Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Opposite to I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here

So it's official I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here, has now (since my first bitchy post) dropped to less than half it's original viewers (1.2M) now 588,000. This is a terrible start to the year for Channel 10 and with limited new shows on the horizon for the troubled Network thank god they have decided to move Empire from 11 to 10. This show has gradually grown a good audience and also been renewed for a second season.

Let's hope Channel 10 does not fuck viewers over by scheduling it, pulling it, changing nights, allowing I'm a Celebrity... running over time or being a lead in for this show. Channel 10, just schedule it for 8:30pm on a Sunday, leave it there, it will grow and start it on time. OK?

Channel 10 has had some good dramas in the past, Puberty Blues and Secrets & Lies to name two. Offspring was one of their most popular however Party Tricks was just fucking awful, proving Asher Keddie can do wrong. Can the network please ditch being the third network to show shit reality and build on drama.

Shift Neighbours back to the main network, and just fix shit up generally, it's not hard:

6pm - 7pm - The Project (Move Family Feud earlier, at least put news up against news)
7pm - Neighbours (put it against Home & Away - they are both cheap shit local dramas)
7:30pm - 8:30pm - You Can't Compete with The Block & MKR, so roll out Simpsons re runs
8:30pm - 9:30pm:
Sunday - Empire
Monday - NCIS
Tuesday - NCIS - LA
Wednesday - Wonderland (if you have too, but fuck this show is lame too, at least some Aussie actors have a gig)
Thursday - Law & Order SUV
Friday - Film, no one watches TV on a Friday

There you have it Channel 10 programming it's that easy, fuck off reality bull shit and start from scratch, re build, but DON'T try anymore reality shit, no one cares, look at the numbers, half your audience only a few nights in.

Bloody hell, come on Channel Ten pull your socks up!

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