Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bad News, Good News

Sometimes bad news can actually be good news you know. At this time of the year our patience is tested, our relationships are tested and our time is tested. We all rush around to get those last minute gifts, we all panic that what we get our loved ones is good enough and shows how much we care about them, we all strive to make Christmas a memorable day. But why is one day so important over all the other 364 days?

I know I bang on a lot about Christmas not being the be all and end all but really why do we stress that the gravy is perfect, we have enough ice, the wine is the right wine or the gift is just right?

I have no idea why one day a year, at the end of a long (and after watching 7:30 tonight with the divine Leigh Sales, 2015 has been a cunt of a year right?) year there is so much pressure put on Christmas. And don't get me started on the expectations for New Years Eve.

So back to 7:30, the 15 minute clip of 2015 made me feel lucky, loved, healthy and grateful for what I have. I am not in a war torn country being destroyed by peoples mad thoughts on their faith, I am not a victim of domestic violence, I am not mourning a loved one over Christmas (although my dear great Aunt you are in my thoughts, but 103 was one hell of an innings) like victims of terrorism, the Chan and Sukumaran families of anyone who has lost someone this year.

I reflected upon some news with anger today, but after a great RPM (spin, bike class at the gym) with the amazing George, I realised life is grand, life is short and life needs to be taken by the handlebar (so to speak when in an RPM class).

2016 will be a better year, but 2015 has been a year (more so recently) I have shared with friends and family. A year of memories (some good and some bad), a year of learnings, a year of experiences, a year filled with local and international travel, a year filled with boot camp and challenges to my fitness and most importably a year of growing older and I hope wiser.

2015 a year of good (no Tony Abbott as a national embarrassment anymore) and bad (terrorism and international tears) news and 2016 will be another year of good and bad news stories but we all have to make the decision to live positively and I am a strong believer in living actively, testing yourself physically and challenging yourself. Learn to love yourself and learn to love your body.

That's my pre-christmas pep talk, same time tomorrow?

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