Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend Fitness Routine

So I think fitness and trying to do better by you're body should not make you feel guilty. So basically I had a super Sunday last week with a work out in the stunning Central Park followed by a bit of a run around sunny Sydney Uni in the afternoon.

Since then I have been fairly non active, however other than a mini diet coke can I have been extremely good at sticking to a no sweet April. I had horrible cravings Friday night but thankfully Broadway Shops currently has nowhere to eat nor drink after-hours so I was saved! The cravings have been less frequent for sweet food this April than other months I have tried to avoid cakes, chocolate and other treats.

However Fridays cravings were intense and made up for the frequency.

So I have finally rejoined up for the gym so I am hoping when my Fitness and movable May with bring many posts about success with my new membership.

Hold tight as well I have a fitness planning session next Saturday AM too so I will be sure to let y'all know about that.

But my main point is if you don't get to the gym, have that run, or have a treat on a non treat day it's not the end of the world. Just compensate for it, so if you have a treat on a non treat day, have a run, walk or something to balance out the treat.

If you don't hit the gym, don't beat yourself up, I am eating healthy and feel better already and the whole 70% diet, 30% exercise thing is so true.

So here is a little workout if you're feeling it:

1. find a park with a decent incline, it doesn't have to be sand hills or anything major.
2. start off planning to do ten hill sprints (or at least increase speed on the way up)
3. do one hill sprint, then plank it for 30 seconds.
4. second hill sprint and jog back, second time plank for 45 seconds.
5. Next time again sprint up, jog down, hold the plank for one minute.

And continue on building you're plank time and go as higher as you like, ten is just a guide, go for 15, but just go until you're comfortable, no vomiting please.

During April, I will continue to give you fitness ideas in a non judgemental and non fitspo or thinspo style, it's all about feeling good and not being an annoying show pony. Well that's my motto.

Until next time xo

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