Monday, January 26, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

A 12 year film project equals an almost three hour mega drama, it's the critically acclaimed and multiple Golden Globe award winning film BOYHOOD.

I saw this movie on an extremely hot day in Sydney and the thought of a cold cinema and a well acted piece was a dream combo!

Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette were divine as the parents of Mason in this 12 year epic, a 12 year epic so big I have not seen anything like it since 12 Years a Slave.

What was my favourite element of the film?

1. The music used to match the year, Goyte even gets a look in.
2. The interaction between Mason and Samantha over the years
3. Ethan Hawke getting his groove back
4. Patricia Arquette and her use of the words "Horse Shit Attitude"

Overall this was a delight to watch, I really enjoyed every minute of this (almost) 3 hour marathon of a movie.

I usually dislike lengthy films but I give this two thumbs up, well done Boyhood rates a solid 4 growing pain stars, it's not easy growing up and some parts of this film made me uneasy, but that's a good thing.

Tomorrow... Unbroken reviewed, my way.

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