Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pumping Money into Stadiums in NSW

Why? Have you looked at the numbers? Or Donald Trump's favourite, the Fake News?

Ok so ANZ Stadium/Homebush is about as popular as a debate on Gay Marriage in mid-late 2017. For years now I have been amazed at why anyone would wanted to go out to ANZ Stadium to watch NRL, AFL (Oh wait Sydney Swans took all their home games back to the SCG) or a concert?

And now the numbers speak for themselves, NRL games last week attracted less than 7,000 (these were published numbers, not actual scanned ticketed entries) people per game. Two nights of less than 7,000 people in an 83,500 seat venue. Wow so that is like just over 8%. Wow.

So NSW wants to invest in this stadium, why?

Well who knows but in all honesty is their is no toll on the M4 to get to Homebush before and the crowds were shit, what will a toll on the M4 do to crowds at the Olympic wasteland?

Time will tell but man, Super Rugby is losing the WA team, NRL is firing coaches, should we maybe just look at getting fans to fill the empty 76,500 odd seats?

Just a thought. Good Night.

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