Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#I'mNotDavidNorMargaret, Film Reviews My Way 2015

What happens when a film is an already well told tale and one known by all, throw some special effects and hope for the best and that describes my viewing IN THE HEART OF THE SEA {3D + Preview}.

So also what happens when all the best parts of the film are in the trailer? (we have all seen this in comedy trailers when included in said trailer all the major laughs are included) You sit there (for all 2 hours) ticking boxes of what you remember from the trailer.

Unfortunately the start of this film is so dull I made a pre Christmas to do list in my head three times over.

Chris Hemsworth can't save this Ron Howard directed epic adventure film. The film is based on the Moby Dick novel and the sinking of the Essex ship.

The whaling scenes are full on and one of the only things not included in the trailer. So if you are interested in seeing this film and want some surprises, don't hit play above.

The 3D actually does work in this film (unlike Hunger Games recently) which is becoming rare these days.

All this said it really is a 2 Star film, I can't pass this one. It felt so dull in points that you just wanted the Whale to appear again even on land. Going up against Spectre and Hunger Games it will be hard for this film to be a major box office success story.

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