Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Moments in Asia (Bangkok to be exact) & the return of THAT MOVIE GAY (4D Edition)

Man O Man, so this basically wraps up the entire month of travelling through Asia, from the start of the month to an extended weekend in Bali (mainly Seminyak) to now travelling from Hong Kong to Da Nang (well Lang Co) and Saigon, down to Vung Tau and across to the final destination Bangkok.

I love Bangkok but in a different way to Hong Kong. I have always loved Bangkok and Thailand. Even as a child when my parents took me here I knew I loved it, from the Tuk Tuk's to the markets and the amazing food I remember as a little one being amazed.

Bangkok is beautiful and honestly since I was last here maybe around 2 years ago (or more or less, I loss track) it's so up and coming. The buildings are coming up left, right and centre, the streets are bustling, the high end shops are busy, the movies yesterday was jam packed. Hello Hollywood, along with China Thailand has an extreme thirst for Hollywood blockbusters and movies in general.

I will get to that movie Gay soon, with Batman V Superman, oh boy...

But Bangkok from landing, shopping, eating and observing, this city has a lot to offer, just behind Singapore and Hong Kong for a place for foreign folk to call a new home (Americans if Trump wins, this could be you're new home) and start up shop.

The locals are divine and the language seems easier on the foreign ear unlike the way some of the Mainland Chinese screamed on public transport last week in Hong Kong.

Asian cities are big business and Thailand has a shit load to offer, like Singapore and Hong Kong Westerns have all their home comforts, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, 5 Star chain Hotels, extremely amazing shopping centres with all the brands and amazing cinemas and that's just the superficial stuff.

Bangkok is really coming along with a population over 8 million this makes Sydney look like a country train, it's public transport is so far ahead of Sydney's but still it's traffic is a nightmare, but less scooters than say Saigon.

With Bangkok being the capital of this fine nation it has the most amazing and efficient airport under the sun and honestly out of peak traffic and a speedy cab driver, you're in the city for a little over 200 Baht (that's around $8, $9 AUD).

OK I am again sounding like a tourism board for a foreign country and I am only seeing the surface of this city and I am sure like Sydney it has loads of issues under the surface (however Sydney's issues like drunk and disorderly behaviour are news worthy and equally cringe worthy) but still I heart Bangkok hardcore.

Ok THAT MOVIE GAY 2016 within another post. As I was extremely busy with posts this holiday both here and on my Music Blog (with celebrates Aussie Music all April) this month I thought what the hell I saw this in Bangkok and honestly it does not deserve it's own post.

That said BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE has some things going for it, or maybe it was the fact I saw it in 4D and in Bangkok and someone else paid for it, and I had MOS Burger afterwards, anyway I am making excuses up for this RED HOT MESS of a film.

Ok I have a love/hate thing with comic book shows, movies and the way they (like reality TV - only better) are taking over pop culture, America now has so many comic book conversion TV shows the CW almost only has one genre left. CBS, ABC, AMC have all joined the party too. ABC has green lit another season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D whilst you would have read how much I thought Agent Carter Season 2 sucked some big hairy balls.

Netflix has also gone all Marvel on our ass with more realistic, dark and well received comic book conversions with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Luke Cage is one the way and possibly two more titles. That is 5 original Netflix Comic book shows, 5 and all from the house of Marvel/Disney.

So DC Comics, ok they are the poor mans Marvel and missed the boat with the Avengers so now they are trying to recreate this. They have done so on the CW with the improving week on week Legends of Tomorrow and now in this film, let's look at the trailer.

OK just so you know, there are NO spoiler alerts, only my criticisms from here on in. Unlike the Avengers, this DOES NOT WORK, not on any level. It's a miss mash and a total cluster fuck of two comic books colliding and Ben Affleck being almost as bad as George Clooney as Batman, actually this is the second worst Batman film after Batman and Robin. Like don't get me wrong Batman Forever was pretty shit too but this was real bad.

Bruce Wayne and Ben Affleck, they are not alike, Ben you did so well in Gone Girl, WHY make this film????

Now the last Superman film (I re-read my review and I was kind of nice back in 2013) I remember thinking it was too long and a bit weird, as I said above I was pretty kind back then. This time around, man O man, it deserves every bad review it gets and I am scoring this based solely on experience at the Bangkok cinema I saw this at, because I will break it down:

Plot/Story lines - 0/5 (Too many characters (they even threw in Wonder Woman for good measure, cross promo much for next years Wonder Woman film, although it will star Robin Wright), another flash back to Bruce Wayne's family dying, YAWN, if we like Batman we know his family died when he was a kid, shock factor 0%)

Effects/Action Scenes - 1/5 - like the last film (Superman: Man of Steel) too much of the same throwing people in and through buildings, jumping up into the sky, a Ben Affleck GRIT series scene where he looks all buff and pulling tyres along the floor, what?

Cast - 1/5 - Too much can be TOO MUCH, an all star cast does not equal brilliance it can equal messy and not enough time (even though this film is over 2 hours in length) to make you care about them and forget introducing Aquaman and the Flash. Also it's kind of weird having a TV series of the Flash and then an upcoming movie and the actors are different. Just saying.

Experience in the Bangkok Siam Cinema - 5/5 - clean toilets, clean cinema, amazing 4D effects and really this made the film for me, cause as above it's a pile of Hollywood shit that shows DC comics need to lift there game, HARD. Marvel has the exact same concept landing next month (in some regions) so you're Suicide Squad better be off the chain good.

So my final score in this lengthy and final Asian March 2016 Holiday BLOG takeover 1.5 superhero fail Stars. Come on guys, you had a massive budget and you gave us this? Come on....

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