Friday, December 4, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

Another week, another Christmas tale, this time THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Before we go on, you either like Seth Rogan/gross out comedies or you don't and if you don't, maybe wait for me to review something else or discuss general shit, cause this if you watched the red band trailer above will not interest you.

The Night Before follows on from me seeing Love the Coopers last week and really I mostly enjoyed it, however this was next level laugh out loud comedy shit.

Joseph Gordon Levitt, is DIVINE and him and Miley on stage singing "Wrecking Ball" at a Christmas bash is AMAZING.

The cast is talented and like Miley, a sea of celebs drop by this Christmas film James Franco (the gay love affair between him and Seth Rogan continues), Tracy Morgan, Michael Shannon and the brilliant Lizzy Caplan as Levitt's love interest.

Anthony Mackie is not only handsome but brilliant joint Rogan and Levitt as these three Christmas musketeers.

Lines like "Pop That Pussy" in relation to Rogan talking about his unborn child in a future drug haze scene are too much (trust me you have to see this to laugh out loud like I did) and ignoring the recent drug deaths at recent Music Festivals in Australia, Rogans drug induced craziness is one of the standouts in this film.

Levitt comes off the back of the big box office bomb The Walk and is so much better just being that young, mid thirties, cool kid. He is just so fucking cool it pains me sometimes.

To say he is my Hollywood crush is an understatement. He is just to handsome for words.

OK so next up is the Star rating and I have seen some average ass films in the lead up to Christmas so this may seem high, but 4 jingle bell ringing and Christmas loving Stars, well done boys.

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