Tuesday, December 8, 2015

All I can say is WHY?

Yesterday was one of those days where I pushed through a few too many early mornings and boot camps and found two articles which truly shocked me. American and their guns and Australia and someone thinking a ten year celebration of the Cronulla Riots is a good idea.

I don't know if it was just because I was tired or emotional but this shit is fucked up.

The US & guns:

This list is a disgrace, the NRA completely has blood on it's hands and I would challenge you to find another country with so many mass shootings in one year.

Australia thank god saw the light after only one mass shooting in Port Arthur.

Cronulla and the Ten Year Anniverasy which has seen the area lose tourism and become the end to all racist jokes:

This weekend the Party for Freedom (another kooky far right wing group) is not only selling insane merch but trying to have a celebration to mark the anniversary for one of the worst events in Australian history.

Australia needs to keep calm now and not pander to what terrorists want us to do, which is turn on one another. If someone is different and doesn't sell the vile institution of Christmas or Easter (which if we really look at ourselves, the only people winning at these times of the year are big business) don't judge them or think they are strange, we are all entitled to have different beliefs or traditions.

Some people may think I'm insane for labelling Christmas and Easter "vile", well look vile is a strong word but I recently volunteered at an event and Christmas isn't about how many gifts you give your child on this ONE day or at Easter how much chocolate you give them, it's an all round job.

I see myself as a giving person, all year round, not because I am told by the local shopping centre we have a 50% off Christmas sale.

So my point is people of Cronulla and the haters out there in the UPF, Party for Freedom or any of these other demented far right groups, difference in people, whether it be their religion, colour, traditions or values makes us all interesting to one another.

Imagine a world of all white, all straight, all Christian, all conservative, all married with two kids, all Bolt Report watching, 2GB/3AW (for my Melbourne folk) listening and Daily Telegraph/Herald Sun (agin for you Melbourne) reading folk. The world WOULD be fucking boring as bat shit.

Australia embrace difference, Australia learn to love again, Australia learn to accept we are a nation of many, white, black, Asian, Middle Eastern and everything in between and that's what makes us great.

So this Christmas, instead of being a statistic of eating too much and adding to our growing issue of Australian's overweight, stop and think of someone else, do a good deed, talk to someone outside your Facebook friends or Instagram followers, LIVE a little.

Rant over, Merry fucking Christmas, if ever the world needed HOPE (American & Cronulla I am looking at you) it's now.

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