Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sick Bay

For the first time in almost (or just over, not 100% sure) I have vomited and by vomiting I mean extreme violence and pressure from the mouth and nose. I was sick as a dog Sunday night, Monday I was like an extra from the Walking Dead and today my body has done something so weird, it's bounced back, not 100% to my normal boot camp going self but this weird middle me.

Food is more attractive and I am being more adventurous than eating dry toast and vegemite.

So in summary in being sick I missed my Sunday night movie (thank god in a way or otherwise King Street Newtown would have copped it) and I missed an advance screening of Suffragette on Monday and have become glued to the new series Quantico from the troubled US ABC network. After several flops in 2015 ABC has seen Wicked City pulled from the air after only three episodes, Blood and Oil wrapping up with only ten episodes (and what a shitty ending by the way - so wish I didn't have to see out shows to see how the end game plays out) and the Muppets also under performing.

As I sit here catching up on the second last episode of the brilliant Homeland (thank god season six has been green lit) I wonder what tomorrow will bring on my second worst and most violent spell of gastro.

I am so unsure of how this came to be but Sydney a warning, it's going around says my local GP so look out. Apparently public pools are a breeding ground for it and god knows about some of Sydney's restaurants.

So hence less posts lately and I am finally back on top of Flashing off the Record and this weeks impressive feature CD below.

Until next time, good night and of course none of what I am going through compares to what the people of the Sydney Siege faced this time last year, so my thoughts are with you. My thoughts are also with families who are doing it tough this Christmas, Christmas is not an easy time for all so if you can help someone less fortunate out than yourself, that to me is what Christmas time is all about.

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