Thursday, March 5, 2015

Secrets & Lies V Secrets & Lies

Channel Ten has created some good (and not so good) dramas over recent times. Some have rated, some have flopped and it's a shame some that flopped were actually better then well I'm going to say it, Offspring.

Secrets and Lies was a tight 6 episode season with the handsome Martin Henderson seldom wearing a shirt. Hot. However the show never achieved more than half a million viewers, lucky for the production company involved the show was sold to the US of A and the ABC network for Ryan Phillippe & Juliette Lewis.

And man does Ryan P look HOT for 40. Remember Cruel Intentions, would a spunk rat.

So how does a 6 episode single season mystery turn into 10 episode mid season replacement in the US? Well the first two episodes were good, not great but good. It's almost like re-watching a show with new actors in the old actors place. It's much the same watching the American version (still with Mrs Melissa George) The Slap.

Australia has done well in drama and again this makes me sick as to why we are turning out so much shitty second rate (and third rate in same cases) reality series. At least Foxtel has seen the light and already green lit another season of Wentworth taking the ladies drama up to 4 seasons (Season 3 to start next month on Soho). Regardless of how many viewers it gets in Australia Wentworth has been sold to 20 countries. Not bad for an all ladies (well mostly there is that hot Kiwi bloke in there) drama series airing on a Pay TV network.

So Secrets and Lies will Ten take more gambles on good solid drama that could in turn be sold overseas and they could rebuild their brand this way? I don't think so, in opening 2015 Channel Ten is as useless as ever their top ranking show on Tuesday night this week was at number 13 and ahead of it was a repeat of Big Bang Theory. Point made. Channel Ten it's time to wake up and smell the roses, news rates yet you have the lowest rating commercial news evening broadcast (the ABC news is also watched by twice as many punters) & let's face it your top rating show fails to reach 700K punters, how the hell do you sell any advertising.

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