Saturday, February 7, 2015

February O February

How the HELL is it February already! January flew by at a rate of knots and I can't believe we are in the second month of 2015 already. The holiday season/summer slack period feels like a long distant memory and it's business as usual all around the shop.

Valentines Day is looming, Easter Eggs are at your local Coles and soon I am sure Halloween treats will be on display.

Why does time speed by the older you get?

I can remember waking up New Years Day thinking "this will be my year" now I am already 1/12 through the year is it my year? All the regular TV shows are back, movies are coming out thick and fast (you will notice I had a good couple of weeks of smashing a few films out - next week (Tuesday) The Gambler will be viewed) and music is back on the immediate release/leaking of albums and new artists all over the airwaves.

Triple J's Hottest 100 a memory, Laneway Festival 2015 a memory, Sydney Festival, wait no one remembers that this year. How did we get to February 7, 2015. How did all the excitement of the promos for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here lead to, well nothing, how did the Superbowl come and go with Katy Perry and her Firework. Yes this year could be a record year for speed.

So to help me and you out dear readers it's time to look ahead at some exciting things on the horizon.

Magic Mike XXL, best trailer of the season so far, check it out.

Watched by 5.5M people so far, this film is going to be BIG! Come July it's Ladies Night every night at the cinema.

The TV event of 2015 (no not fucking Galliopoli Channel 9, no offence but if that's what you are calling the TV event of 2015 and it's on this early on in the year. Shit the rest of the year is gonna be a bit lame right? Unless you have a TV event of the year every month) Game of Thrones it's coming...

Madonna's Rebel Heart is all but all over the net but next month it's released, will anyone by it or will it be yet another Madonna flop. Please girl stop trying to be young, release mature music, you may just find an audience you seem to crave.

Still prefer the demo version of this song, again leaked all over the intranets.

So it's a big year and those three moments are just the start. Australian music is going to be huge, hopefully the ABC finds its feet again after last years cuts, Triple J will continue to play more "real" female artists than other networks but get given the sexist card, Tony Abbott will be replaced, Rupert Murdoch will attack anyone he wants to make an example of and Alan Jones will make a MASSIVE ass of himself on Q&A next week.

Not to mention the fact he is cast in the musical Anything Goes. What a nightmare, I could only imagine him backstage around the change rooms. We all remember those stories of when you were a coach of an Australian sporting team.

Until next time. It's the weekend, relax and 2015 could be your year xo

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