Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is Vinyl everything that The Get Down Promises

Oh dear did Baz just get beaten to the post by critically acclaimed series Vinyl on HBO? The Get Down is due to deliver 6 episodes (yes only 6) on August 12th. But is there room on TV in this the Golden era of TV for two music dramas based in the 1970's?

I must admit the first LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG episode of Vinyl was a bit tricky to get into but now I am in, I am hooked, Bobby Cannavale is brilliant and the music is raw and shot extremely well.

Mick Jagger, Scorsesse, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter are all behind the scenes on this A Team HBO production. HBO needs a new hit (to go with it's jewel in the crown fantastic breakaway smash Game of Thrones) with Girls wrapping up next year, The Newsroom wrapping after three seasons and The Leftovers also concluding next year after three up and down seasons.

I am excited to see the remaining 7 episodes of Vinyl this season and the good news is a second season is already on the way - yay!

Will Baz be able to beat the haters? Will the critics cream the jeans as much as they have over Vinyl? Time will tell in this the Golden era of TV. Shame in Australia we have Wanted and Here Come the Habibs. So sad right?

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