Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Keepers

Netflix delivers another murder/mystery documentary following the huge success of Making a Murderer.

Airing on Netflix mid May, 2017 I finally caught up with the series this month and it's one that stays with you. Like Making a Murderer justice is never served (spoiler alert) and if you didn't like the organisation known as the Catholic church before watching this, I challenge you to approve of their cover ups after this.

The murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik is heartbreaking, however the sexual abuse at Baltimore's now closed Keough High School is horrific.

The documentary series lead by two incredible former students of Cesnik has been meet by the highest critical praise, and everyone I have spoken to who has watched the series has been blown away.

Netflix continues to deliver both series and documentaries which are of the highest quality and really hitting it's competitors (including movie/big budget producers) where it hurts.

The Keepers is outstanding but not for the faint hearted, by episode two it gets real dark, real fast. It's seven episodes and simply wonderful.

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