Saturday, March 7, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

So let me be clear, the Awards season is a distant memory and it's time for the films to be released which just would have failed up against Still Alice, Wild, Foxcatcher etc, so they open later and today I had the pleasure of catching.... UNFINISHED BUSINESS

So I didn't see the trailer to this film until I saw it appear on my session times page of my local cinema. Problem! Were was the advance trailers at the movies? I have seen multiple movies and NEVER seen the trailer for Unfinished Business not did I know one of the most handsome men in hollywood was in this film. No not Vince Vaughn or Tom Wilkinson, the DREAMY Dave Franco.

Dave Franco is almost 30 and one of the most handsome and dreamy things to appear on the big screen. I have said dreamy a lot, but fuck man, he is HOT, he is a dreamboat, he is a vision and not as controversial as his older brother James but just as delightful and a damn good little actor too.

So three paragraphs in and I am yet to talk about the film, however not seeing the trailer or any marketing prior to this week, not a good start distributors.

Anyway this is your run of the mill gross out film and Vince Vaughn just does not have it. I'm sorry he has done some shit films:

* Anchorman (I know it was loved by the masses, but it was SHIT)
* The Break Up
* Zoolander (Like Anchorman, I don't give a fuck, BORING)
* Dodgeball
* Couples Retreat
* The Break Up

I could go on, trust I could.

But with Dave Franco and James Marsden on the screen in front of me it's hard to hate on this film. Their is also a scene where they discuss bullying and social media whilst being young and being bullied that really touched me. It must be so hard being young in 2015, life was actually easier without technology and social media, believe it or not. There was a time you could just, sounds silly but be a carefree kid.

This doesn't make up for the fact that the film is largely not funny and poorly written, the jokes never really land well and Vaughn is just wrong for this role. Dave Franco on the other hand is great as a naive and cute younger, new employee for Vaughn.

It's not all bad news, there is a bit of fun in amongst the shit.

I will pass this for Franco and the fact I hope some young bullies see this film squarely aimed at young shits who might think, hey bullying is fucked, people are different let me flick my hair and move on, on that note I give this 2.5 Stars.

Happy Mardi Gras (whatever that means) one and all xo

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