Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce | Summer Trash Viewing

Summer is a no go zone for TV and the trash is like a cockroach in a nuclear explosion, this seems to be the only thing that survives. In the US currently The Royals is still showing on E Network some Real Housewives is currently still screening and maybe the most trashy current Superhero series Supergirl is still airing the occasional episode.

So Girlfriends Guide to Divorce is the first scripted drama at Bravo (a station known for dodgy reality trash) but this is scripted drama trash. And like Mistresses and Devious Maids it puts ladies to the front.

The only problem when there are multiple shows exploring similar themes it becomes a little same/same and only a little different. Devious Maids is a brilliant show and written and created by the brilliant TV mind Marc Cherry with some help from former housewife Eva Longoria this show has given women, drama, scandals and heaps of sexy men.

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce lacks the sexy men, lacks the mystery and really just becomes another ABC style Mistresses, with divorce, broken relationships and children being caught in the middle the main story lines.

I think there is potential for this show despite me saying it's almost the worst of the three female dramas mentioned above. The cast is small and tight, just not that super interesting, however with time I may grow to like these ladies a little more.

The show is currently in it's second season and I would have to say I am not sure how long this show can run for. That said Mistresses continues to get renewed with few viewers and little social love.

So Girlfriends Guide two seasons in has over 181K likes on Facebook, Mistresses has over 387K and Devious Maids on a smaller network has over 744K likes. Crazy. Unfortunately in 2016 social media matters.

In summary on this random review/rant this is not the best trash on offer but it's not the worst as the Golden Age of TV really continues, bring on Agent Carter Season 2, the long awaited Hit the Floor Season 3 and the final three episodes of the Lady Gaga starring bat shit crazy American Horror Story. Also exciting is American Crime Story and the very similarly titled American Crime Season 2.

So much TV, so little time, and then there is films galore on the way too. Sisters is in cinemas this Thursday and still showing the amazing new Star Wars, Joy and Point Break.

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