Sunday, January 3, 2016

Billions | Pilot

Damian Lewis returns to Showtime after his successful run in Homeland. Paul Giamatti is the other drawcard in Showtime's new drama series.

Airing alongside the brilliant Shameless (Season 6 episode 1 is also online and it's brilliant - btw on a side note) this show joins other Showtime dramas The Affair, Masters of Sex, Ray Donovan and a number of comedies.

Showtime and HBO have the monopoly on what was described originally as the Golden Age of TV, then Netflix churned out a number of huge series (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and the list continues) and suddenly other US networks joined this movement like FX with Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story and even some of the regular channels had a crack too.

So it's with great anticipation that Lewis returns to Showtime and a new drama commences on this powerhouse network.

Billions is setting itself up to be brilliant and I am excited about what was the pilot, opening with bondage scene and the typical amount of Showtime language this series I think will be well received by the critics and also by drama fans alike.

The US 2015-2016 has been a little ordinary for new shows with many being cancelled or episode orders being cut on the major networks however Showtime and HBO usually stand by their shows, so I am hoping with good word of mouth (with the pilot episode airing (online) around 3 weeks ahead of the scheduled debut and then the schedule debut will be followed by the second episode appearing online, nice) and the typical Showtime good promotion this show will be a success.

Billions is set in New York and is a real story about what happens in the world and leaves the comic book conversions to the CW, CBS and FOX. IT's always refreshing to see an interesting story with a good cast, so for me this is a new addition to my already packed schedule for the 2015-2016 viewing.

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