Sunday, July 23, 2017

Flashing Off the Record - Album of The Year - Nominations

Back in March I announced it will be a different competition this year for the Album of the Year, it actually didn't have to be an album, but I have made it a double up competition this year, on Boxing Day I will publish the Album of the Year and then on New Years Day I will publish the Anything but an Album of 2017. Both will be published on Flashing off the Record.

In March Drake's More Life playlist was nomination number one for the Anything but an album of 2017. Now L D R U join's Drake in the race.

L D R U (aka Drew Carmody) out of Sydney has had a string of singles that have made all of Australia (and the world in the case of Keeping Score) dance. Keeping Score was a massive success, Next to You, To Be Free and the brilliant Me have all been brilliant dance friendly tracks.

L D R U you are the king, well done for this MixTape, an Anything but an Album nomination for 2017.

Now to the BIG one, two Album of the Year Nominations. Not one but two and one is here for Splendour in the Grass, it's HAIM! In 2013 they gave us a sensational record, Days are Gone. It was my favourite for the year and really got the girls onto the world stage.

HAIM made us wait a LONG four years before the brilliance of Something to Tell You.

The sisters are back and back better than ever. Right Now, Want You Back and Little of Your Love have all made impact on the radio here and abroad.

The girls have been here for Splendour, done a CD signing in Newtown, Sydney and continued to be that effortless cool that marketing departments at record companies can only dream of. So who are HAIM facing off for the Album of 2017? Well they are also from the USA and feature Rihanna and U2 on their 4th studio album.

It's King Kendrick Lamar and DAMN.

Kendrick Lamar is unstoppable, HUMBLE. has been a monster hit, DNA was an audio assault and Loyalty shows a softer side. As does outstanding cut Love featuring Zacari.

God this album is good, I am in love with every song on this record. Kendrick and HAIM really are leading the pack this year and in coming months more albums with join them before the big Boxing Day announce.

Tomorrow I head back to the movies and on Flashing off the Record we will have a new feature album after focusing on Lana Del Rey today.

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