Thursday, March 24, 2016

Da Nang x Hoi An

After day another city and my Central Vietnam journey continues with a lengthy 1 hour, 40 minute car trip to Hoi An. A beautiful 1,000 year old city awaited me at the end of the lengthly car trip.

Once it was dark the river was filled with boats, tourists and locals and lots of water candles, the streets are lined with lanterns and the streets are busy with food carts, stalls and more than one seller selling these cute water candles for around 5,000 VND.

Along with the food, the water and the candles their are loads of street games like the blind drummer and the locals have a great time laughing and joking whilst the tourists join in on the traditional games.

The propaganda posters are also out in force in these region.

It is so interesting walking the streets, hearing the decent languages also enjoying a cooler day in Central Vietnam and taking in the local food and sights.

It's truly like a much more organised Bali without the bogan Aussie and their Bintang singlets. It's a shame really that Bali has become overrun by Aussies as it takes one to venture a bit further to escape the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie pride.

The locals here are so lovely and the hotel staff at Lang Co are just beautiful. We did some paddle boarding and other water sports yesterday and worst of all was me trying to ride a bike again, fail!

Speaking of Indonesia I just heard there will be no more VISA's, HOORAY!

Until tomorrow it's off to breakfast and I am so excited, we are off to a local school (hopefully if our booking is confirmed) to help locals learn English. But more importantly for them to teach me tieng Viet xo

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