Friday, August 11, 2017

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

Why oh why? And why Olivia Newton John? This is some hard up shit right now, but that said even Karl & Lisa from Australia's Today show gave this one a good hard crack.

Sharknado is the kind of trash you have on in the background once one is folding their smalls and to be honest no one (mainly the stars and guest stars) take this extremely serious.

Margaret Cho and Jai Rodriguez make the most unbelievable couple on a honeymoon before of course being hit by sharks (multiple in Cho's case). Sorry for the spoiler alert but we know almost everyone dies by the fifth TV film on Syfy by now right?

Another spoiler alert at the end of the film it says to be continued and with limited leads left by the end of this film who knows where and when this will end. However it's Summer in the USA and sharks go with Summer right?

If there was anyone taking this serious it would be a train wreck but as it's all cheese (extra cheese) then really in a world going to hell in an Ivanka Trump branded handbag fuck it, this is entertainment in 2017.

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