Saturday, January 30, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Please ignore the next review if you are easily offended or don't like people preying on Zac Efron like he is a piece of man meat as that's what the review for DIRTY GRANDPA beholds, here is the unedited fully rude as trailer...

Now I love ZAC EFRON first up, I used to work with another Gay in a former workplace and he loved Zac back in High School the Musical days and I thought he was on Meth (and that's when Meth wasn't a thing) but Zac is one of those guys who has gone from blah to fuck my ass you are super hot as.

In this film he does the Macarena with only a stuffed toy over his junk, bares his perfect rear end multiple times and is void of a shirt for the majority of the second half of the film.

Now to the film as the Zac Efron sexiness is my main reason behind the star rating of this very average gross out/sex/nothing is off limits comedy.

Look it has redeeming features which most reviewers will overlook but this people probably avoid spending time with some of the most wise and experienced people in our lives, our grandparents. I for one spend Saturday nights with mine having meat and three veggies.

I have spent 2 out of the last 4 Saturdays with my Grandma and Grandpa and my Grandpa doesn't say fuck or buttfucker often but he does find sex funny like a grade 3 school boy making me see this film through his eyes, my eyes and a very general public eye.

Yes all the swearing and sex is a bit much, Aubrey Plaza's character Lenore is horrific and if I was a girl I would be super pissed a character like this was on the big screen in 2016 but Zac Efron adds such appeal for women (and maybe even more men like me, and look he is 28 now so he is no longer jail bait nor looks like, he is BUFF as in this film) and like Neighbours 2 (the original one of my favourite comedies of the past few years) he loves to go topless.

Now overall aside from the being nice to your older relatives and spending quality time with them, the rom com element of the film is so predictable a 3 year old would have guessed who Efron would end up with and De Niro (I have not mentioned him till now as this was such weird casting, but a man gotta work right?) his final scenes were just weird and fucked up. Most fucked up was the opening funeral scene in which Efron's Grandma who has just passed has the most random of get togethers.

Look most people will hate this film, some reviewers (Today's - Saturday Telegraph for example) gave this film 0 stars, I am not like them. Yes at the moment we are spoilt for choice, great dramas (Spotlight, The Big Short, Joy & Room), survival at the greatest odds (The Revenant & The Hateful Eight) and along with these there is some other shit The 5th Wave for example out there, so Dirty Grandpa is not the best nor worst on offer.

You will either laugh a little (most of the funny bits are in the red band trailer above - SPOILER ALERT) or just be plain offended, I was neither, I laughed a bit, got moist at Efron's performance and thought about how special my Grandfather is to me. Dirty Grandpa, it's polarising, it's the way some films will also be 2.5 passing stars for Efron's hard as fuck chest and sexy buttocks.

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