Tuesday, April 5, 2016

That Movie Gay #2016

Oh dear did I really return to the cinema to see this BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE? Previous review found HERE.

Trailer now:

Ok it's OFFICIAL I love Wonder Woman and I am on the countdown till the film is released in 2017.

So this film was one of those rare films that was better a second time, believe it or not, Batman V Superman can get better.

There has been a whole heap of talk about how shit this film and in my first review I gave it a pretty low scoring about 1.5 Stars, was this because I was influenced by all the poor scores?, was it all the shaking around the 4D experience gave me on a Bangkok Belly? Or was I juts in the mood for a free film on Saturday night in LUX class experience. Thanks Hoyts BTW.

So in my second experience I knew what to expect, I knew the scene between Batman and Superman,  you know the big fight was a bit shit and over the top and also the fact the plots are a red hot mess and hardly anything is resolved with more questions than answers, but it was really just time to sit back and enjoy the action.

The action comes thick and fast and what about Lex Luther? Could he be the most annoying villain of all time?

Oh but Wonder Woman, just bring on that film, not sure about the Flash and Aquaman but Wonder Woman yes please!

So after thinking a lot more of this the second time but also knowing it's not the worlds best superhero film (not even this years best superhero film) but look I'm going to pass it, 2.5 Stars. Maybe don't get caught up in the anti Batman V Superman hype.

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