Tuesday, January 12, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Leo DiCaprio can do no wrong. Since the early days of Romeo + Juliet Leo has surrounded himself by talent and involved himself in classy and good roles. The role of Hugh Glass in THE REVENANT could finally earn Leo an Oscar.

This movie is a brilliant tale of survival, revenge and human spirit. I was compelled by all close to 3 hours of this wonderful film. After winning a Golden Globe for Best Actor (Leo), Best Director and Best Motion Picture - Drama, this film (released just in time for all these awards) is on the way to a string of awards in the coming award season.

Tom Hardy also deserves a mention as a wonderful support to Leo in this amazing based on True Events tale.

The score to this movie along with "that bear scene" and the scenery (mostly filmed in Canada) is sublime and all adds to the TOTAL movie experience. Being released first in the USA late last year to be eligible for the 88th Academy Awards, this film is getting a larger US release now (nationally and not so limited) and a UK release on the 15th. So little old Australia is smack bang in the middle.

I have to be honest I was taken by the trailer (like Joy - which I ended up liking) but once you are in the cinema and in this world it's amazing. Easily one of the best Summer 2015/2016 films and I am not sure why I picked it for more of my Globes picks HERE.

From my Globes picks however I think I only got one right, sad face.

Anyway if you are in the mood for a film this week, easily one of the best on screen (along with the amazing Star Wars, but you have already seen this two or three times by now right?) right now.

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So back to The Revenant, this is great, I can't say enough about this film and it will be one I talk about for a while or until I get around to seeing Sisters at least.

I have a feeling in between all the Super Hero films this year there will be some real gems (and don't get me wrong some of the Super Hero films will be tops too) and this is one, 4.5 WILD Stars, terrific.

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