Monday, July 17, 2017

Claws Season 1.

Girls who rule the world! Or GIRLZ who rule the nail salon. This new TNT series (originally set for HBO) is halfway through it's first season and a second season will most likely air next US Summer.

Niecy Nash fresh from Scream Queens (Cancelled now after two seasons), Carrie Preston (True Blood), Judy Reyes (unrecognisable from her goody two shoes Devious Maids role), Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown's ex girlfriend) lead this cast of misfit nail technicians in Florida.

It's sexy, funny, action packed and features some interesting dance/pool dance scenes. It could be my breakout hit of the US Summer season. That said there is not much competition this year.

If you liked Niecy Nash as one of the breakout stars in Scream Queens as security guard Denise, you will love this. It's camp, over the top and best of all easy to binge, so line some episodes up this Winter and smash away dear TV lovers.

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