Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Happy Death Day}

Say what you want about Groundhog Day meets Scream film Happy Death Day but it's been a box office smash. With a budget of just under five million but taking in just under eighty million as of NOW!

You do the maths, no stars and nothing flashy just a better whodunnit (with a twist) than the movie I reviewed yesterday, Murder on the Orient Express.

Let's be honest the main character Tree is a cunt. She is horrible to her room mate, the guys she wakes up in his dorm room and everyone she comes into contact with. However as the movie kicks into gear you learn why.

She is no huge star, Jessica Rothe peaked with a small role in La La Land and Israel Broussard has had a few small roles on the big and small screen.

A sequel might be in the works and why not, this film is honestly a decent effort.

It's had decent reviews despite the trailer looking a little average, the scares are few and far between but it's done well, suspense builds and I enjoyed the twist I mentioned above.

Look I think I saw this right at the end of it's cinema run so maybe look out for this on you're streaming service or rental place of choice.

Happy Death Day is surprisingly good, 4 Stars.

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