Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Again Triple J's 101-200 list excites me more than the straight up 100...

So every year there are haters, people that think Taylor Swift should have made the countdown last year, people that hated on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or the people that wish more voters voted for female vocalists.

Now I have always preferred female vocalists over males (excluding Ben Lee he is on my love list from way back when) but not everyone thinks the way I do. So when over 200,000 people vote for their ten songs, you cannot force them to vote for five male fronted groups, acts and five females. Some may vote for nine males, one female, or eight female, two male. It's all personal preference so the sexist thing is complete rubbish.

However this year when the countdown was like the Oscars, named too white. The poor Rubens, they seem like nice kids, but when it came down to it, it was a very safe countdown, a Triple J success story (the second Unearthed star to top the countdown in recent years, Vance Joy was also an unearthed star back in the day) with the Rubens topping the countdown.

The same week the Hottest 100 came out, their second list of 101-200 hit the stands HERE and I have to say there was a few more songs I enjoyed more than the traditional list.

Highlights for little old me? Well...

* Unearthed heroes of 2015 Mosquito Coast, Call my Name @ #101

* Jack Garratt, Breathe Life @ #104, UK indie joy

* Chet Faker's other jam of 2015, Bend @ #112

* Tame Impala, The Moment @ #122, a real grower from Currents

* More Unearthed goodness Boo Seeka, Fool @ #124

* Alpine sounding OH so sublime, Damn Baby @ #132

* #133 and #134 were damn fine, David Zowie, House Every Weekend and Wafia, Heartburn respectively.

*Also while we are in the 130's, #135 - the Internet with a killer Laneway jam, Girl

* Kendrick's album To Pimp a Butterfly is AMAZING!, These Walls @ #138

* #140 Hermitudes killer jam with Yeo from Melbourne, Searchlight

* Vera Blue, Hold @ #148, so damn sweet

* One of my favourite jams from 2015, Cosmo Midnight and the dreamy Kucka, Walk with Me @ #159

* Daniel Johns debut solo single, Ariel Love #1161, so sexy right...

*Disclosures second album is perfect and the Gregory Porter track, Holding On @ #165 is amaze balls!

* Beck finally released another cool jam, Dreams #181 followed by another AMAZING Kendrick tune, The Blacker the Berry @ #182.

* AlunaGeorge are always sexy but mix in some ZHU and it's sublime, Automatic @ #183

* Unearthed had a good year this Year Jess Kent, KILLER end of year track, Get Down #185

* Brisbane's indie best Last Dinosaurs gave us a pop gem, Apollo #190

* Just scrapping in, Santigold with her latest, Can't Get Enough of Myself #198 and finally another Daniel Johns cut, Preach #200.

So all an all some killer local, indie, dance, party jams right there. The Hottest 100 was OK, don't get me wrong I am not one of those haters mentioned in my intro but still I am finding myself always enjoying the second coming a load more than the initial 100.

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