Thursday, March 3, 2016

Andrew Bolt was likeable for 2 minutes and then went back to his MOST hated ways...

Still hated here...

But then... HERE for VIDEO and words

But then he changed his mind again, HERE, wow this guy really knows how to piss off the world.

Like most conservative columnists he likes to go against whats popular and say he is being honest and won't be brought out by anyone. That said he works for News Corp AKA Rupert Murdoch.

This said their is still NO plans for the Bolt Report to return to Free to Air TV which is damn fine news in my book. The program completely paid for from New Corp is nothing short of throwing money down the toilet, for a small number of viewers and the least watched Sunday morning News/Current Affair program.

Like Miranda Devine the George Pell supporters are few and far between and it's not that I dislike the entire Catholic Church (well I sort of do) but these institutions have been avoiding paying tax, being accountable for their actions and always run scare campaigns. In 2016 institutions like this seem more outdated and more irrelevant than ever.

Well I am off to Bali to escape the Royal Commission, Super Tuesday and the madness of Bill Shorten vs Malcolm T. You would hardly know it's an election year in Australia with the Australian politicians just hanging around like farts in lifts giving us more dribble than ever.

Happy Thursday dear readers, see you on the other side of the weekend back in Australia...

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