Saturday, December 5, 2015

2,150 Posts and GROWING

Wow it's Summer it's warm and Christmas is almost here, my end of year lists are also well and truly on the way too!

Yes the Best Movies and categories of 2015 will be coming this month, here is a look at the list from 2014.

2015 has been an interesting old year for film, whether it's Australian cinema, outdoor cinema (how many fucking outdoor cinemas is there now) or just a good old Julianne Moore tear jerker. Not to mention Toni Collette making me cry at the cinema too, bitch.

Now on Flashing off the Record (my Music blog) there will be loads of Summer Music lists all Summer long, looking at Male Artists of 2015, Female Artists and this Sunday the hottest 20 songs of the last three months. So if you love a music list like I do, hop along NOW!

It's almost time as well to announce the Album of the Year (International album, the Australian album of 2015 will be announced on Australia Day) and next month both blogs will pay homage to Australian music as we gear up for Australia Day 2016.

It's been a huge year, I have travelled domestically, internationally, pushed through boot camp for almost the whole year, saw my beautiful mother endure 72 days in hospital and now have some me time to reflect on 2015.

So over the next few weeks as the movies dry up (I've seen a lot lately right) I will be posting a lot more posts that are not movie review related.

I can't believe I am up to post number 2,150 and over on Flashing off the Record this year alone I have posted 304 posts and counting.

So enjoy reading over Summer and Happy Holidays as the festival season is well and truly on, and those off to Parramatta today for The Plot have a wonderful time and I have to post about Parramatta soon, I have seen, read and been so impressed by what I am seeing coming out of Australia's next big city, well done.

If you do rock up at the Plot today please check out Tkay Maidza, she is truly brilliant live and support my local girl East from the Central Coast, great line up, here is a taste of it and some of the best new music coming out of this fucking brilliant country right about now.

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