Monday, February 29, 2016

Music Related: Why I have lost all faith in Kanye West ever releasing another record as good as The College Dropout

I'm a lover and advocate for new music and I used to hate the saying I like their old stuff better than their new stuff it's just not as good, they are selling out, I wish when they toured they only played....

Kanye West has become massive joke and someone who comedians just ache for more West/Kardashian madness in a world of Instagram and Twitter. Kanye's Twitter alone lately has delivered more column inches than most major issues in the world issues.

Kanye used to be a great artist, an outstanding producer and a musician I would take notice of when there was word a new record was on the way. However that changed with The Life of Pablo.

I stood by him with his record Yeezus where fans and the public begun turning on him, his Watch the Throne record with Jay Z was brilliant and his previous albums were outstanding hip hop/urban releases.

Black Skinhead and New Slaves were brilliant cuts from Yeezus however The Life of Pablo lacks these killer cuts. No More Parties in LA with Kendrick was a breath of fresh air when it was finally re-added to the album but still there was no stand out hit on this album. Famous was just insulting, all the interludes made me feel Kanye was chucking a Janet Jackson (known for loads of interludes and little substance in between) and cutting my girl Sia from the Wolves track.

Unlike Sia above this album's release and promotion was a mess, release dates changing, then only available on Tidal, the constant track list changes, the title changes and most of all, the Twitter rants and insults.

Taylor Swift finally got hers back and served him with a massive FUCK YOU without saying as much and now he is online again stating another album is on the way. One can only hope it is nowhere near the cluster fuck that The Life of Pablo is. The only good thing to come from this could be Lily Allen is teasing us with a new album title:


Could be the winner (at this stage) for the Album title of 2016.

Kanye, mate what are you doing, you used to be cool, now you are just blah. Thank god the world now has Kendrick Lamar. Speaking of, he is touring this fine brown land mid March, check him OUT!

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