Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blindspot Season 3.

Has Blindspot jumped the shark? Fluorescent tattoos, replacing the original tattoos which lead to clues to solving major crimes from a team lead by Aussie Sullivan Stapleton.

Jaimie Alexander is Jane Doe and the major attraction in this NBC series. Season one was huge, debuting to over 10 million viewers, this number dropped to just over 7 million for the debut of season two then last week just over 4 million tuned into to check out the latest range of tattoos.

The show in my mind did improve in season two, dropping the formula and having a season long terror group as the enemy.

Season three, who knows where it will go and starting later than most US series, we are only one episode in whilst How to Get Away with Murder and others are ready for Winter/mid season breaks.

I am hoping this is a shorter, less clunky season, some of these 22/23 episode action series show, suffer by having too many filler episodes. I am hoping like the third season of Quantico (apparently this is set to be 13 episodes as a mid season filler) this will be a shorter more snappy season.

The Blacklist (also on NBC and now weekly on Netflix - hooray!) improved as seasons went on and they dealt with the major mystery between Spader and the main lady.

So Blindspot is it suffering from it losing it's initial shine? Maybe, time will tell it's only episode two in Australia this afternoon, America on Friday night. That also in my mind is a concern, Friday night, isn't that where networks toss shows to die, a slow, painful death. Who has time for TV Friday nights anyhoo?

Actually that would be me. Go well dear readers...

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