Tuesday, January 26, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Transgender became a lot more fashionable 2015 when Call me Cait hit the stands, and THE DANISH GIRL continues this.

So Leo has the Oscar this year, I am yet to see Trumbo or Steve Jobs but this by Eddie Redmayne has nothing on Leo in the brilliant and Australian #1 movie The Revenant and unfortunately for yet another white guy Matt Damon in the Martian was a slightly forgettable film. Yeah at the time I loved it, but now it's kind of like that was a thing back then but all these sneaky films coming out at the front of mind are so much better.

Now to the actual film, Alicia Vikander was great and a beautiful support (however Jennifer Jason Leigh from the Hateful Eight should 100% get the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress - she was flawless) for Redmayne and looks amazing on screen.

Ok so the thing about this film is it's like Carol, it's beautiful on the surface but there is not much substance to back up the beauty.

Yes it's based on true events but is it a true reflection of where the trans society are in 2016? I know and know of trans people and it's not all glamorous events and beautiful clothes, it's a struggle, struggle to pay bills for operations, a struggle to fit in, a struggle to find love.

But all that aside if you look at this as entertainment and an Oscar nominated film this film is better than some of the other nominated works. It's up for 4 awards (the same as my five star recent favourite Room) and is beautiful but I left the cinema thinking will I remember this film in a few months to come (like the Martian)? Most likely not, will I recommend this to others like I have done so actively for Room? Most likely not. Don't get me wrong when I was in the moment of this film I was in that moment but Redmayne's character never spoke to me like others on the screen in the past have.

Honestly this film like Carol suffers the hype machine and the expectation that this is a great piece of work when films like Straight outta Compton were completely ignored (besides Best Original Screenplay) at this years awards. Straight outta Compton was an extreme Box Office success story, had great performances and in the time were in (like this film for Trans people) was wonderful. Police vs a Hip Hop group and a true story - brilliant! Yes they avoided some of the bad behaviour members of the group got into, but I am sure the Danish Girl in real life did not only get bashed once and was not always the most beautiful and sought after woman at fancy parties.

What I am getting at is this is such a white, glaze over the real issues and just keep moving on.

This has been a long review mostly about what I think about the Oscar nominations so I will wrap this up with an Australia Day score for the DANISH GIRL, 2.5 Stars for one of the best looking films on the big screen right now. The ending was also beautifully done, but again in real life I am sure it was not so beautiful.

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