Thursday, January 14, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016 (Double Feature GIRL Powered Thursday Edition)

It's Late Night Shopping, it's new movie day and in this Blockbuster edition of That Movie Gay #2016 you will read reviews (and commentary) for SISTERS (released last Thursday in Australia) and CAROL (released today in Australia).

First up in today's edition SISTERS.

We saw it in Trainwreck, it's alive on comedy stages across the country and the world, ladies are fucking funny and these two together - dynamite.

What works best for this film is Fey and Poehler together. Their solo scenes (whoops that sounds like porn) still work but together they are golden.

In a world of serious news, celebrity passings and terror fears the world needs to chill the fuck out and laugh out loud, shame the audience I saw this with were stuff as boards, deaf or for some reason a set of parents brought their child to this (basically it's a sex comedy in line with Trainwreck, female filth like Bridesmaids, that standard and yes the C word is featured - hooray!) film.

So my audience was a shocking indication of how this film should be viewed. I loved every second of this, I loved John Cena turning into a comedy star, Maya Rudolph was wonderful (a flashback to Bridesmaids brilliance) and the rest of the cast including Poehler and Fey's film parents were ace.

I can't say enough good things about this adult comedy, so happy to see an adult film appear in the swag of school holiday nonsense. 4 Stars for this fun, amusing and extremely well written feature. Good work ladies.

Now to CAROL, now that is TOTALLY different!

What happens when a film has been so built up that you leave thinking WTF, am I different, why am I not agreeing with the majority? Well that does happen to me a lot but in all honesty I did not 100% enjoy Carol.

I did enjoy Cate Blanchett and look Blue Jasmine from 2013 is still one of my favourite films of ALL TIME and her role in that was fucking superb, this however with the dreamy costumes, the rich husband, all felt a little same/same but this time instead of being bat shit crazy, she was crazy in love with a younger Rooney Mara. After seeing the beautiful true love story and battle for equality in Freeheld with the divine Julianne Moore late last year, this just didn't measure up.

I wanted to love this slow moving romance SO MUCH, believe me I did, I had only heard good things from critics and friends alike, the trailer looked brilliant and Cate, well she is fab. As is Mara in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US version) and Sarah Paulson in multiple roles in the American Horror Story series.

The ending was my main issue and no spoilers here but I felt like Suffragette, like it was incomplete or something, that said there was no much to wrap up, however it just ended. Bang, roll credits the end, we sat through two hours and then credits...

Look don't get me wrong it's better than you're average drama but around awards times and finally a big week of ADULT films (The Hateful Eight & The Big Short) and even a cute teen end of the world series The 5th Wave. So this film has a bit of a limited appeal (the audience I saw this with was 80% ladies, of that 60% of the 80% enjoyed the company of another woman) and I couldn't help but think back to SISTERS and Tina Fey's characters disinterest in becoming a lesbian due to the level of talking things through.

And maybe as a male that's why I lost interest multiple times, the constant talking.

Carol is not going to wet everyone's whistle (but the critics are moist for it clearly) 3 Stars.

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