Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saigon, Y'all!

After our longest stay in one hotel and one place (The Banyen Tree, Lang Co - close to Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An) it was a travelling day, first travelling via car transfer to Hue airport (so cute one gate and lot's of foreigner confusion, it really does help when you can count to ten in another language at an airport I noticed) and then a flight on the national carrier Vietnam Airlines to Saigon AKA Ho Chi Ming City.

The drive to the airport was honestly as long as our flight, Central Vietnam is huge, green and the streets are lined with cows, water buffalos and shops selling the dish famous in Hue, Bun Bo Hue.

The flight was easy I didn't even get to finish the latest Walking Dead episode :(

We then got a taxi through the crazy ass streets of Saigon (which I mastered crossing the road after a couple of attempts) filled with scooters, people, tour buses and taxis.

Saigon is crazy busy, but crazy good also and the food is spectacular, the wraps we had at Wrap & Roll were fantastic, sugar cane prawns, grilled beef, vermicelli and fresh greens, delicious.

We then had traditional Vietnamese pancakes (Banh Xeo) after a drink at the tallest building in Saigon's bar.

Honestly walking around the streets of Saigon, you could be in any large Asian city, it's bustling, their are markets, great old and new buildings, scooters zooming up the streets and at times the side walks. But Vietnam has this rich history that even gets included in it's street names.

Saigon is a must see and I am so glad I have seen another side of Asia on this trip, not only Saigon and Da Nang, but all it's surrounds, I think one could get lost in Vietnam from the South to the North and the picturesque Central in the middle, Vietnam has it all.


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