Monday, June 5, 2017

Silver Screen in 2017 {Baywatch}

I enjoy nothing more than an Australian film, however my other main cinema love is TRASH! Time to enter a reboot, a famous 90's show that gave use Pamela Anderson and re, hot swimsuits, Baywatch.

But this is no PG-13 film, it's got lot's of choice four letter words, a fake penis scene (unfortunately no Efron dong nor the Rock dong) and a lot of ladies in clingy clothes. Oh and hello queen of Quantico as the bad boss bitch.

This is honestly a no brain, popcorn, flashback and 90's throwback.

I enjoyed this and had no idea I would see a YASSSSS Queen movie tonight (making it three in a row if your counting. At the time I left the cinema I was impressed, I dug the music, the Efron and the basic storyline. But other it's really just another Hollywood piece of Trump fluff.

Look if you need an easy, let your hair down and enjoy some sexy beach bodies on the big screen this Winter, this is your film. It's slick, well produced and it almost doesn't over stay it's welcome.

I can't see the sequel getting a look in after a poor turnout in the US at the box office, however I will pass this for some handsome, youthful and damn fine Efron action, 3 Stars. Also the nostalgia of Baywatch was a bit of fun, look out for Pammy Anderson @ the end.

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