Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Does Australia have a problem with the Sauce? I think so..

The short answer is yes, yes it does and hence one of the main arguments for Sydney's tough lockout laws. Brisbane and the greater lands in Queensland will also face these laws shortly and no doubt other States in Australia will follow suit. But is staying out and/or closing everything down at a certain time helping with a drinking culture that has been in this country for decades?

Growing up the NRL was all about Ciggies and then it had beer as main sponsors and if you went to a football game in NSW you were sure to have some drunken yob spill beer on you in the grandstand as they passed you to get to their beer drenched liar.

As I grew up I made the decision that drinking wasn't for me, my gut wasn't great and I was also a morning person and we all know a morning is not a good morning with a monster hangover. And honestly other than people at parties or events looking down their noses at me and saying "you don't drink, you must do pingers or coke or something right?" my life is better off without the wine and beer.

What sorrows do I have to drink my life away? I am off on two holidays this month, life is good.

I wish really and truly that Australian's didn't need to get smashed every weekend and every special occasion but who am I to change Australian culture? And after working through the Rocks on Sunday at midday, almost every pub I passed there were people with beer, wine and children what a mix.

So Premier Baird you are facing you're toughest moment now (lucky you just won an election right) what will you do continue to close down businesses or educate young Australians on the harm of drink driving, binge drinking and drug use. It's all about education as every bar or pub you say can close at X time, another warehouse party, large house party or secret gig pops up. It's up to you Baird.

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