Sunday, January 31, 2016

Making a Murderer - Netflix strikes GOLD and 2016 is looking DAMN HOT!

The most talked about Netflix series (doco) over the Summer period and I am writing about it almost at the end of the long, wet, sometimes hot, stormy, bushfire infested, flooding Summer of 2015/2016.

It's been a shit Summer right, Spring was better, Autumn will almost definitely be better and Winter will be cold, wet and almost a repeat of Summer just without those random hot days, followed by a cold wet one.

Anyway Netflix has continued over Summer world domination, blocking VPN's, adding content, renewing House of Cards for a fifth season ahead of the fourth season air date, had great reviews for Jessica Jones, adding another season to it's already growing belt of Superhero shows. Speaking of Luke Cage (the next Netflix Marvel attempt is likely to land in November), along with The Get Down's Part One, coming in August.

Along with these shows, the re-worked Fuller House and Love are coming next month, Luke Cage maybe in November (Twitter clue recently online), the above mentioned House of Cards Season4 coming March 4, Orange is the New Black June 17 and finally again at Marvel Daredevil Season Two coming on March 18, making it an 11 month rest since we got the brilliant Season One last April.

All this on the way and Australian TV networks are excited that after the Tennis and Cricket we get another season of MKR and Australia's Got Talent. Wow I think $10 a month is sounding pretty fucking good right now!

So Making a Murderer it compelled millions to talk about it online, it was the first thing I heard about returning to my local boot camp, my place of casual Summer work, at lunches/breakfasts/dinners out, at Summer parties, it was inescapable.

People everywhere were talking about Steven Avery, people everywhere were outraged at the judicial system in Manitowoc County. A place I had never heard of before this. So I jumped in binged all 10 hours worth of this well made and truly distressing documentary.

What I found was pure incompetence, frightening lack of justice and also my understanding of the criminal system was lacking. That said I was still thinking to myself at the end if not Steven Avery who committed this crime, how did it happen, why was it on his property, how did the police get away with what they did with his previous case??????

More questions were left unanswered by the end than answered and perhaps this is why the show has been such a success.

The team at Netflix is 100% at the top of their game, HBO and Showtime in the USA must be scared, the long time running kings of drama now have a major competitor. Not only cable in the US but commercially operating stations worldwide should be on notice. No one watches standard TV anymore, and by no one I mean no one in the targeted key demos advertisers want to reach. Anyone under 39 is too busy working, checking their smart phones, playing on social media, stalking on social media or just generally having a life.

Netflix is pure perfection right now and like Uber and Airbnb the business models across many areas are changing and changing fast. If you are sitting back now (like Channel 7,9 and 10 have been for the past number of decades) hoping things will remain the same, well I have news for you even without broadband and the NBN nationally Australia is online and changing rapidly. Sorry local stations it's time to change or face the reality of the taxi industry in Australia, some hotel chains or actually your own ratings numbers, which really are quiet telling at present that Australia is in bed with Netflix already.

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