Friday, March 6, 2015

Six Episode Series are the New Black

Why over stay you're welcome I always say and TV shows are like one night stands sometimes, they linger like a fart in a lift. Take a look at Revenge 23 episodes this season when the show is already a sinking ship, this makes this the longest and most drawn out season yet. In years past Glee was pushing it with 22 episodes the first 4 years and how on Earth can folk keep up with 13 episode Netflix ordered shows that all drop on the one day.

I was pleased however to read (like yesterday's blogged about Aussie piece Secrets & Lies) Winter is only a six episode run. Winter is slightly strange it follows the normal crime/thriller checklist but seems to be missing something. Rebecca Gibney is now the Queen of Aussie Commercial TV but it seems even Bec can't help this one. Again like Secrets & Lies not over staying it's welcome and also being decent Aussie Drama but since it's first airing has shed 500,000 viewers to well under the magic million.

Will Seven bring this back a third time? Remember this was a spin off (and really a smart way to launch a new series) from the tele movie The Killing Field.

I can't see this one returning to be honest I feel it's done it's dash and after the tele movie and this mystery it might be best again like Secrets & Lies for this to be a one time wonder.

It's no wonder (despite me and others interested in challenging, engaging and confronting TV) that Australia will continue to trot out reality, reality & more reality as it's cheap, rates (and if it doesn't they sure sell it to potential advertisers that it does) and it covers a lot of air time. Look at I'm a Celebrity, Sun to Thu, that's five nights of easy content.

So unfortunately as much as six episodes get a massive thumbs up from and Aussie drama is seemingly trying hard I think we are a way off removing all the reality rubbish from our screens anytime soon...

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