local talent.

I, Tonya, it's all sorts of brilliant. 4 Stars.

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