Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jessica Jones.

So I loved Daredevil back in April 2015 (it then got renewed and I got moist) but Jessica Jones, I am two episodes in on this binge ride and I am not there yet.

Critically this show has been acclaimed as Bloodline, Daredevil and House of Cards. I have to say I completely lost interest in Orange is the New Black at the end of series 2 (maybe all the Wentworth/Women's prison dramas in my life was too much) but usually with Netflix series once I am in, I'm in.

The whole all episodes on X day sometimes give you a mammoth task of say like Jessica Jones 13 episodes in your face all at once. I am a huge fan of like what Scream Queens did, start with a double episode, finish with a double episode. But 13 hour long shows at once, can sometimes be a bit much.

That said I do like the cast and lead Krysten Ritter is great and an interesting new leading lady whilst Mike Colter is just plain handsome as Luke Cage (who will also get a series in 2016 on Netflix) and lastly Aussie (kiss of death) Rachael Taylor may have landed herself a role on a show that doesn't get cancelled immediately.

Taylors former leading lady shows:

Crisis - cancelled by NBC
666 Park Avenue - Cancelled by ABC
Charlies Angels - 2011 reboot cancelled after only a few episodes and had critics and fans running for the hills.

So Jessica Jones, let's focus on the girl power positives, it is smart, well written and unlike the above mentioned Charlie's Angels the action scenes are wonderful.

The comic book/action series market in the US is currently so crowded, Arrow, The Flash, iZombie and soon to hit the CW Legends of Tomorrow is just on one Network alone. Then we have Gotham, Supergirl, Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and soon to air (however the pilot leaked all over the net) Lucifer.

Sometimes all this same/same but different (CSI franchise I'm looking at you) can be good for a few seasons but then the public find something else they have a taste that can only be filled by multiple shows on multiple stations on multiple days.

Netflix allows fans to really dig there teeth into a series and not do the whole September to May US TV season, however this can then lead to waiting close to (or depending on your binge) one entire year till the cliffhanger is resolved.

So I have to be bold and say by the end of episode two I am not yet in love but may fall in this with yet another Marvel hero. I have to say though the Deadpool trailer is really getting me excited for 2016 at the cinema. As the end of 2015 is well, all about Star Wars and other blockbuster franchises and not a lot else.

Ok so that's it for Pension Thursday, have a great day, bye for now...

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