Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bali Day Three: A Barber Shop Shave, Terror Level Travel Warning & Taxi Drivers & a Big Dump of Rain

Anyone who knows me I truly hate to shave and anyone who also knows me knows I love to pay other people to wax, laser hair removal me, shave me, massage me or just generally touch me so a haircut and barber shave all in one is divine.

I'm not even joking this shop is the SHIT, I love it sick, I found it by accident late last year and vowed to return, today I did just that.

All the staff are beyond talented, careful and amazing with every cut, shave and treatment they start and finish. The shop is extremely busy so Google them and book NOW, this is the best a man can feel for around about 100,000 Rupiah.

The travel warnings issued in Australia recently for Bali and recent warnings on the Daily Telegraph front page hit home today when I got in a Taxi and the driver was telling me about the lack of Sydney visitors, his income for the day and the fact the streets of Bali for this time of the year were empty.

He commenced worked at 9am and by 3pm when he collected me he had made 50,000 Rupiah (equally around $5 AUD) and taking out lunch 15,000 Rupiah he was left with 35,000 ($3.50 AUD). This is the reality for workers who find themselves on an island relying 100% on tourism (and most of that tourism from Australia). Yes the three hour Perth travellers are still coming but it's the rest of the country that has turned it's back on this little island paradise after a series of unfortunate events.

Most of Indonesia's issues directly effect Bali but the decisions and behaviours are not the choices of the Balinese. 

So the reason for my taxi drive (which was a little heartbreaking - to earn less than $1AUD an hour, man that is tough) was an island paradise has moments of huge rain downpours and anyone who has been here knows cover on the streets is virtually non existent.

So the rain fell, passed and it was back to the pool for more Sun, the Kuta Beachwalk got a look in again with security at a much larger presence than last November.  And after having a feed at Bubba Gump near the wonderful watermark WaterBom it was back in a cab and I swear I saw security with machine guns along a popular night street in Seminyak.

So yes security and safety of the tourists seems to be Number One right now in Bali, so if you're thinking of an Easter escape, or next School Holidays trip, Bali is beautiful, Bali has delicious food and the people, the business owners (a lot are Aussie too), the taxi drivers (even the Uber drivers who are popping up now too), the restaurant and beauty shop workers need U.

It's back home tomorrow with one final post then and hopefully I can return to the cinema, man it's been a while...

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