Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why Shameless is easily one of the BEST shows on TV

Shameless (the USA version) now in it's sixth season has really excelled with the best gay character and cutest storyline in seasons for young Ian. Falling for a handsome firefighter, Ian (Cameron Monaghan - also brilliant in the first half of this season's much improved Gotham) and Caleb (real life - Jeff Pierre (super hot INSTA here) are having the cutest new relationship.

Lip is also super hit as he grows older and his Mother issues are just getting wilder and wilder.

The best news is the series is already green lit for season seven, meaning even though this series is at the halfway mark another amazing round of Gallagher madness and sex is on the way.

By a series sixth season things usually start to go belly up or bat shit crazy, we all remember True Blood, great show but bat shit crazy and they had a series of books to follow.

Ratings wise as well for Showtime the show is as steady as a rock, it has no peaks or dips, just slow and steady, nice.

Emmy Rossum (speaking of steady) continues to impress as big sis Fiona and neighbours V & Kev are just amazing, I cannot say enough about this wonderful Showtime (soon to be a classic) starting in 2011, this show will return again in January 2017, giving it an exceptional 7 season run with no seventh and final wording around as yet.

Shameless give it a whirl today all six (well halfway through six) are totally binge worthy!

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